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  1. I think both of the Phantasmagoria games are quite fun. Sure, they're a bit clunky and difficult to control since one of the main gimmicks in PoFV is mapped to either Shooting or Focused mode, and doing it too much would harm you rather than help you, but I've had quite a bit of fun otherwise. I don't think it's a perfect game, but nothing is. To enjoy something more, you need to be able to see the bad in it. Sure, the music is great and the characters are wacky and zany, but the game does feel sluggish and almost unplayable to mostly anyone new. I'm kinda on both sides of the spectrum here. I think they're fun, but there are often times where I'd just want to play other Touhou games. It's enjoyable to a degree.
  2. Warning: This topic is meant to talk about some spoiler-y things for Touhou Gouyoku Ibun, a game that sadly (as of making this) we don't have access to. If you do not wish to be spoiled on characters, music, locations, or anything about the game in general, do not proceed any further. Touhou Wiki has provided us with some things about Touhou Gouyoku Ibun, and I was wondering what everyone else thought about it. Who do you think sounds the most exciting to play? Murasa, with her strong, heavy-hitting anchors? The Yorigamis, with their two-on-one style of attacker/meat-shield? Flandre, with her apparently busted ability to destroy anything and everything, despite the fact that she's never used it in a game up until now weakness to water, but powerful attacks? What about music? Has anyone got to listen to any of the tracks? If so, which is your favorite? Do you prefer the songs that were in the demo, or did any new songs stick out to you?
  3. So, we all know Touhou, we all love Touhou, and more specifically, we like the games. Most of them, anyway. I'm here to find out what doesn't fit that last category. If you had to think of any of the games, starting from Touhou 1 to the New (demo) Release of Touhou 18, what game do you think is outright bad, no matter how you look at it? For me, that answer would very easily go Touhou 7.5. The game's controls are extremely unforgiving, mapping anything spell related to the dash button, (which by the way, w h y), and it feels nothing like the later Touhou Fighting games they look like (being SWR or Soku). I may like Suika and Yukari, and seeing how Yukari was used just one game earlier, it was cool to see her return so quickly, but the game can't be so fast paced when your attacks half of the time won't even work. (And yes, I know that it's fighting game button combinations, and I'm completely fine with that when it's done right. This, in my opinion, shows it's a product of it's time, only really being the debut of Suika and that's pretty much it.)
  4. Don't worry! No matter how much you drink, you'll be alright! We're here to cheer you on! No matter how many spirits you'll miss, you'll clear it!
  5. Game is easy. Beat it first try. It's glitchy and the music is meh, but a fun time passer indeed. Shinmyoumaru's survival and last spell can consume my foot though
  6. Time to dig this out of the grave for a hot minute. I really like the Tasogare Sakaba ~ Uwabami Breakers OST, but I can't find it anywhere except a few mentions. Is there any way we can get that up here? I'm not necessarily skilled at it, but I think I have something that can export the songs, at least. I may have to dig through my computer for it tho
  7. slept through the whole fight
  8. Game will not run at all. Tried installing DirectX and all-around fiddling with it, but it doesn't seem to work. Every time I click on it, it loads, but doesn't work.
  9. Pros and Cons +Game is fun and exhilarating to play. +Remixed BGM of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, giving it more of a modern feel. +Game isn't as difficult as the description makes it out to be. Whether you're someone who's beaten EoSD or is a newcomer to this sort of thing, it's fit for you. +Even though it looks kinda retro, it's still beautiful to this day. +Every character and enemy fully modeled? Heck yeah! +It even has a 3D Background for the title?! -Title screen is sometimes laggy, and sometimes not. You have to pray you don't get the laggy one, as it is very slow and janky. -Game kept crashing after Stage 1 on a lesser model computer. -Render distance + non-focus = blindspot danmaku. While it's easy to get used to holding the shift button, it's hard to let go, as you can barely see upcoming attacks. ~Rather nitpick-y, but there's no English Patch. Final Thoughts Game is fun, not too much to it. It's still EoSD when you get to the center of it, but it's 3D. While the jump from "Time-Stop in 2D" to "Time-Stop in 3D" (probably) feels jarring, it provides a fresh perspective on the game itself. It honestly deserves a bit more attention than it has right now, and that's from someone who doesn't downright love EoSD (not even a top 5 for me...) Score Design: 7/10 - EoSD menu to it's core. HUD is very out of the way, which is a double-edged sword. Bullets: 8/10 - While I don't know if it's 3D Modeled or not, they still look good in attacks. Characters: 7/10 - Once again, EoSD. Was almost a five for my least favorite character being here, but from the screenshots, they look nice. Gimmicks: 6/10 - The statement "they move on their own" in the description is inaccurate. You can move in all dimensions. Arrow keys are up, down, left, right, as you'd expect. Z is to move backwards and A is to move forwards. There are a bunch of other buttons that do things, but you can't really tell what until you properly test it. Otherwise, solid movement, and easy to understand (moving-wise). Overall: 8/10 - That's some Aya-grade work in the description, ngl.
  10. Perhaps I need to stress the fact that I rarely play on Normal anymore. I play this on Hard and Lunatic, mostly. I played Easy to see if you can unlock the Extra with it (which, by the way, you can), and I played Normal with everyone. Otherwise, for fun over completion, I play Hard and Lunatic.
  11. Game is great if you like the pichuun sound. Fun to play, with a better UFO mechanic. Only downside is that it's unnecessarily brutal. I'm aware that the game takes place in hell, but Stage 4 has a Boundary of Wave and Particle set of nonspells and cheap shots. Along with it, Stage 5 has some cheap patterns in the spell as well. Stage 6 boss was only fair because of spirits swarming the battlefield to assist you.
    This game gets difficult, but it's not supposed to be easy. It's very tough because your opponent wants you dead, and fast, but you (being the amanojaku, Seija Kijin) have a couple of tricks up your short-sleeves! You're equipped with items to help you pass through and get you to your end goal, which is... who knows? You eventually find yourself facing Gensokyo as a whole, and you end up dying... a lot. This game is harder than it looks. Your cheating isn't all too good, so you don't get to do as much.
    This game is beyond amazing! The soundtrack is nice, the stages aren't too unforgiving, it's a great start for any new player. The game itself does what it is meant to do: play like a Classic Era game. Not only that, it gives the unique twist as to what the games are like.
    I got this game straight from the Shrine Discord as soon as it came out. I highly recommend playing it, even if you don't know Japanese. The game itself is extremely solid. Not knowing the plot yet isn't all too bad, since it gives you a bit to interpret, leading to a wild world of imagination. It reminded me of playing as Hatate in Double Spoiler. The game is great.
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