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  1. 8 hours ago, Skelerin said:

    Found the game through memes, ended up downloading LoLK and spending my entire summer trying to beat the game on normal. After that I had too much affinity for the series to let it go, so I dove headfirst into it.

    Lmao, yes
    someone actually try LoLK as first game
    this epic

    Keep spreading LoLK glory!!

  2. hmm... imma try to fix it as soon as possible

    so yeah, to make clear
    > the labels are wrong
    > the LLS (th4) score does not loop, the game rip or Akyuu score? cause both are the same tbh (except the HrTP (th1)) but Akyuu score is a bit "enchanced"
    > HRtP is not the game rip
    > missing tracks
    > duplicate tracks

    and some question to improve it.
    how many loops for each song?
    does it fade in the end? if possible how long the fade? e.g 5 secs
    quality 320 mp3?
    do we need to remove ULiL duplicate musics from AoCF? or put a multiple download for the old and new ones in the same page?

  3. ooh nice, i love the lament of the weeping children
    to be frank i haven't listened much of the 16th and 17th arranges, i still stuck in the past Help.png.f57b7e26655160d850b0383c698a8ef1.png

    also i can't find the 8th song lyrics, imma try to transliterate it later

    more stuff


    童祭 〜 for Wedding
    Original :
    Warabe Matsuri ~ Innocent Treasures
    Arrange : U2 Akiyama
    Vocals : pls look description
    im contemplating whether to make this or the 8th above our touhou anthem

    Shou Toramaru. Tiger pattern of Bishamonten (? is this really the title?)
    Circle : Carrot Wine

    Previous Era
    Circle : Oriens
    Album : Ancient Treasures
    Original : Plastic Mind
    if you an old touhou fan, you must at least heard this somewhere
    and then cry when rember where it came from 

    Circle : BOXELL
    Original : Crimson Beveldere ~ Eastern Dream

    To Drink From Life Itself
    Circle : Armpit Maiden
    Original : 

    not an orchestral, a piano solo but i have 3000 play count on this one
    Bonus track .07
    Circle : Diao ye Zong
    Album : Irodori
    original : Warabe MAturi ~ Innocent Treasures

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nz27rqy7reqw1v/07 Bonus Track.mp3?dl=0
    Somehow reminds me of Path of The Wind


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  4. this month theme is
    *drum rolls*

    imma go a bit different this time


    so yeah, Orchestral
    a genre we are familiarized to
    this one is broad af, so expect a lot where i missed whole lotta of circles and arranges
    and keep in mind the listing below is not ranking

    1. 太鼓の勝鬨
    Circle : O-Life Japan
    Album : 謀叛和楽陣
    Original : Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat


    2. Eastern Memory of Forgathering Dream
    Melodic Taste
    Album : 緋萃のシンフォニック・スイート (A Symphonic Suite of Gathering Scarlet)

    3. 廃獄ララバイ
    Circle :
    Album :  東方幻星録
    Original : Lullaby of Deserted Hell

    4. 桜花繚乱
    Circle: Hachimitsu-Lemon
    Album 花天月地
    Original : Lovely Mound of Cherry Blossoms ~ Japanese Flower

    5. Lost Tomorrow
    Circle : Oriens
    Album : Ancient Treasures
    Original : Plastic Mind

    6. Trine Intention
    Circle : Melodic taste
    Album : 紺色のシンフォニック・スイート
    Original : Pandemonic Planet

    7. The News of TIPICA-
    Circle : Tutti Sound
    Album : 東方映画音楽選 - TOHO FILM MUSIC SELECTION - ~ 花舞う調べ
    Original : Wind God Girl

    8. Children's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures
    Circle : WAVE
    Album Symphonic Tarantella "Lily"
    Original : Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures


    9. 静かに見守る大天空 ~ Arche
    Circle : 流派未階堂&流派華劇団
    Album : Geminus Spira
    Original : The Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter Down

    10. 幻想郷英幽伝説
    Circle : Carrot Wine
    Album : 幻想郷英幽伝説FD

    Original Themes:
    - Mystical Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal
    - Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle
    - Faith Is for the Transient People
    - Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome Kagome
    - Native Faith
    - Necrofantasia
    - Bloom Nobly Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life
    - Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17
    - The Girl's Secret Room ~ Locked Girl
    - Love-colored Master Spark
    - Mystical Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal


    Circle that known for this genre
    a-TTTempo, Armpit Maiden, Carrot Wine, Diao ye Zong, FoxFactory, Golden City Factory, Hachimitsu-Lemon, Hatsunetsumiko, Kokyo active NEETs, Machikado Mapoze, Melodic Taste, O-Life Japan, Oriens, Phoenix Project, Ringling Volcano, Ryuuha Mikakutei, TAMUSIC, Touhou Wind Orchestra, Tutti Sounds, Xi-on, Zero Symphonic Battalion
    and bazillion more

    this like 
    1^-5 % covered

    This Month Album:




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  5. Basically a new topic of weekly music sharing cause weekly posting too much for me, my apologize

    same rule:

    • each month has it's own topic/theme/genre
    • priority is to cover a lot of genres and discovering obscure circles
    • other members allowed to post their own music respecting the week theme 
    • feel free to comment and rate and maybe request theme for the next month

    i will post minimum 10 music here, but you can post as much as you like
    and for addition, i will attach a monthly album respecting the theme.

  6. Uploaded all 3 album from Miskyworks
    a disbanded(?), On indefinite hiatus circle. The_Saddest.png.d4cf15d7a83b3713e1f145056e244995.png

    Great musics, Focused on Instrumental, Acoustic and Ambient Musics.


    why i upload this one?
    absolutely nothing related to the last remix tournament.  nyuu.png.7b11b6ad91a699e17e51e905f76ba846.png

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  7. Basically a topic where i post music i found
    each week has it's own topic/theme/genre
    my priority is to cover a lot of genres and discovering obscure circles
    other members allowed to post their own music respecting the week theme 
    also feel free to comment and rate and maybe request.

    although the name is "Weekly" most likely i will do it each 2 weeks or so
    and yeah... im bad with naming genres so... yeah...

    First Week
    Touhou Angelic(???) Vocal
    it mainly focused on the Vocal quality and Lyrics meaning

    1. Silent Refrain
      Circle : Yonder Voice
      Album : Lunatic Heavens
      Vocal : Yaoshanbailing/YooSanHyakurei/瑶山百霊
      Original : Theme of Eastern Story (Akyuu Untouched Score 5 Bonus Track)
    2. Shrine Maiden Forever
      Circle : Yonder Voice
      Album : Shrine Maiden, Mirage, Mirage 1
      Vocal : There's 2 Version of this, Yaoshanbailing/瑶山百霊 version and Ryutsuki/流月 Version (i prefer Ryutsuki Version)
      Original : Eternal Shrine Maiden (Highly Responsive to Prayers Stage 1 Theme)
      Yaoshan Version https://youtu.be/-9I9UVqy6GI
      Ryutsuki Version https://youtu.be/eEoLueMH0Xc
    3. Yuyuko no Uta
      Circle : Machikado Mapoze
      Album : けーね先生の音楽教室
      Vocal : Roverta
      Original : Border of Life
      uh... suddenly the Youtube link got "privated"The_Saddest.png.d4cf15d7a83b3713e1f145056e244995.png
      here instead https://www.dropbox.com/s/3320p3nq25i8m4w/09. ゆゆこのうた.mp3?dl=0
    4. Takeyabu no Naka
      Circle : Diao ye Zong
      Album : Hisoka
      Vocal : Kushi/Φ串Φ
      Original : Plain Asia
    5. Stars
      Circle : FELT
      Album : Melonbooks Records Partybox 3
      Vocal : Mika
      Original : The Frozen Eternal Capital
    6. Never Ending Night (English Vocal)
      Circle : Zero Symphonic Battalion
      Album : Touhou Zerokyo Kitan ~ Sophisticated Insanity
      Vocal : Jillian Aversa
      Original : Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path
    7. Utakata
      Circle : Butaotome
      Vocal : Ranko
      Original : Reach for he Moon ~ Immortal Smoke
      There's 3 version of this, the original Girl Purgatory 3, Ayakashi Back Road version, and Guerilla [Groovy] Version
      personally i like both the original and the ayakashi version at the same level, but for more feels, i recommend the ayakashi version.
      the Guerilla version... it broke the sadness feel, didnt like it.
      Original  https://youtu.be/1VgBTDzs2YM
      Ayakashi https://youtu.be/2aHOg6RzA-4
      Guerilla anyway https://youtu.be/qGSQymCOEDc
    8. 帰郷 (Homecoming)
      Circle : thonly.cc
      Album : 上海TH05東方夢靈夢纪念CD
      Vocal : Mayoko
      Original : Memory of Forgathering Oriental Dream
      no one upload this yet, so
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/cb1pteb0c9zbyk6/04. 帰郷.mp3?dl=0
    9. Kioku no Shinkirou
      Circle : Akatsuki Records
      Album : 反逆の鐘 -Last Rebellion-
      Vocal : Stack
      Original : Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me
    10. Children's Birthday
      Circle : Halozy
      Album : Lucky 7, Dog and Cat-Like Electronic Song Compilation
      Vocal : Emaru
      Original : Catastrophe in Bhavaagra ~ Wonderful Heaven


    There's more actually, but i'm lazy the post got too long
    imma list it below

    1. Yonder Voice - 星空の花束 (i believe this is an original but yeah...)
    2. Yonder Voice again! - 玻璃の揺籠 (also Original)
    3. Yonder Voice wau! - 鏡に映らない闇 (2hu)
    4. Yonder Voice - 埃に埋もれた詩
    5. Yonder Voice - 鏡に映らない闇 ~sorairo no tabi~
    6. Yonder Voice - Endless Memory (now you know why i love this circle)
    7. Diao ye Zong - Kabane no Uta
    8. Diao ye Zong - Nokosareta Namae, Toori Kazoe no Uta
    9. Halozy - Mienai Te
    10. thonly.cc - 夏夜月謠
    11. thonly.cc - 優曇華
    12. Butaotome - 一粒の奇跡
    13. Tumeneco - オーバードリーム
    14. Miskyworks - 流体、ライフサイクル (more like an ambient but hey, there's vocal)
    15. Riverside - Clover
    16. Riverside - Esoterica -esoteria-
    17. Riverside - @Drunken_Flower

    FYI the 10 on top i rank it all 10/10
    and the 17 above is from 9-10/10

    im not crying...

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  8. Let's keep reviewin

    TPW Evo+ - Awakening Illuision
    heh TPW eh? took me a month to finish that game, recommended if you wanna destroy your life.
    about the remix, yes i love shinki so does the theme.
    the one you posted is fitting for a battle theme indeed, high energy and whatnot
    but i don't think it's fitting for casual listening... at least for me. plz help

    U.N Owen Piano
    uguu~~ another U.N Owen, im really tired listening to that song, like 20% of 2hu remixes is that song.
    but imma try to throw away that thinking.
    as always, piano remixes is nice, simple yet fulfilling and.. soothing(?). not bad though.

    Kitsune Workshops - Necrofantasia
    Oho? Orchestral? really well made one
    also Fox Factory eh? i heard they are awesome but havent listen to them yet. really worth checking i guess.

  9. Shinra-Bansho - Unconsious Requiem
    Hartmann Youkai Girl... Cute.
    not much to say and review from me. but i like it.
    Fun Fact:


    Kaztora is a heavy shitposter in Discord.

    Felt - Puppet in the dark
    as usual from Felt, the opening is too long.
    good lyrics, nice voice.
    but the... (what the word for it?) Rock Metal Vocal? (im bad at pointing out genres) makes it sound like those common Anime/Jrock music.

    Lost Dream Remix
    welp... so far there's 2 song that i haven't listened before in this tournament... this one of em
    there's too much goin on and the use of the Touhou Instruments(?) makes it... common(?) generic(?)
    But bonus point for Kana Theme

    need more question mark.

  10. wew... not much to say but here

    Norowareta Night - Miss Divine
    Electro Swing! 588648731751219221.gif?v=1

    Akatsuki Records - Shout It Out Loud!!
    Stack, sorry but... i listen to it too much, i got tired of it Help.png.f57b7e26655160d850b0383c698a8ef1.png
    it's my fault in general. but still nice.

    Minami - Homicide Moon
    yes Minami is great, good thing ARM didnt take part in that song.
    same reason as the previous....


    plz kill me


  11. wew... y'all reviewin fast today

    Sleeping Terror
    talk about bringin the big guns.
    the beginning sound very nice, but then more and more instruments kickin in... yeah, lost my interest

    it's Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land, PoFVYuuka theme.
    well... yeah, Jungle Terror is not everyone taste by the looks of it.
    that thing is so rare, there's like 1 person making Toho Jungle Terror.
    i put too many obscure songs eh? Help.png.f57b7e26655160d850b0383c698a8ef1.png
    let's see if any of you can guess the other 2 i submit the whole tournament.

    New World
    i like the voice

  12. well.... imma start. (i forgot to ask this but i already write a long review below and realized... what happen if your submission is in the list? should we keep reviewing it anonymously? or just the submitter score doesn't count?)

    i made a spoiler drop down because i go overboard again.



    First one, Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream by Hatsunetsumiko's
    i gotta say, you know how to pique my interest, who would've thought i like this one. heh~, are you aiming for me or what?
    Oriental Memory of Forgathering Dream (original) is on my top list, even higher than Broken Moon even though its almost the same.
    actually this brings back my memories of forgathering dream, i remember this played in one of the Touhou Kinema Kan PV. such good o'l days. i don't know there's a longer version of it so thanks for sharing it.
    removing my interest with suika and the theme, imma say 10/10. yes perfect one, if i score it 9 i feel like that's not enough, i really like the voice and all, really got me.. festived(?idk the word to describe it).

    Second one, ah... Kokyo NEET, and even Crazy Backup Dancers (that Sinsack is really a crazed dancer).
    it's indeed Crazy Backup Dancer climbs up my favorite so fast. the fun and wild feeling in it is just... FUN.
    but sadly, i feel no strong attachment to this one, i probably stop listening this after 200 plays or so.
    imma score it 8/10. 

    Third one, MISKYWORKS, such underrated and obscure circle. they only made 3 Albums, and seems like they disbanded? their last activity is 5 years ago... such a shame, they made great works, their works is very lighthearted.
    a medley of 3 songs, Chinese Tea, Wind God Girl, and Baka. a weird combination, but then i think about it, Mirin and Aya is the one that closest to Cirno (FANON AAAAA), now it kinda make sense.
    Very nice transition between songs, i feel there's a cheerful feeling to it and the acoustic makes me feel... happy.
    imma rate it ⑨ for cirno.



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