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  1. Here I am hoping this thread can include non touhou art as well. Admit-tingly I don't do fan-art very often. Just finish this Digital art piece today. I'm still not totally satisfied with it and thanks to it being digital I can go right back at it again. I am open to feedback and if anyone would like some feedback to improve on their own works let me know.
  2. Banjo was loved by all sides, he was a good choice and i'm glad he finally made it in. DQ Hero is also a good choice, though definitely an obvious one though. Both of these characters are popular and were good choices. Reimu's gonna be a hard one to justify, but I can see it happening for sure. Touhou needs a real good western game, not a spin off or a third party made but real game in the western market that people like. I'm saying this in general, this might not be the necessary criteria to be in smash.
  3. Been listening to a lot of video game music at work recently since I gotta in front of a computer all day anyways. This website https://downloads.khinsider.com/ is super good for downloading video game ost's and listening to video game ost's in order of the album without dealing with youtube for tracks. It's also good for discovering new ost's. Unfortunately it doesn't have newer video game tracks like songs from undertale due to fact that it serves as an archive for songs. This site here http://www.smashcustommusic.com/ might sound like its only for putting custom music into smash bros (which it does do). But it's actual best functionality is its innate ability to loop songs seamlessly with having to deal with "extended versions" or youtube repeat https://listenonrepeat.com/ . However it doesn't have every song out there. I'v been listening to fire emblem music and jrpg battle themes like dragon quest 9 and Bravely Default recently.
  4. Shrow

    E3 2019

    Nintendo Direct just happened and they don't disappoint. I was able to watch the entire direct on my lunch break, only lasted one hour, its no longer then it needed to be. It had some nice reveals, i'm satisfied
  5. Shrow

    E3 2019

    I only look forward Nintendo. They never fail me. Smash Bros announcement as well as any other switch game that could be interesting.
  6. I'm down to play but last time I tried to play with a friend it did not work. I hope you know how.
  7. Are you planning to start a tournament?
  8. Shrow


    Heyo, welcome to the group. I feel the same way about Marisa.
  9. I would personally draw you something half decent just so I don't have to look at that profile icon.
  10. Depends what kind of controller you're trying to get working and also the compatibility of the software. https://www.x360ce.com/ This is a software that emulates a 360 controller so people can use a PS4 and other controllers on windows. Mind you, if the program has no controller support then that's a different solution I cannot help on. Hope this helps.
  11. That's a lotta doujins 0_0 It will take me a while to find something
  12. I'l give it shot. Do you have any resources that will help find these doujins or is the idea to go in blind?
  13. Oh it was Zun's birthday yesterday? That's cool, does the Touhou community do anything special on this event?
  14. Oh I see. Guess you're gonna have to try asking people. Perhaps they don't feel like giving advice because they don't get anything out of it? Or maybe because they feel like you don't want it?
  15. Currently -3°C / 26°F, not too bad was much worse (around -20°C) weeks ago. We got a lot of snow this year, snow banks are huge. Then we got rain which made everything slushy and wet. And then the cold came back freezing everything over. My neighborhood looks like a frozen wasteland with massive frozen grooves in the road difficult to drive on and frozen sidewalks that are kinda dangerous to walk on. Thank goodness the snow will be gone soon.
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