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  1. I don't know if this counts, but I was not expecting to find Lunarians in an Analog Horror by Mr. Manticore called "The Nixonverse/The House in The Ocean". Now whether or not Mr. Manticore knows Touhou(which would not surprise me considering how shitpost-y and UTTERLY METH FUELED his work is) is unknown, but the similarities between NV Lunarians and 2hu Lunarians are quite surprising... This is what an NV Lunarian(though none other than the Queen actually shows up on screen) looks like: and yes, that's actually a thing in The Nixonverse, apparently Frank Sinatra in Mr. Manticore's multiverse is an Eldritch Deity and a shade of God with the ability to Perfectly Assimilate down to the quantum level ANYTHING. Not only that, they also have similarities with KKHTA Lunarians, they once tried to form a bond with humans, but their Queen who is Donyale Luna got shot in the face by a NASA Turbolaser, this pissed her off as procedes to "Evict from Reality" the human in charge of the Lunar mission that led to this encounter, and she saw it as a declaration of war. They tries to Assimilate humans into being part of the Lunar Kingdom, and was erasing human language and replacing it with Lunarian at a conceptual level. But is stopped by Frank Sinatra, who after turning into a mass of Assimilating anomalous matter due to the grief of having dropped "his" reporter girlfriend off the fucking Chrysler Building goes insane, and annihilates the planet and the moon replacing it exactly as it was with no one noticing anything different, except that the Lunarians were forcibly written out of existence, because "Alcatraz Matter" rejects whatever Lunarians are made of in a 'Fate defying/impossible' move called "Alcatraz Gambit/Alcatraz Checkmate" Lunarians in The House In The Ocean also also use their Planet destroying cannons to erase the Earth after it was marked as VOID by a constellation created by a rogue A.I budget Mechagodzilla called CHASE. For more context(which is probably very much needed here) just watch Mr. manticore's videos on YT They're not racists however, in fact, they're very much all gaga about "Equality", and are hostile towards all "Inequality/disturbance to a balanced system". If an NV Lunarian was in Touhou? I don't think they'd be impure or pure, their Queen(a shade of Richard Nixon who ascended and became God, just watch the series) was made of Template/Alcatraz Matter(her's was inert, that's why Frank overpowered it), she's as impure or pure as atoms or neutron or protons or electrons or quarks, that is to say, she doesn't belong in either category, since from my understanding to be pure in 2hu is to remove oneself from lively or deathly things. NV Lunarians don't care about that, they're like rocks, or conscious moving statues powered by Magic and driven by a soul. A Lunarian citizen is also made of Moon dust, a consciousness, and Magic. So same thing with the Queen. I wonder how a 2hu Lunarian would react to an NV Lunarian and vice versa. The Queen D-Day Knight CHASE Lunarian planet destroying cannons. Lunarian Cloud Ship Lunarians can apparently insta-lobotomize people lol. We don't know how advanced their tech is, but judging from these alone, and the fact the their Queen is a shade of Nixon who transcends space time the laws of nature and is Omniscient post-apotheosis, well... If you thought KKHTA was pure insanity, then sorry to break it to you, but Mr. Manticore's work is what you get The Joker himself tries to make a story. To give you an idea, only in Mr. Mverse can getting vaporized turn you into an immaterial, immortal, transcendent being independent from all fundamental laws, existing simply AS for no other reason- In other words, getting nuked makes you invisible, and being invisible apparently turns you into an Outer god. Only brilliant madness could ever come up with this. It makes sense too, after all the only things that are invisible in the universe, things that exist, but cannot be touched by light, and since they cannot be touched by it, that means they don't physically exist, that means they don't care about physical limitations Dark Matter and Dark Energy are the only known invisible things in existence, and those can move the whole Universe. His works BETTER WRITTEN than KKHTA too, like It's... surprisingly immaculate, the writing is sublime, there are very little plot-holes, "inconsistencies" are purposefully put in place to perfectly bind the storylines together later, making the work consistent instead, and not mention more depressing. In KKHTA that whole shebang was a one-time thing, in Mr. Mverse the whole universe could end at a whim just cause some Lovecraftian deity got bored, and they could move to a different universe and torture everyone there instead this time. Mr. M is very good at tying together multiple, seemingly unrelated works under his portfolio, and the drama and characters are beautifully written. All that on top of layers of existential crises.
  2. I wish Frank Sinatra The D-Day Knight or NV Lunarians came along and destroyed them.
  3. I like them cause they made my personal favorite and the best(imo) 2hu doujin circle composition ...and likely the most badass too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb5E9668ISo- "The Spirit Puppet"
  4. Toyohime's pose there was actually Bad@ss and truly Iconic if not downright perfect. You can sh*t on the actual series all you want but Toyohime was pure fire there imo. That's all I'm here to say.
  5. Bananas Melons Mangos and Watermelons
  6. I don't think ZUN'S statement applies to Makai's residents, don't get me wrong, I think Hecate still wreaks most of Makai, but I'm hard pressed to believe she could easily beat the likes of Shinki and Sariel. And yes, discussions like this are mostly pointless, but I still like speculating when it comes to Touhou's lore, because believe it or not it's lore is actually what got me into the series in the first place after I was intrigued by the context commenters provided on the Bad Apple music video, and what is there that is more mysterious than the PC-98 era. And of course Mimi chan nukes these fools with ease.
  7. Who do you guys think would win in a fight between Hecatia and Shinki?
  8. So I'm assuming that we all know by now how vague and generally undefined PC-98 is, there's barely any lore, backstory, explanations, etc...especially in regards to power levels, since I'm assuming PC-98 has the same deal as Marineford arc One Piece where the scales/hierarchy of power wasn't established yet. So which team do you think would win in this fight: Shinki, Sariel, Konngara, Hakurei God, Rikako, Yumemi, Yumeko, PC-98 Yuuka, Elly, Elis, Mima, Meira, Luiz, Mimi-Chan, Five Magic Stones, Genji, Gengetsu, and Mugetsu vs Hecatia, Junko, Eiki, Clownpiece, Okina, Yukari, Kasen, Suika, Eirin, Kaguya, Mokou, Toyohime, Yorihime, Sagume, Doremy, Utsuho, Yuyuko, Youmu, Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, Modern Yuuka Bonus: One of the teams vs Dragon God And with what difficulty? Hard? Medium? or Low? And please try to explain your answer... "The Ultimate Battle between Legends"
  9. All of this is...understandable. My personality is actually something that works perfectly in this kind of situation, I'm solitary but generally amicable, this results in me having good acquaintances and connections with other people, but that's where it stops, nobody knows more than surface level details about me, and that results in me having a sort of perfect balance in my social life. After all, it's nobody's business what you're into. And the drawing thing is somewhat understandable as well, although I don't draw to cope or anything like that, I just do...because I like putting my imaginations into physical form, and I find it super satisfying to do that for a reason probably only artists or philosophers or smth know lol. You have no doubt noticed that there's a sort of pattern with me: Sariel, Shin Megami Tensei, my Good Omens(which I just finished watching btw, and it was awesome. I recommend it to anyone here) PFP. I like Angels for some reason, it's not even because I'm Catholic, I just have an unexplainable fascination with them, and I find them cool and interesting. So do you know what I do about that? I draw them of course, and nobody needs to see them or find out about it or smth. People are judgemental, that's just how it is, we make fun of others, and harm them for being different left right and center. Feel free to draw what you like drawing, and if people who see them take it sideways(unless of course it actually is...you know...), then that's their fault for assuming, and possibly even projecting. And regarding the whole unstable emotional state thing, I get that too, 99% of the time I don't care about romance, but every now and then for some reason that's unknown even to me, I get this sudden urge like my body telling me "Hey, you need to find yourself a nice partner right now, AND START A FAMILY!!", and I'm like "dafuq? No?". It's strange and confusing I know But the formula I use for all of this is to simply keep track of everything important that needs to be taken care of right away and when I have free Time , I then use that as an opportunity to relax, to clear up my head, and think of what my next move will be. My M.O in life is simply to be grateful, adaptable, flexible, to be calm, to keep smiling, and to simply...'Ride the waves of fate' if you will. ...Also maybe go quite crazy every now and then, but considering what life can be like, I'm sure it's far more relatable than it seems, and besides I live alone anyway so I doubt I'm disturbing anyone lol.
  10. Why the hell does Yuukarin have 4 wings in Seihou?
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