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  1. Koshi don't let your attempts be memed 😉 (no seriously if 10 year old can try so can u! and u still have more than 3 days left!)

  2. Oskar

    Week 1 Challenge!

    put your successful run hear put the fails on member blogs! (Have a good day and good luck ) P.s Feel free to post your own runs that are not weekly challenges on the Perfect runs! tab!
  3. This weeks challenge is Touhou 7 Stage 4 Normal (cherry borders don't count they will be accepted here)
  4. Oskar

    What touhou game is your favorite?

    Sorry about the multi answer thing so I added the "None of the above" answer Thx for telling me everyone (Change your answer if needed) P.s I chose PCB (Touhou 7)
  5. This is just to see what the most popular TOUHOU game and a few mathematical things such as What is the average % of this game and stuff like that.
  6. Hello I'm new!

    1. Maden


      Welcome to Moriya Shrine o/

    2. Oskar
    3. selling useless shit jutsu

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