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  1. amazing song, amazing tiebreaker thanks release hallucination for being awesome yet again
  2. hey! I'm here to share the 2 extended versions that Arcaea's Abstruse Dilemma has been graced with 3 days ago. They're called A side and D side, respectively. My guess is that it's supposed to reference the initials of the song name, but who knows. anyway, here are the links: original song in case you haven't seen my post on the Lasting Eden update's songs: (I recommend listening to this first) later byeee
  3. so I opened my profile that I have bookmarked as usual and when I go to the homepage of the forum I'm just greeted with this eerie emptiness. naturally, I thought it was weird, so I decided to check if the downloads are fine, as to see if it's an network issue on my end or something weird is going on first game I picked was suwako tour - I wanna be the god and after agreeing to download I'm sent to this page: but when I tried the game below that (boho youyoumu) it downloaded perfectly fine, which is just weird. I'm guessing this isn't on my side...? I logged in yesterday and all was well, and I haven't really changed anything network wise since then. anyways, that's all I have, just a small report
  4. my man speaks as if listening to christmas songs isn't evil in itself
  5. ladies and gentlemen I have come to inform you that Halozy is now on spotify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go listen to satorare

  6. happy birthday to me

  7. dunno if I ever posted this here but I'll do it again if that's the case, this is pretty good pa-pa-para-paranoia~
  8. 1: I "found out" per se by playing touhou songs and covers in osu!, which was a game that a friend of mine introduced me to. At the time I didn't know what touhou was, so it took me a while to actually go take a look. My first interaction with a touhou game wasn't one from the original series but rather the fangame Touhou Luna Nights, which is that Sakuya metroidvania. I only got to play koumakyou a while later (th06) 2: Tough question because even though I took interest in Touhou, I never really was a fan of the games themselves, so I didn't play many (also because I'm just ass at shmups). All I can say is that Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom makes me wanna hit my head on the wall. Oh wait true uhhhh I like Antinomy of Common Flowers, even though it's not a shmup 3: You'd think I'd say Luna Nights since I just said that it was my first real contact with the series, but no. The answer is: none. I have a uncanny ability to just not pick favorites on anything, games included. Not saying that all the fangames I played (which were many, thanks to Moriya Shrine) weren't enjoyable, but that I can't decide which one was the best. Touhou Endless Dream and Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy are 2 excellent games tho. 4: Probably one of the reasons many people stumbled upon here: a convenient way to get the games while being sure it's not infected with a virus or something. (I took a while to find it though... google just didn't seem to want to show me the page goddamn) 5: That's another tricky one because even though I said I took a liking to some people, I don't think I've ever truly established a friendship. Like, I didn't go out of my way to go talk to people and all that, probs because I just don't have that much to say, and also because I suck at initiating conversations (as you can probably tell by my lack of activity here). I think the most I can get off with is saying CountVonNumenor because they're just all around interesting. If I'm to be really cheap I can just say flowwy cause he's my friend and he just didn't interact lol 6: Brings back the favorites thingy but this time I guess I can cite some: osu!, CS, the Yakuza series, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Dark Souls 1 (was my favorite ever a long time ago, not so much today), Borderlands 2, Doki Doki Literature Club, A Hat In Time (this one might just be my "favorite" ever), the Tomb Raider series, TF2, Terraria, the Worms series, ULTRAKILL and probably many more I'm just not remembering right now. 7: food: yakisoba (cheap, filling, tastes great and easy to make) // drink: water (second might be some good old coke, but I've been drinking less often) oh yeah also wine and all sorts of alcohol except for beer // dessert: idk lol probably just some good old icecream // sweets: if we're talking anything here probably the holy chocolate bar known as hersheys cookies and creme (I love eating fake chocolate with crunchy cookies) man this took me a while to think about, thanks for the questions! ᗜˬᗜ
  9. Hiiii!!!! Haiii!! hi! haiii! haaai! haai!! hello!!! Hey everyone, been a while. I've been a bit busy with irl stuff and in the meantime I lost some of my interest for touhou, unfortunately. However, I did still lurk around the forum almost daily to check what's up, and I've been seeing quite a few people joining, which makes me happy! Even though I don't interact much, I appreciate those who take the time and effort to do so. I also noticed that it'll be my 1 year anniversary on Moriya Shrine on the 30th of November, so that's why I'm making this post. Even though I have gotten into some arguments here before, my general experience in this forum was very nice! Just talking to people about something I liked and seeing the same interest in others was very fun. I've took a liking to quite a few people around here, and I hope they're doing well. To end this short post, I'll be doing an AMA! That's what I did when I first joined Moriya Shrine, so I find it fitting to do the same now. Even more so considering that a lotta people joined the forum since then. Anyway, bye! (quick edit: this post itself is the AMA I wasn't very clear xd)
  10. looking again at this since you've revived the post I've been both out of touch and burned out from the series and almost everything involving it since... september? I think? can't tell. I can't deny it was a big part of my life for over 2 years if I recall correctly, but it just doesn't hit the same nowadays. I have other interests, most of which just spark more joy than Touhou can right now. All I consume touhou related is music, art, and rarely memes, if it's decent enough. I still open this forum almost in the daily since I just like to lurk around and look at what people are talking about, but I don't feel like I want to interact, or even if I can add onto the conversation in any way. only post I comment on is "Share Music you Like", otherwise, I'm a complete ghost. This decision to sorta vanish might be biased by some discussions I've had here which looking back weren't really necessary and just made things look awkward, but oh well, can't change the past, I suppose.
  11. it wouldn't just be my guy, it already is this map is impossible btw
  12. ok so as I was giving another shot at the yuyuko song, I stumbled upon something sincerely amazing this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen AND heard, and that's why I love it btw no the song still doesn't hit with me, just needed to point out this absolute comedic masterpiece
  13. ever since oni kage pink I haven't been vibing with their releases, and unfortunately this is another one where it just doesn't hit with me. it's... okay. I don't hate it, but I don't necessarily think it's great either.
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