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  1. I had been thinking of starting another one, but thought that it should wait until after finals/the holidays.
  2. It makes sense though, almost all of them are recurring characters with multiple appearances to flesh them out. And even without that, the games' story modes there gave them more to work with than the usual main games.
  3. To the surprise of no one that knows me. Alice Margatroid. Initially catching my attention because of her bizarre, but dangerous, playstyle in SWR, I really grew to love this character the more I saw of her. One of the more cool-headed of the cast, her finesse over force aproach to combat, her weird form of combat, the somewhat mysterious past, all of her great themes, but most of all is that there's actually some semblance of character growth during her time in the series. From aloof and vengeful in PCB to a friendly rival by the time of SA, there's a lot potential in her that sadly, we're not likely to see in the official series (especially since she doesn't appear any more). I admit it the fangames that have given me most of my love for the character, particularly her portrayal in Sengoku Gensokyo and Fantasy Maiden Wars Scarlet. I really like the friendly rivalry dynamic that she and Marisa had in IN and SA, they easily have many of my favorite lines from the series, and I always enjoy seeing a fangame that goes a similar path with them. (Also, the best place for this thread might have actually been the general Touhou section . . . )
  4. Hello, I might as well do one of these as well. jssf1992, Jonathan Age 25 I have been around on Moriya Shrine for five years, not many of those left. I like Touhou fairly, though I've never been a big fan of shooters (of any kind) so I mostly play the fangames and listen to the music (which I love) I'm a pretty avid gamer, though held back by not being able to buy a lot of games (then again, who isn't?)
  5. I would agree with Ceje. I also think (but am not certain) that mods can see a post's edits as well.
  6. Alters were a feature on the Proboards forum that were essentially alternate profiles for a user (note they still clearly labeled whose they were). We generally used them for roleplaying purposes.
  7. I meant the Eientei subsection itself. Most of the rest (as in the old subsections with in Eientei) wouldn't be needed.
  8. Probably just the subsection. Maybe a thread of basic advice/guidelines.
  9. I couldn't say at this time. Obviously you know that I would be all for them returning, but I don't know if all the RP is going to be on Discord now . . .
  10. It's fine man, don't panic. No one would be mad at you for introducing yourself. Nothing wrong with not being an expert at the games either. I've been around the Shrine for years, and I'm still not that good at the games.
  11. Bold Italics underline strikethrough
  12. For the sake of the (handful of) people who were here already, the rules have been adjust to reflect the move from the Proboards forum (where the list was from originally) to our own place.
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