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  1. 4 hours ago, Reimu29 said:

    Not exactly sure why this is happening, but the file won't open for me. It downloads as a .rar file and refuses to open/play if I change it to a .mp3 file.

    ".rar" is a compressed format used to decrease size of a file or sometimes just used for packing multiple files as one. ".zip" is another example of a similar kind of file.
    Use 7zip or Winrar to "extract" those kind of file, then you'll see the actual content.

    7zip is free and Winrar is paid (though no one buy it anyway). you can get 7zip here


    4 hours ago, Reimu29 said:

    Does this CD come with just the Japanese manga or with both the English and the Japanese mangas? Mostly just curious.

    also, no
    the manga is downloaded separately here. it's translated if you ask.

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