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  1. being a fan of the "tales of" series i'm very excited for Tales of Arise (even though my PC won't be able to play it), seeing the quality of the preview and most likely a new battle system makes me hyped for it. also the heroine looks gorgeous.
  2. nope it's a false positive, i've downloaded and played it myself so i'm sure of it
  3. Whoa.... seeing that makes me feel like parsee Jealousy Intensifies nice collection tho ?
  4. Starting from TD the classic era system was used again and you can continue up to 5 times iirc Also you can save replays before you want to continue unlike classis era which you're only able to save replay if you choose not to continue (This could be wrong but you can try it by yourself)
  5. According to Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia, Tengu (the ruler of youkai mountain) is a hierarchical society and Hell is a meritocratic society. So... If i have to choose I'll rule over youkai mountain since hierarchical society sounds easier to rule (I think since I don't really understand how these society works) Which do you prefer: Going to Chernobyl with Utsuho or going to Antarctica with Cirno
  6. ZUN has just announced Touhou 17 titled 東方鬼形獣(Touhou Kikeijuu)〜 Wily Beast and Weakest Creature. https://kourindou.exblog.jp/28205045/  "The animal spirits of hell are planning to control the earth with their power. We are going to get rid of them by teaming up with allied animal spirits."  Heading to hell are Reimu, Marisa, and Youmu.  It's darker than usual, it has a lot of beast elements and it's a slightly aggressive shooting game *since the game is still under development, the image can change at anytime It is expected to be released on this Summer's comiket (Comiket 96) (if nothing happens), and the trial version will be released on Reitaisai 16
  7. The Moriya, the Yakumo, and the Komeiji By Happy Flame Time https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/the_moriya_the_yakumo_and_the_komeiji A slice of life doujin about the moriya, yakumo, and komeiji families. Each having their own part
  8. Well it's has been pretty long since the last time this group was "active", i think this is a good way to bring it back alive. Also i think since this is a doujin manga club we can limit it to the doujinshis only.
  9. I would agree on that since the one thing that lured me to this series was its music. For the main game gameplay it was interesting at the beginning for me but... I was too bad at it so i decided to just play it once in a while and i still enjoy playing it until now, but the one thing that kept me from being bored of this series was its large fandom and a lot of fan games genre also theres the fan doujin mangas which is pretty entertaining to read (I'm referring to the non R-18 doujins), seeing characters interact with each other even if it's fan works is really interesting. In the end I'll say the thing that kept me here was the characters, fandom, and music
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