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  1. Version v01


    IMPORTANT: If you have problems with the games such as insanely high fps counts or glitchy full screen, download this and put the contents of the zip into the folder of the wonky game. 90 percent of the time will fix the problem. Release Information Genre: Bullet Hell Publisher: Zun Year: 2002 Language: English-Patched (ShrineMaiden.com 0.8) Silhouette On Cover: Flandre Scarlet (Extra Boss) Character Information Playable Characters: 2 (Reimu, Marisa) Shot Types: 2 Each POC: Requires Max Power Plot Point A thick scarlet mist is covering Gensokyo; it blocks out the sun, which causes affected areas to become cold. Our heroines believe the culprit lives in the newly-materialized Scarlet Devil Mansion, and so they depart with the goal of “questioning” those who live there. Mods * Retexture Patch This replaces all the imagery in the game with crisper, higher-resolution textures. Sprites are also updated with those from newer games. You pick between versions where the hitbox is never visible (as in vanilla) or always visible. * Focus-Only Hitbox Patch A patch that causes your hitbox to become visible when you’re Focusing (the behavior of all games after this one). (I don’t know if this is compatible with the Retex Patch.) Unique Gameplay Mechanics * This is the only Windows game where you cannot see your hitbox while focusing. Rank. *A hidden value between 0 and 32, higher rank values increase bullet speed and the amount of bullets, having the most prominent effects in boss attacks. *Rank goes up as time surviving goes on and goes up dramatically with spell card caps. *Rank goes down by 16 when you are hit, not killed but hit, meaning a deathbomb WILL decrease rank. Some spellcards decrease rank when bombed IE Water Elf. Scorefile Th06 Scorefile (EoSD).zip * This scorefile was provided by an unknown source. * It has true 100% completion status; Extra is unlocked for all characters and shot types.
  2. Sakkun

    The Grimoire of Marisa

    Version v01


    Release Information Publisher: Ichijinsha Writer: Zun Illustrators: Moriki Takeshi, Genji Asai, Kususaga Rin Date of Release: July 28, 2009 Type: Illustrated Reference Book Synopsis: Marisa wants to take a few minutes to sit down and truly analyze everyone's spell cards, hoping that it will reveal some greater truths to her - or at least allow her to figure something out about where she wants to go with her own magic. Dive into the surprisingly-analytical mind of everyone's favorite not-so-"ordinary" magician as she discusses the strengths, weaknesses, and other aspects of the spell cards she's seen - even her own cards are not exempt from analysis: she provides her thoughts on her own cards as well.
  3. Version v01


    Release Information Type: Manga Original Run: 2007-2010 Synopsis: This is a rather whimsical and comedic look into the everyday lives of the moon rabbits who live in Eientei and those who live with them - Reisen, Tewi, Eirin, and Kaguya - and those they cross paths with. This has some limited crossover with the storyline of "Silent Sinner in Blue," as Yorihime and Toyohime make appearances, along with common faces (such as Reimu and Marisa) and some whose personalities were previously not as fleshed-out (you'll get to see Akyu!). Series Notes: This story is the third of three in the loosely interconnected storyline of "Touhou Bougetsushou," alongside the manga "Silent Sinner in Blue" (above) and the short novel "Cage in Lunatic Runagate." Unique Character Features: In Inaba, we will meet the new Reisen (named after Reisen Udongein), as well as having some cameo appearances by Yorihime and Toyohime Watatsuki.
  4. Version v01


    Release Information Publisher: Ichijinsha Writer: Zun Illustrators: Kususaga Rin, Alphes & Tobi Date of Release: August 11, 2005 Comiket 69 Type: Illustrated Official Fan Book Synopsis: Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, lit. "Eastern Album of Words and Flowers") is the first official fanbook of the Touhou series. It is written by ZUN and drawn by Kususaga Rin and some others. It features Aya Shameimaru writing a newspaper about the Touhou world, with some comics and newspaper articles. It also comes with a music CD featuring tracks from Phantasmagoria of Flower View.
  5. Sakkun

    Curiosities of Lotus Asia

    Version v01


    Release Information Publisher: Zun Type: Book (Illustrated) Original Run: 2004 - 2007 Synopsis: In a carefully-chosen location in Gensokyo lies a shop dealing in curiosities and outside-world items, Kourindou. CoLA tells of the events that happen in Rinnosuke's shop, mostly from his own perspective, as he deals with the girls as both actual customers and as freeloaders who just come by to use his stove to cook.
  6. Sakkun

    Post Your Desktop

    Title should be self-explanatory. Post your desktop here. (Actual photos of your setup are cool too.) I'll start.
  7. Version v01


    Release Information Type: Fighting Game Publisher: Tasogare Frontier & ZUN Date of Release: August 15, 2009 Comiket 77 Tracks: 22 Track List 01. Did You See that Shadow? 02. Memory of Forgathering Dream 03. Faith is for the Transient People 04. Tomboyish Girl in love 05. Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea 06. Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion 07. Tomorrow will be Special; Yesterday was Not 08. Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure 09. X, the Floating Object in the Sky 10. Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients 11. Love-coloured Magic 12. the Grimoire of Alice 13. Voile, the Magic Library 14. The Legendary Titan 15. Our Hisou Tensoku 16. Dolls in the Scenery 17. The Eternal Steam Engine 18. Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure 19. Our Hisou Tensoku (Full ver.) 20. A Huge Shadow and a Tiny Conclusion 21. Our Hisou Tensoku (Karaoke ver.) 22. Mystic Oriental Love Consultation Staff Arrangement あきやまうに Illustration alphes Mastering oiko (N-tone) E.Guitar にいむ Flute tmy Violin JUN A. Guitar にいむ Cello 荒井英理也 (Ruined Well) Cajon / Darbuka Carlos Comics and Photographs 蒲焼鰻 (CYTOKINE) Modeling 四季 (Little Adventure) Setting 八束
  8. Version v01


    The Three Mischievous Fairies: Sunny Milk can make the group invisible, Luna Child can mask sound, and Star Sapphire can detect any nearby living things. With these abilities, and maybe a bit of planning, they love to play practical jokes, including making humans become lost in the Forest of Magic. This download includes all volumes.
  9. Sakkun

    Oriental Sacred Place

    Version v01


    We continue to track the misadventures of our favorite three mischievous fairies – Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire. They have now taken up residence in a large tree near the Hakurei Shrine; what shenanigans can they get into from there?
  10. Sakkun

    Forbidden Scrollery Vol 1-6

    Version v01


    Release Information Writer: Zun Artist: Moe Harukawa Publisher: Kadokawa Type: Manga Original Run: October 26, 2012 - Ongoing Synopsis: This series introduces the human book renter and collector Kosuzu Motoori as the main character, along with her book shop, Suzunaan. The story centers around Kosuzu's mysterious ability to read any book, no matter what language it's written in. Subplots revolve around her assortment of various rare and dangerous demon books, as well as those who come to her shop needing to utilize her skills to learn more about the things they're dealing with. Series Notes: This is among the most recently-started saga in Zun's written works, and since it's still ongoing, remains a popular choice to read and keep up with, alongside Wild and Horned Hermit.
  11. Version v01


    Release Information Writer: Zun Artist: Aya Azuma Publisher: Ichijinsha Type: Manga Original Run: 2010 - Ongoing Synopsis: There's a new face in town; hermit Kasen, whose most distinct feature is her tightly-wrapped injured arm. More importantly, exactly who is Kasen, and why is she suddenly helping everyone out? Is she really a hermit? What's the secret behind her bandaged arm? These questions and more are answered or are to be answered in the future. Series Notes: "Wild and Horned Hermit" is the current story arc of the "Touhou Ibarakasen" saga, and is still ongoing; it's one of the longest-running single storylines in the franchise, and remains one of the most popular to keep up with at the moment, alongside Forbidden Scrollery.
  12. Version v01


    Release Information Publisher: Zun & Aki★Eda Type: Manga Original Run: 2007 - 2009 Synopsis: It seems everyone's interested in going to the moon all of a sudden; Reimu receives a message telling her to train for the trip, and Remilia decides she wants to take over the lunar capital. Amidst all this, there is one who is escaping attention, manipulating events under the radar; someone who has a more subtle goal in mind: the Silent Sinner in Blue. The focus of this work is primarily on the Watatsuki sisters, Yorihime and Toyohime, as well as a moon rabbit we now call "Little Reisen." Series Notes: This story is one of three in the loosely interconnected storyline of "Touhou Bougetsushou," alongside the short novel "Cage in Lunatic Runagate".
  13. Sakkun

    Seasonal Dream Vision

    Version v01


    Release Information Publisher: Tora no Ana Writer: ZUN Illustrators: D Sato-PON (Kanoneya) Haniwa (Haniwa's Store) SINRA (DRAGIN) Hikawa Shou (Saku Saku Tei) Yuu Kamiya (Pixel Phantom) Kiryuu (Hero Bear) Chiha Ayami (Hero Bear) Makura Yumesato (Daten) Kisaragi Ryou Yuki Narumi (Iron Temple) Makoto Hirasaka (Clash House) uri uri (Show and Tell) Date of Release: October 1, 2005 Type: Illustrated Semi-official Fan Book Synopsis: 東方紫香花 ~ Seasonal Dream Vision (Touhou Shikouhana, "Violet Flowers and Incense of the East") is a semi-official Touhou fanbook. It is quite similar to Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, as it features manga, a music CD, and a story by ZUN, all about Gensokyo. It ranges from drama to comedy, all focused on the strange world Touhou takes place in.
  14. Sorry for not being very active lately - I was planning on doing a lot more things with the club, but that's been on hold for a moment. As evidenced by my lack of activity on the site I've been on a hiatus. I'll probably be back in August (hopefully) once I'm done moving in to my own apartment. I have some cool things planned for both the site and the club. Until then, add me on Discord if you wish to contact me. Until then, please wait warmly.
  15. My personal favourite is anything here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13-2KIBOnSKQlG2-Ys41ryAuK8_6t79_nAhlhU2i6dKA/edit?usp=sharing Have fun.
  16. Sakkun

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance

    Not natively. He would have to use Bootcamp and boot into Windows if he wants to run it natively. Otherwise, he'll need a way to emulate Windows applications. We don't know much about MacOS unfortunately.
  17. Version  


    Title: The Melancholy of the Magicians Artist: Chikage Circle: Kinokodou Released: Comiket 77
  18. Version  


    Title: To The Stars I Give My Wishes, And To You I Give Me Artist: Chikage Circle: Kinokodou Released: Comiket 76
  19. Sakkun

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance

    Thanks! This will help us out in the future.
  20. Sakkun

    Touhou Puppet Dance Performance

    Is it working correctly now?
  21. Sakkun

    Post Your Desktop

    You should start an art thread.
  22. Sakkun

    Let's do it With Marisa



    By: Hot Dog Chuck - It's far from what you're thinking, pervert. :L - A few things happened here and there, Marisa welcomes Alice to her own home, invites her to make a Doujinshi together, and what comes next...I'd like to hear more about your opinion on what comes next. :I
  23. Sakkun

    Like A Star



    By: Poprication - Finally, a "Mari x (-insert name here-)" where the latter isn't named Alice! - Leaving aside my burning hatred for the Mari-Ali pairing. This one features Marisa and her inner thoughts about Reimu. How she tries to compete with her, understand her, and get up close and personal. All because they share so many sentiments and experiences together...
  24. Version  


    By: Vivit Gray - Had this one been authored a year later, maybe Sukuna would've made a cameo. :L - Remember the old saying "curiosity killed the cat"? Well, do you remember the old American movie "Honey, I shrunk the Kids"? Read it, be curious, find out what happens in this story.
  25. Sakkun




    By: Ennui Akadako - Guess who got into age old religion? Marisa has finally met her match when her danmaku theft is stopped cold and left with one less option. With the advice of a mischievous hermit, she gets into the arts of Taoism and baits Reimu in to help her.

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