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  1. Are you planning to start a tournament?
  2. Shrow


    Heyo, welcome to the group. I feel the same way about Marisa.
  3. I would personally draw you something half decent just so I don't have to look at that profile icon.
  4. Depends what kind of controller you're trying to get working and also the compatibility of the software. https://www.x360ce.com/ This is a software that emulates a 360 controller so people can use a PS4 and other controllers on windows. Mind you, if the program has no controller support then that's a different solution I cannot help on. Hope this helps.
  5. That's a lotta doujins 0_0 It will take me a while to find something
  6. I'l give it shot. Do you have any resources that will help find these doujins or is the idea to go in blind?
  7. Oh it was Zun's birthday yesterday? That's cool, does the Touhou community do anything special on this event?
  8. Oh I see. Guess you're gonna have to try asking people. Perhaps they don't feel like giving advice because they don't get anything out of it? Or maybe because they feel like you don't want it?
  9. Currently -3°C / 26°F, not too bad was much worse (around -20°C) weeks ago. We got a lot of snow this year, snow banks are huge. Then we got rain which made everything slushy and wet. And then the cold came back freezing everything over. My neighborhood looks like a frozen wasteland with massive frozen grooves in the road difficult to drive on and frozen sidewalks that are kinda dangerous to walk on. Thank goodness the snow will be gone soon.
  10. I feel your pain. It can be really demoralizing to see success of others and the lack success from myself. Personally I wish that other people were having as much difficulty as I am. Don't give up though, everyone completes things at a different pace. Some people have tons of background experience and peers to help them out, and some are bound to be self-taught. Wish I could help further but I don't know much about game programming or Gamejam.
  11. It's impossible for a western audience to destroy a Japanese exclusive series. I'm not worried about fresh blood killing the fandom because most of the good shit comes from Japan and it's already has large audience, Reimu is already well known over there. It's true that new faces will keep a fandom fresh but usually those new faces aren't flooding in all at once and will generally follow the flow of the pre-established unspoken culture of the fandom. However when something gets REALLY popular in a short amount due to some kind of exposure it can bring in the wrong type of blood.
  12. I would love to see Reimu DLC in smash. I think she would make a great character. The only thing I fear is that Sakurai would probably want a character everyone is familiar with and Reimu is mostly known in Japan. Not many westerners are familiar with Touhou unless they've browsed the internet regularity. Though in the past Sakurai, has put characters in the game that didn't have an origin game released in the west yet so that's not much of a barrier really. The only thing that's gonna bother me about this is fact that Touhou will go from being known in west as a niche game to a popular game that everyone will know about. This means: - Newbies digging up old memes - Let's players making rage compilations - Lots of really dumb uninspired video game parodies - Never forget that there will absolutely be a wave of undeserved hate from random people who will create an anti fandom just because they're tired of people talking about Touhou. I might be over-exaggerating just a bit but I can guarantee at least one of those things. Bayonetta got a lot of undeserved hate I remember that.
  13. I remember seeing that before on steam back when it was in early access. Now that's it's fully released I'l consider buying it at some point, it's 20% off currently.
  14. @NitoriumThat looks cool, might work well. @CejicI didn't know there was a page for all activity. Thank you
  15. I don't think that would effect anything but you try that anyways. Computers are weird, sometimes things work and sometimes they just don't.
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