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  1. Hello everyone! It's been a while; this week's challenge is an easy one to revive the community. No Hit, Stage 1, Easy on Touhou 18
  2. I just realised 1.5k people saw past me being cringe.


  3. I'mma be honest; I just wana start an argument and stalk teh replies.

  5. Good question! I have no Idea, nor have I really been paying attention to moriya for a while now, I'll get back to you soon if I can
  6. Terraria has a item which any touhou fan would find similar to Marisa's master spark, that item is the Last Prism look at gameplay footage of the Last Prism and you will instantly notice the similarity between the Mini-Hakero and the Last Prism (sos spelling) Maybe after defeating the Moon Lord (The final boss of Terraria which is OP on expert mode and drops the Last Prism in a 1/3 chance) you could summon Marisa in someway (I.E Yukari's Gaps) Imagine how epic it would look for two people using L.ight A.mplification of S.imulated E.mitions of R.adiation at the same time!
  7. In my opinion it has to be touhou 8 as no one was aware of the threat and as the moon was swapped, it could have been a sign of the great hakurei barrier weakening, which if that occurred it would have caused a connection between the human world and Gensokyo which would almost guarantee the end of the human race, even if that didn't happen it was a huge threat and keep in mine that Lunarians were responsible.
  8. This is where I place my BEAUTIFUL creations. (Oskar is not responsible for any eye scars caused from this creation)
  9. This poll is to decide what touhou incident was the most severe. What do you mean by severe? How important and dangerous the incident was. EXAMPLE: I think the most severe touhou game was touhou 8 as... Why are you explaining the meaning of severe? I literally have no idea.



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