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  1. Hey, I was pretty excited to go from zero to 95%. I am using the English patch, but I will definitely give that a shot. Thanks.
  2. I did what you suggested and the games worked!! any advice for the SOD stuff?
  3. For the main tohou games I get a vpatch error message and then Japanese text. For SOD, I have battle backgrounds not working, text not showing up on the start and style change screen, the sound effects not working, the animation for post style change puppets not showing and leftover Japanese text.
  4. I have gotten all the main touhou games to work on my computer except for 10 and 13. Also I have gotten SOD to work but only about 95%. If you reply with advice on any of these three I will go into more detail. Thanks!
  5. I finally got SOD to work but am still having some bugs. 1. on the opening screen and style change screen there is no text. 2. the battle backgrounds don't work. 3. the sound effects don't work. 4. the effects for a puppet coming out after a style change don't work. 5. there is leftover Japanese text. The last one bothers me the least, but if anyone can help me with the others, that would be great. Thanks!
    I would really like to play this game, but constantly, I am having issues installing this patch. If someone could make this patch easier and more streamlined it would be appreciated. ? Base Game is amazing though!!! ?
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