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  1. Perhaps I need to stress the fact that I rarely play on Normal anymore. I play this on Hard and Lunatic, mostly. I played Easy to see if you can unlock the Extra with it (which, by the way, you can), and I played Normal with everyone. Otherwise, for fun over completion, I play Hard and Lunatic.
  2. Game is great if you like the pichuun sound. Fun to play, with a better UFO mechanic. Only downside is that it's unnecessarily brutal. I'm aware that the game takes place in hell, but Stage 4 has a Boundary of Wave and Particle set of nonspells and cheap shots. Along with it, Stage 5 has some cheap patterns in the spell as well. Stage 6 boss was only fair because of spirits swarming the battlefield to assist you.
  3. Was the BGM Option up at it's typical level?
    This song is amazing. I definitely think that the original songs are really, really good on their own, and it's always nice to know something didn't make the cut. Though, Maribel's Theme is on the more creepy side. I don't mind it, but it caught me off guard. All in all, a great listen for passing time, and I wouldn't change a thing about it.
  4. The file itself is not working. I am able to download it just fine, but I am unable to open it.
    This game gets difficult, but it's not supposed to be easy. It's very tough because your opponent wants you dead, and fast, but you (being the amanojaku, Seija Kijin) have a couple of tricks up your short-sleeves! You're equipped with items to help you pass through and get you to your end goal, which is... who knows? You eventually find yourself facing Gensokyo as a whole, and you end up dying... a lot. This game is harder than it looks. Your cheating isn't all too good, so you don't get to do as much.
    This game is beyond amazing! The soundtrack is nice, the stages aren't too unforgiving, it's a great start for any new player. The game itself does what it is meant to do: play like a Classic Era game. Not only that, it gives the unique twist as to what the games are like.
    This "soundtrack" was surprisingly great. It's a shame there's only two tracks, but other than that, they got me hyped for... uh... reading about spell cards. Okay, not the most exciting thing, but still, a great listen.
    I got this game straight from the Shrine Discord as soon as it came out. I highly recommend playing it, even if you don't know Japanese. The game itself is extremely solid. Not knowing the plot yet isn't all too bad, since it gives you a bit to interpret, leading to a wild world of imagination. It reminded me of playing as Hatate in Double Spoiler. The game is great.
    This game is extremely fun, up until Scene 3. Then, it gets insanely difficult. This game is NOT recommended for anybody just now getting into Touhou. This is almost to a Touhou 15 level. As such, this game gets way too difficult way too fast. Other than that, it's a good time waster. King of Death Approval Rating: 3/5
    I have heard multiple great thing from this, but my computer couldn't handle it (and that's a bulky game right there, because my computer is hell modded). I bet this game is amazing, don't get me wrong, but my computer couldn't handle it. King of Death Approval Rating: 5/5 King of Death Handle Rating: 1/5
    I found this tool to be very useful. Sure, you could always just make a folder of all of your Touhou games, then look into it to find out what you have to play, but that takes way more clicks then just simply opening this, giving it a quick glance-across, then going "I want to play this one," just to click it once and have it open in front of your very eyes. The only problem with it is it hasn't been updated in a few years. Therefore, it only goes up to Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom and stops, but that's besides the point. It's extremely useful when it comes to launching games. (Plus, the Fan Games tab is really useful for anything that's Touhou related. It's insanely useful if you have a lot of Fan Games, but you have no clue as to where you should put them.) ~King of Deaths Approval Rating: 5/5.
    This soundtrack is amazing. It fits every character, while staying in the "Touhou Fighting Game" boundaries.
    This is one of my favorite OSTs for any Touhou game, and that's saying quite a bit because I like a lot of Touhou OSTs. The songs on this are mostly character themes, but that's okay. I get why they didn't put the whole OST on there. The game itself has a lot of content, and seeing the songs fit every situation perfectly amuses me. I won't mention any scene for spoiler reasons, but you may play the game for yourself.
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