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  1. On 9/4/2021 at 11:32 PM, Ken Hisuag said:

    Forgive my ignorance, but could you clarify this statement a bit farther? I'm assuming it has something to do with streaming speed, but I'm definitely missing something.

    not exactly the streaming speed, more like resolution.
    just imagine two similar image, one is at 640x360 and the other is 1280x720. The later is higher quality and clearer.
    like that but for the audio quality
    video resolution is not the same as audio quality
    understadn? yes? no? must say yes.
    a bit harder for a video since you cant tell unless you have access to the codec information.

    ill give you an example instead


    here the music from yesterday
    listen to the vocals
    K2 Sound - fairy stage
    Lower Quality (guessed 96 Kbps) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rziZrj7nnPM
    Better Quality (guessed 192 Kbps) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIwrHFdt0_g

    or here from the 5th tourney
    bit hard to notice maybe
    Lower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwxRJt8sFW0
    Better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLY02DtvBjg

    also here's an extreme example of compression
    [Miskyworks] Daisy Strategy track06 familiar
    64 Kbps (you wont find this quality in youtube probably, but still a possibility)
    06. familiar.mp3 (2MB)
    273 Kbps (weird number lmao)
    06. familiar.mp3 (8.7MB)

    Youtube audio mainly at 128-192Kbps, wont get any higher, but can lower
    Soundcloud usually 192, or when the uploader is generous you can even get 320


    you can see the similarities between them is their upload date
    newer ones tend to have better quality
    but also newbie uploader may also not very experienced with uploading

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  2. Oh yeah i need to remind y'all
    might be useful in tourney or even just sharing
    please be aware with the kbps quality with y'all posts
    it does really affect your first impression 


    3 hours ago, buskerdog said:

    SYNC.ART'S - 空舞う八咫の烏

    lol i just listened to this a while ago
    i really like the 0:34-0:40, the arrogance, so exuberant!
    the vocal really suits this arrangement

    3 hours ago, buskerdog said:

    CROW'SCLAW - Immortal Madness

    the first 2 minutes feels really nice, until that electric guitar came in
    feel a bit too sharp for my taste
    i like my guitars heavy
    3:10 wh-uh? repeat? this soon? feels a bit repetitive for such short time aint it?
    and later parts are amazing


    barely related but i just found this 3 fairies musik
    not rock, idk what this genre, pop? cute stuff




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  3. On 8/31/2021 at 7:09 AM, Ken Hisuag said:

    As I received each batch of submissions, I compiled them into a private Youtube playlist. Once they were all in, I experimented with order and round arrangement. Ultimately, it was a half-hazard process, but there were a few goals I had in mind. Firstly, I determined to select the opening round and closing feature; the first round serves as the foundation of the tournament, and the ending will influence its retrospective appeal. Beyond that, I confess to a limited degree of "ascending arrangement," in as much as I focused on getting a higher concentration of low-energy pieces toward the front and saving some of the more progression-heavy high-energy pieces for the back. Just as a musical arrangement ideally increases in energy over its duration, I figured the tournament itself would benefit from this consideration. However, I wanted to avoid a round of all low- or high-energy pieces for the most part, so as to create a contrast that would keep each round interesting on its own (I considered the organ solos and the Faith is for the Transient People to be low-energy pieces for their lack of progression). Attempting anything beyond that in terms of "ascension" carried a degree of inherent risk, since such intentions would likely be influenced by my own preferences (and thus subjective); while actively deciding upon the order of presentation, I did not consciously apply any such strategy. That being said, I've noticed in hindsight an unintentional consistency, in as much that each individual participant's submissions were featured in the tournament in what I would consider an ascending order, with the exception of Jerome's. I was not aware of this bias at the time, and cannot be sure it isn't a coincidence, but I like how it turned out nonetheless.

    how do you write this? 606563898535051270.png.67a66ec9268b252d324738e7f853438b.png


    On 8/31/2021 at 7:12 AM, Ken Hisuag said:

    Since it is currently not predetermined, should we decide who will host the next tournament?

    might as well set the date
    though im not very certain we got enough people

    hmm yeah, gonna take a while until the next tourney
    we hafta recruit someone to continue anyway

    oi Dana, aint there's like one person in your server who comment on every youtube video
    *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

    maybe i should comment more in Musical Discoveries
    i really dunno what to say though

    On 8/31/2021 at 7:12 AM, Ken Hisuag said:

    Why can't I delete my own posts anymore? I decided I wanted to add this note on the end of the previous post rather than devote an entire post to it, but I can no longer dispose of this one.

    yeah you cant delete message after certain amount of time passed
    for security options and behavioral control and something like that

    actually better if you to post new one since i believe no one here check the topic front page, no more

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  4. ok guessing time!
    it's my turn this tourney right?

    (i wrote this before ken announce the winner and i havent read it)


    there may have been some misdirections or me just being paranoid

    0% 25% 50% 75% 100%

    starting with me because im pretty sure i can remember what i submit.


    Liz-Triangle - Blue Moon
    hehe Surf rock, I still don't understand the lyrics

    funky traditional yeah! i shoulda stop putting NSY stuff in this tourney

    Shinra-Bansho - Haniwa Saka
    banger, arguably better than hanipaganda

    then uh... Dana
    because easier to guess overall


    Mami Mami Bad Funk

    Rolling Contact - On My Own
    Amane's Subscriber

    Tsubaki - Silenced Majority
    this the last one in the tourney, and every other song already got an owner.
    after the elimination process and reaction review and some complex logic, I decided this belong to thee.
    could be anyone though since we all like Tsubaki

    now Jerome


    kauroko - Jester of the Star-Spangled Banner
    Admitted? also Crusade = Medieval

    Stas Gavrik - Kitten of Great Fortune (Ambient ver.)
    it seems that im the only one that havent listen to stas gavrik
    ken and busker seems to know this channel too, but they already got other assigned to them
    tl;dr process of elimination

    Logical Emotion - Lullaby of Deserted Hell
    he seems to like kalm stuff so this goes here



    Crazy Beats - Passporte

    Get in the Ring - Traumatic
    this can belong to you or Ken

    AQUA STYLE - Six Ways
    same as above but with less confidence

    and Ken
    kinda hard since he aint comment


    Faith is for the Transient People Experimental Mix
    he likes experimental stuff and likes to dip in smol obscure channels

    Melodic taste - Touhou Hisouten
    Ken likes Orchestral
    and the result of process of elimination
    or busker got me

    Vegitotenks2002 - Complete Darkness Organ
    why i think this one is Ken's while there's another 2 organ arranges.
    because for some reason i already assigned one other song to Jssf, so he wouldnt be able to put all 3 organ.
    ken is the only one knowing all the submitted songs and can change freely midway during registration according to any circumstances.
    and i have paranoia that he trying to mislead me thinking all of the organ arrange belong to one person.

    lastly Jssf
    this mostly guesswork idk what he thinkin


    Erica-Angelina Kanarska-Sabat - Uranian Folk for "A Soul as Red as Ground Cherry"
    the only one who likes this
    although this also could be Ken since he aint comment

    Septet for the Dead Princess
    it's a couple with U.N Organ
    also extreme process of elimination

    U.N Organ
    it's a Couple with Septet for the Dead Princess
    also extreme process of elimination


    it's all Organ Conspiracies


    On 8/21/2021 at 8:32 AM, buskerdog said:

    ..also, I count two things in the background of that image which I have no idea what they are, and it's really annoying me...


    it's Iku riding a velocidrome 

    read Tenco's Story, it's a Doujin, 100% would recommend


    all hail short haired Tenshi


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  5. Spoiler

    The Fiery Joker - Flandre's Theme (U.N. Owen Was Her?!) Organ Arrangement

    y'know i had retaliationship with UN Owen
    im wahsing away my burnout ok, but it just so hard
    gimme 5 years or so

    also another organ? 3 of em? uhh who?


    i got blisters on my ?????

    wait what that music on the end that sound nice


    Melodic Taste - Oriental Heaven of Scarlet Perception

    on the other hand, y'all might know i love SWR themes

    i thought the opening was kalm and suddenly caught me off guard.
    Orchestral is very delicate i dunno how to comment.
    there's lot of up and downs in this piece, i dunno if i like that, but also kinda like it.
    although some part feels a bit short



    on other note, no relation to the music, I recognize... no... way more than recognize.
    I love, adore, worship that Tenshi design (minus the armor, that wasn't there). Tenco, some may call her.
    i recommend read the doujin Tenco's Story 【天子の旅】from Sirakannnu or just Kannnu
    that is so good


    TsuBaKi - silenced majority

    NO why! who put this here WHY! this one is too good
    although id say i prefer the off-vocal version, j-just a teeny bit more.

    also where lyrics?

    unusual for me that i like the long slow start, bias maybe?
    i especially love the bit at 1:24. and the guitar is lit, love that heavy kind of guitar.
    the vocal at 3:04 5:02 and 7:47 feels a bit outta place for some reason, maybe not powerful enough.
    or Riverside View doesn't fit too well with Another Dream. hmmmmmmmm


    too bad tsubaki only sell physical disk at events, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



  6. Spoiler

    Rolling Contract - On My Own
    yoo this is very new, just a month ago released.
    and the video posted 2 days after release smh.

    i definitely can hear touhou in it, shocking!
    it's Bell of Avicii if im not mistaken.

    overall it's nice, but
    1:50-2:26 this part kinda irks me since i was expecting the climax here after the drop.
    that part also kinda hard to listen, i just skipped it and that feels good.
    yeah the synthwave-ey after that is great



    hmm, that album also include the th18 themes, i havent give em a proper listen
    i played this time but aint focusing on that

    wait... i said something similar last tourney, but it was still demo... right?
    and i shoulda put this comment on mike's theme but st1 is easily recognizable


    Shinra-Bansho - Hymn of Haniwa

    where lyrics? i expected it had been done considering the hype.
    wait what i can understand! I HAVE THE POWER!

    this an absolute banger
    the vocal feels like traditional japanese poet(?) which is always nice.
    and the chant(?) marching also feels fun
    i have no complain


    im trying to remember hanipaganda in my head to compare this

    kinda sad that Joutoujin of Ceramics ranked 91st in last poll
    well yes it decent and would be a hard climb but i hoped it would be better

    Keiki's ranked 4th which is mindblowing


    logical emotion - Lullaby of Deserted Hell

    it's clean, well balanced
    basically nice

    i dunno what to say, Lullaby of Deserted Hell itself is nice
    even for the original i still put it competitively with the arranges

    kinda hard to rate this in relation with other music in the tournament





  7. Spoiler

    SoggatariaDuätschmatschInc. - Ukrainian Folk for 'A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry'

    i haven't listened it when i typing this, i just think "oh cool, ukranian folk!"
    and then i saw the arranger name on the title and i kinda bit worried now..
    she made uh... Avant-garde stuff

    this next is after i listen to it

    it starting out nice
    but sadly the longer it goes the more chaotic it become
    i'd say this one lack of focus, some part blend with one another, some even conflicting.


    i had high hopes actually, probably because bias or something


    Stas Gavrik - Kitten of Great Fortune (Ambient Ver.)

    this actually reminds me of UFO and TD stage 6
    wait no, Mound where Flowers reflect from PoFV is the closest one

    the first 20 seconds feels too menacing lmao
    this does feel ambient, and i just listened to Beach House - Space Song, that probably helps a bit with my mood (yes we've talked about how arbitrary our rating system is)
    there's also curious vibes to it, probably came from the original theme.
    and 1:42 that background melody thing is cute

    this nice actually
    aside from i feel the drum kicks is a bit too much hmmmm


    full of decimals today eh


    AQUA STYLE - Six-way

    this very good, pretty solid, cant comment much.
    is it middle east-ish? probably just my imagination, ive been wishing them lately.
    and it does have a fair share of rock in it.

    despite my eternal hate to their goddamn grindy technical precision game


    why do i feel ken arranging the music ascending



  8. it's summer


    you can guess the genre and mood by the image

    this arrangement is hella beautiful, feels flawless
    and considering this was made back in (end of) 2006

    rant or something similar:


    after extensive research
    i found out one of the member(artist) just (very)suddenly vanished from existence a year ago, which looooking at current situation, i dont feel very hopeful.
    they also made doujin manga under the same circle name btw.
    it's one of the consequences for looking back too far i guess, growing an attachment to something with so much time had passed.

    it's inevitable but it just sucks thinking about it



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  9. emptiness



    it's pretty catchy, traditional rock always a welcome
    i like the Choir(?) part, and the Percussions also nice

    im having hard time recognizing the original theme in it, just like other NSY stuff smh.
    i only "feel" it at 3:03

    we've been having too exact copy and now too original.
    why it's so hard


    this recommendations line up nicely forming a circle



    vegitotenks2002 - Complete Darkness

    whose theme again is this?
    again why... carbon copy
    please refer back to my comment on septet for the dead princess which have no review basically

    i hear minor imperfections but he's doin a live performance so okay

    on other note, those 2 probably a nice listen if not because of this a remix tourney


    GET IN THE RING - traumatic

    i definitely can hear the original theme in this

    after all that happened i feel like this is nice


    im always out of comment for 3rd song



  10. suddenly! im busy in this past few days, but seems fine, i just dont sleep
    and ohgod electro round


    Experiment121 - Faith is for the Transient People

    aint experimental is.. experimental?
    where you try to create something out of standard genre

    what's with the straight copies this tourney
    although i do hear original supports so yeah i can pass
    i do have another complain with the sudden guitar, it scares me


    lorem ipsum dolor sit amet


    CrazyBeats - Pasporte

    despite eurobeat is a bit too much for me
    i cant stop laughing, although some meaning is a bit serious but cmon who aint laugh when you heard someone just singing country names.


    kinda sad your country isn't mentioned


    Diverse System - Mami Mami Bad Funk

    huh, feels too sharp for a funkot, maybe hardbass but the name contains funk.... this stand vaguely between hardbass and funkot.

    i confus a lot


    i cant think of anyone in this tournament submitted this



  11. ohno i just realized
    ken is the host
    now we have no one that gives indepth review...
    wait there's one more guy, we rooting on you busker!


    kaoruko - Jester of the Star Spangled Banner

    uh... I have complaints
    this theme is simply too intense for bard arrangement
    the opening for example, I dunno harp(?) can do such sound

    00:27-00:53 is nice, this how I like my folk to be.
    1:20 I hear a bit of clipping, I doubt those crackle noises are intentional since it doesn't make sense in medieval style.
    1:45 this nice, seems to improve overtime

    this sound like a carbon copy, but I hear some improved supporting melodies so that kinda helps.
    actually, Im more interested in the supporting melodies instead of the main one.

    also I just realized they use roman number instead of latin

    who previously posted medieval touhou?


    Strange Days - Septet for the Dead Princess

    oh? we having independent(?)novice(?)obscure(?) uh... SMALL arranger round?

    sadly I cant say much about this one
    another carbon copy
    doesn't work well in a remix tourney
    well yes it's an organ, fitting for a vampire, but still


    no i won't say anything about the title


    Liz Triangle - Blue Moon

    this a sudden change
    surf rock? quite an unusual genre for touhou
    though I cant say that after the medieval bardstyle touhou

    I uh... outta comment... must think!
    the guitar is lit!
    and there's translation, but for some reason I fail to comprehend the meaning of this song.. so yeah


    this reminds me noe eno hasnt said anything since end of 2019



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  12. for your metal needs,
    been collecting them lately


    IRON ATTACK, a classic choice
    cant go wrong with them

    also since they have Spotify, think that'll be better than posting youtube link.


    next one is from Sound Holic
    tiger patterned vaisravana is definitely one of my favorite
    dunno why i pick this probably because of my bias or something. but this whole album is great.


    also Phoenix Project
    highly underrated circle, they do mixed genres


    anyway this what i wanted to share from the beginning.
    i can see why Cannonball gone bankrupt.
    wanted to put this in next tourney but yeah...


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  13. 11 hours ago, Dana Iclucia said:

    Man Yaoshanbailing voice is so fucking amazing that she may actually become my favorite vocalist

    Yaoshan is one of the reason im into touhou

  14. 4 hours ago, buskerdog said:

    The last song from this post is now deleted, and despite my sleuthing around, I haven't been able to deduce what it was. Can you remember?

    If anyone remembers / has a way to know what it was, I'd be grateful.

    Title: Tiara is gone
    Circle: Crazy Beats

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  15. i put this here since i cant hear the innocent treasures at all
    can anyone?



    while im here might as well put this here too
    an original piece from Boston Touhou Gakudan




  16. i really have no idea what's wrong with your machine.
    ive used 3 different PCs with 3 different windows version and none of them i have problem with

    and putting standalone dll in you folder is not a good idea.
    if you truly has installed DirectX, your PC will automatically locate the dll files from system files.
    by i mean install is running an .exe that will automatically do the hardwork for you.
    not by copy pasting a dll file.

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