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  1. into iacceptjesuschristasmypersonalsaviorland.
  2. I heavily consider what I want to say. I ponder if I'm knowledgable enough on the topic. I wonder if there are any other places I could make the question at without stirring things up. Finally, I DON'T do anything lol why would I ever voice myself what the hell is this an alternate dimension Real talk, guess that goes to my closest friends. Those can be argued with without any social detriments. Anyone else is subject to the rule of "if I wouldn't care, then they won't, too". Question 39: How do you feel about people randomly shitposting during a semi-serious conversation (nothing the likes of vents, moreso people talking about stuff and then this one guy comes up and does dumb shit)?
  3. In that case, I'd say that, from what I gather so far (and I don't remember the whole cast 24/7), Yukari is a safe bet. I usually joke about her making a boundary between "winning and not winning", but real talk, wouldn't that be sweet if it were possible?
  4. Are we looking at this from a VS debating standpoint or is it strictly theorizing without calculations?
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