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  1. Shrow

    Hello everyone

    So far I'v played and beaten the modern titles; Sacred Stones, Shadow dragon (DS), Awakening, Fates and Echoes ; SoV. I plan to play Genealogy of the Holy War next or Three Houses if it comes out anytime soon.
  2. Shrow

    Hello everyone

    Welcome! I like fire emblem too, what games did you play in the series?
  3. Shrow


    Eyyy a fellow Marisa Lover, that's awesome. Welcome to the shrine.
  4. Shrow

    How did you find Touhou?

    Sounds like a lot of people got into Touhou through it's music and apparently fan games. For myself it was a song from SWR "Drunk as I like". Heard it on some random tf2 gmod video years back Then I looked for source -> Which led me to gameplay videos of SWR -> which led me to looking for download links -> which led me to the shrine.
  5. Shrow

    The year looking back

    @Cejic Did you say you started a company? That sounds really cool, do you have a website we could check out? Anyways, my year was great overall. I'm a graphic designer and artist in training, i'v improved in my skills a lot last year. I designed a poster for my buddy's smash tournament for smash ultimate, poster looked awesome and I couldn't feel prouder of my achievement. Everything before summer is kind of a blur for me. I started to finally learn Japanese which is good.
  6. Shrow

    Character that you despise.

    Hmmm I haven't played many games yet but I would have to say it's Yukari Yakumo I don't like her, she gives off very bad vibes, freaks me out. It's not a fair judgement because I don't know her character very much but playing against her in SWR is awful and I shall spite her in the meantime. Flandre Scarlet is not a character I hate but I despise her theme (U.N. Owen was her?) because I'v heard it so many times i'm sick of it. Honestly just not at all looking forward to playing the extra stage in EoSD.
  7. Shrow

    Improving in Touhou

    Thank you Gaster for the information. I didn't realize that one could only auto-collect if at max-power. Another thing I gotta ask though; on the topic of spellcard bonus's specifically capturing the Spell Card. I know that beating a boss's spell card before the time runs out earns bonus points and using a bomb during a spell card will negate all those bonus points, right? Now according to the FANDOM wiki (Not sure if there is a better wiki for touhou stuff) " For the regular game, extra lives are awarded at 50, 125, 200, 300, 450 and 800 point items" "Point items" meaning those little blue tablets you were talking about are the only sources for extra lives? That would also mean that glazing and getting spellcard bonus's are not going to help towards extra lives. Kinda means it's pointless to glaze other then to look stylish.
  8. Shrow

    Improving in Touhou

    Do you guys have any advice on when to collect at the top of the screen? Or what about character tiers, does it matter which character I play? Can a player collect more lives if they get more points in a run? Really any advice you guys have on Perfect Cherry Blossom would be appreciated.
  9. Shrow

    The True Buffet

    I pick Marisa when I play Touhou and it's because she has high damage and easy screen clearing with the twin lasers. I seem to get the highest points with her compared to others but I also lose more lives with her compared to the others. Question : Do you know many people locally around your area that like Touhou?
  10. Shrow

    IT. IS. TIME! to play Hisoutensoku!

    Hi are you guys still hosting event for Hisoutensoku? I'm interested in learning more about it.

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