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  1. Alright, just seemed weird that I found broken links (thank the gods I didn't have this problem with the games! (^_^)). Because I forgot to mention it, I think the "broken downloads" might also be giving broken files (I can't get the music for Ten Desires, a Touhou game with really good music)...... However, I'll do as you said and wait warmly for the editors to fix the downloads. Also, how do I add signatures to my posts?
  2. Recently, I have come across a problem with downloading a couple of the print works (specifically Season Dream Vision and The Grimoire of Marisa). I go to download them and I get redirected to a page with the message: “Sorry, there is a problem...... File not found”. Then gives me the error code 3D161/G. A little help please! EDIT 1: I just got the error again with Visionary Fairies in Shrine and Eastern and Little Nature Deity.
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