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  1. Metalcore eh? this genre consist quite a lot of sub genres, from classic rock till Symphonic Death Metal
    there's a lot of touhou circles who do this kind of genre
    from the most well known one Demetori, their music is indeed great. high paced BPM, strange time signature, long length music, what more can you expect? they indeed great and i cant deny that.

    but aren't y'all tired listnin to the same music over n over? there's a lot of Touhou circles that do Metalcore.
    for starter, i'll mention AQUAELIE, the member is only one person and he's already well known in japanese music community, that is "xi". ye that guy who do awesome high paced musics for rhythm games and such. not to be confused with "xi-on" no that's a different person.
    here's one of his music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrAO08gk4dQ (just 1:26 long 😢)

    next is IRON ATTACK, they do great arranges. most of em is instrumental, but they also made quite a lot of male vocal arranges (they also have female vocal if you dont like mens 😏).
    example of their music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9uQ629xvdY i gotta admit this example opening is kinda dull, but wait till you hear the vocals then make your judge.

    now... time for underrated ones
    VAGUEDGE , Hull is the main member of the circle, he actually quite famous in heavy metal community. alongside with the guest member Rib:y(uhki) the member of famous circle ICDD (Imperial Circus Dead Decadence) and sometimes Hellnear as well. they make great musics together. i cant describe them with words, i'll just say that they are awesome.
    one of their music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghyT17NbTRE

    BarrageAmRing, a circle focused in Death Metal which consist many artist. most of them are well known in 2hu community such as CROW'SCLAW, Yamagen, [email protected], Meramipop, Foreground Eclipse.... *breathe* Thousand Leaves, BLANKFIELD, Rib:y(uhki), Hellnear, MuryokuP, ymtn, xi-on, 5105, Unlucky Morpheus, Ciel, and many more!
    one of their music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKdMhHR4sSg


    not enough? well... just look to the artists in the barrage am ring individually.


    wew... wall o text again...

  2. Show your Touhou sorting results here.
    if you dont know what that is (smh), just like it's name, it sorts your favorite touhous for you.
    here's the site for that https://tohosort.frelia.my/
    and keep comments friendly.




    what? you thought it was Suika on top? heh, gotcha.
    also... 1 to 8 is disaster....


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  3. if we follow mathematically the next phantasmagoria will be in the 27th
    y know, 3x3=9, 9x3=27....and the 4th phantasmagoria will be in the 81st.... imma kms

    but only god knows when the next phantasmagoria will be....

    jokes aside, it would be nice to have another one.

  4. huh... there's a lot of possibility
    maybe a power to get every waifu i want

    maybe dimensional teleportation, i can cover myself with a sheet (or some) of dimensional barrier and everything would pass trough me (but now that i think about it.... GODDAMNIT REIMU, Y U SO OP)

    and for backup choice i'll pick foreseeing, you know... the one that allows you to look a bit to the future.

  5. have all the tools and furniture in my house be tsukumogami.
    i cant stand the happiness the fairies bring along and ain't have much stuff anyway.

    would you rather be a legendary villain or be an unknown hero

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  6. Diao Ye Zong:
    Nokosareta Namae, Toori Kazoe Uta 
    竹薮の中 <<阿礼乙女に問われたる花屋の物語>>
    竹薮の中 <<蓬莱人に問われたる白兎の証言/白澤の独白>>
    竹薮の中 <<  人の慟哭>>

    Butaotome - Utakata

    Yonder Voice :
    Silent Refrain
    Shrine Maiden Forever
    Heavenly Carnation (fun fact: in Zyon, the name is Heavenly Carnation. in the wiki album page, the name is Sinking into the Night Sky. in the lyric page, the name is Bouquet of the Starry Sky)

    N+ - len~錬~


  7. What kind of immortal? Houraijin? nope NOPE NOPE. i'd rather be undead. Celestials Immortality? Yes YES YES. what about Hermit immortality? well... not bad, i can make undead this way.

    Meet Yamame Kurodani or meet Medicine Melacholy

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  8. Dodging even the rain seems to be useful. even i fight, no hit = no damage = survive = win. meanwhile if you use danmaku, who hit first = win, but speed is not my trait, so yeah...

    born as miare
    or born as amanonjaku

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