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  1. I don't think ZUN'S statement applies to Makai's residents, don't get me wrong, I think Hecate still wreaks most of Makai, but I'm hard pressed to believe she could easily beat the likes of Shinki and Sariel. And yes, discussions like this are mostly pointless, but I still like speculating when it comes to Touhou's lore, because believe it or not it's lore is actually what got me into the series in the first place after I was intrigued by the context commenters provided on the Bad Apple music video, and what is there that is more mysterious than the PC-98 era. And of course Mimi chan nukes these fools with ease.
  2. Who do you guys think would win in a fight between Hecatia and Shinki?
  3. So I'm assuming that we all know by now how vague and generally undefined PC-98 is, there's barely any lore, backstory, explanations, etc...especially in regards to power levels, since I'm assuming PC-98 has the same deal as Marineford arc One Piece where the scales/hierarchy of power wasn't established yet. So which team do you think would win in this fight: Shinki, Sariel, Konngara, Hakurei God, Rikako, Yumemi, Yumeko, PC-98 Yuuka, Elly, Elis, Mima, Meira, Luiz, Mimi-Chan, Five Magic Stones, Genji, Gengetsu, and Mugetsu vs Hecatia, Junko, Eiki, Clownpiece, Okina, Yukari, Kasen, Suika, Eirin, Kaguya, Mokou, Toyohime, Yorihime, Sagume, Doremy, Utsuho, Yuyuko, Youmu, Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, Modern Yuuka Bonus: One of the teams vs Dragon God And with what difficulty? Hard? Medium? or Low? And please try to explain your answer... "The Ultimate Battle between Legends"
  4. All of this is...understandable. My personality is actually something that works perfectly in this kind of situation, I'm solitary but generally amicable, this results in me having good acquaintances and connections with other people, but that's where it stops, nobody knows more than surface level details about me, and that results in me having a sort of perfect balance in my social life. After all, it's nobody's business what you're into. And the drawing thing is somewhat understandable as well, although I don't draw to cope or anything like that, I just do...because I like putting my imaginations into physical form, and I find it super satisfying to do that for a reason probably only artists or philosophers or smth know lol. You have no doubt noticed that there's a sort of pattern with me: Sariel, Shin Megami Tensei, my Good Omens(which I just finished watching btw, and it was awesome. I recommend it to anyone here) PFP. I like Angels for some reason, it's not even because I'm Catholic, I just have an unexplainable fascination with them, and I find them cool and interesting. So do you know what I do about that? I draw them of course, and nobody needs to see them or find out about it or smth. People are judgemental, that's just how it is, we make fun of others, and harm them for being different left right and center. Feel free to draw what you like drawing, and if people who see them take it sideways(unless of course it actually is...you know...), then that's their fault for assuming, and possibly even projecting. And regarding the whole unstable emotional state thing, I get that too, 99% of the time I don't care about romance, but every now and then for some reason that's unknown even to me, I get this sudden urge like my body telling me "Hey, you need to find yourself a nice partner right now, AND START A FAMILY!!", and I'm like "dafuq? No?". It's strange and confusing I know But the formula I use for all of this is to simply keep track of everything important that needs to be taken care of right away and when I have free Time , I then use that as an opportunity to relax, to clear up my head, and think of what my next move will be. My M.O in life is simply to be grateful, adaptable, flexible, to be calm, to keep smiling, and to simply...'Ride the waves of fate' if you will. ...Also maybe go quite crazy every now and then, but considering what life can be like, I'm sure it's far more relatable than it seems, and besides I live alone anyway so I doubt I'm disturbing anyone lol.
  5. Why the hell does Yuukarin have 4 wings in Seihou?
  6. I don't have a favorite game, but there's many games that I do like, some just as much as if not more than Touhou, such as Shin Megami Tensei(especially Nocturne, 5, 4A, and Devil Survivor though I'd like to know more about DDS, Last Bible, DS2, DS2RB and QDS They seem interesting since the final enemies there the Hindu Harihara, Canopus, Polaris, Universal WIll, Brahman is completely different to YHVH), the Final Fantasy series, Devil May Cry, Castlevania, Soulsborne games especially Bloodborne, God of War, MW2, various Roblox games, Snake(lol), Red Dead Redemption, various horror games, various light novel games, Deltarune, DOTA, MLBB, Starcraft, Sim City and Cities Skylines, and Rockstar games specifically GTA and Bully(There are more games that I like, but I don't feel like listing them).
  7. The ability to manipulate nuclear fission and convert stuff into being fissile...THAT, or the ability to manipulate and create anti-matter I want my ability to be the opposite of Utsuho's lol.
  8. I don't see what's the problem with what I'm reading here(Unless your addicted to Touhou or smth, and it's legitimately causing you some serious issues. In that case, you might wanna lay off the internet in general, and not just Touhou content for a while...), all fandoms have Bad Apples and Touhou is no exception, but even then the talent of many Touhou fans cannot be understated, this is evidenced by literally 90% of all Touhou content which is just fan-content, Touhou fans are like Jojo fans and vice versa, passionate, talented, and loves all things Touhou and JJBA. And about that romance stuff, I don't see the problem with that either, you're still 20 so you've got plenty of time to deal with that, and so why the rush? While I am somewhat aromantic, as well as preferring solitude over having company 80-90% of the time(not to mention busy with work), and I've never really cared about having a gf or anything like that, I still feel like it's generally better to take it slow and easy, trying to rush having a close romantic relationship is just asking for trouble, love can also destroy you just as easily as it can be a creative force, and it can also be just as hideous as it can be beautiful so one must practice caution when it comes to love. I even heard from some acquaintances that I apparently wasn't missing out on much. People have their interests, and I can't fault anyone for being interested in Touhou. After all, it is curiosity that got me into Touhou in the first place; I remember just sitting on my couch, watching videos on YT, wondering what this "Touhou" is that keeps getting referenced in countless works that I've read and watched, and that's pretty much where it started. After that, I just watched the "Bad Apple" music video, asked questions that helped me with getting familiar with Touhou, and after that I was pretty much hooked. The lore, the mysteries, the girls and their interesting backstories and personalities, the fanart, the storylines, the fascinating realm called "Gensokyo", etc...I found it all interesting, and it's specifically that interest that motivated me to know more about Touhou. I don't care what others think of regarding the things I'm interested in(if they learned about them), and one shouldn't always look to other people for approval of their own tastes. The internet is plagued from head to toe with degeneracy, shouldn't let it dissuade you at all from liking stuff that interests you though... Touhou fans, or at least you it seems, aren't a lost cause, I don't know where you got that idea cause I don't know what your personal life is like, but you've still got plenty of life ahead of you to look forward to at a ripe age of 20.
  9. Remilia, Flandre, and maybe Sakuya for sure. They are explicitly European vampires.
  10. Heck yeah! We actually don't even know what gender Sariel is, for all we know it might not have a biological gender at all, and thus is completely impossible to lewd >:).
  11. Thank you, much appreciated This also provides some insight into the progression of Touhou games, at first they were pretty much just barebones, as long as there was a solid game with a simple and understandable plot, it was already good to go, no further details needed, but as the games progressed ZUN also began building his own intricate universe with complete with back stories, mysteries, context, lore, and much more. Also I remember reading something about ZUN being a Shin Megami Tensei fan, so Sariel basically being an SMT boss ripped straight from Nocturne or something, and plopped right into Touhou as the final boss makes sense to me. Just take a look at SMT Lucifer and Metatron, and compare them to Sariel. I even heard that Shinki is straight up supposed to be a reference to SMT Lucifer, so if everything else has a Touhou reference in it, then Touhou instead has an SMT reference in it lol, and later on as I've said Touhou evolved more into it's own thing with characters and the background becoming more and more fleshed out and original.
  12. They make absolute bangers, nothing more to say really
  13. I think Sariel is more or less Hecatia tier, if the ff are true: 1. Sariel was not created by Shinki, 2. It really is a Fallen Angel straight from The Silver City, 3. It wasn't fully defeated by Reimu and simply left or retreated, and 4. It's of the Seraphim-class of Angels.
  14. I'd put Fanoich up there, as well as those youtubers that explain the lore of Touhou...oh, and also that guy who made "Mr Beast in Gensokyo".
  15. Because that's just human nature, look at how many crimes and controversies centered around sexual stuff happen on a daily basis, the saying "If it exists, there is porn of it." is not only a meme, but also astonishingly accurate, and when you give internet peeps access to a massive female cast for reference for material... Luckily my favorite Touhou character, namely Sariel will never be a victim of this degenerate antics, and that's all that matters to me :)
  16. Tremble before the Power of The Angel of Death Credit to Alexandrevla absolutely beautiful artwork
  17. A couple of PC-98 characters, specifically Konngara and Sariel(all the information we have on them can literally be summed up in 1 sentence...maybe even 1 phrase lmao), and maybe PC-98 Reimu herself as she was literally a murderhobo in early Touhou lol.
  18. I don't get the hate specifically about the Moon sisters, I mean everything about the way they are is explained perfectly in the context, and while I don't really care about them either I think all the ranting about them is obnoxious. Their attitude? They're literally brainwashed by Lunar Capital propaganda, and in fact if their story is anything to go by they're actually less snobby and obnoxious compared to the Lunarian elites(there's also the fact that "impurity" has an actual physical effect in Touhou, and it's lethal to the Moon people. Like, avoiding someone or something infected with Ebola or smth isn't really a bad thing now is it?). Their power? You can't be the defender of a powerful and legendary kingdom without being OP to some degree. Them being unable to be featured in a game due to being powerful? BS, Hecatia is literally a boss in LoLK, the reason they can't be portrayed is because Touhou is a low-res bullet hell game, and the Moon sisters(Yorihime in particular) are like RPG characters that would require entire pages worth to explaining all their abilities and what they do. Imagine trying to render all of that crap in a game format like Touhou of all things...it might literally crash it. I simply can't find fault in them to hold against them, and they are exactly the way ZUN wants them to be. If anything the subject of hate should be the unknown Lunar elites instead. They also aren't infallible either, Yorihime fell to a trap, and got knocked out ffs. If an enemy of the Moon like Junko happened to be in the vicinity when that happened, then it would've been lights out for good.
  19. 1. Sariel(It just feels...different and unique compared to any other TP character...? And I firmly believe Sariel has the best character design in the series. Sariel simultaneously feels like it belongs and doesn’t belong in TP at the same time, and I just think it/she/he's really neat. Plus it's lore being a Fallen Angel gives it extra badassery points) 2. Cirno 3. Yuugi 4. Clownpiece 5. Okina 6. Mamizou 7. Sumireko 8. Renko 9. Sagume 10. Yuuka Honorable mention: ZUN, Shinki, Rinnosuke Edit: Sariel also looks like it's straight out Shin Megami Tensei, and I cannot stress enough how much I FREAKING LOVE SMT. And finally, I'm also Catholic, so seeing Touhou of all franchises pay homage to beings like Angels from the Bible almost always pleases me.
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