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  1. That's a pretty nice start, two luxury resources right by your capital. Personally, I always focus on culture in early game, so that I get as many bonuses out of the social policies as possible.
  2. I guess it will be the power of faith then. Looking forward to this, even if it takes you a while to get going.
  3. jssf1992

    Little Frog's Mania

    Well, that's different.
  4. No Alice? Too bad . . . (I definitely reccommend giving Aran's Alice mod a try at some point). I would go with Makai, they have an interesting ability and the crystals are good improvement. I like that it gives her a lot of viability in territory everyone else has to avoid. Heck, with the crystals, you could actually rig the map in your favor . . . not that you have to, you just could.
  5. The prizes were actually decided by the guy who's putting up the money, and he's cool with it. He also thought that Steam game would be around $50, so it's changed less than it seems. I'm not sure what you mean by "5b", maybe I'm not seeing what you mean, or do you mean the bomb icon? As for the replays, clearly I stand corrected.
  6. 1. It's a possibility, but at our low participation at this point, I'll just be happy that they submitted something. If there is someone who holds off until the last minute intentionally so that the competition can't give it another go, then, yes, that's a jerk move. Unfortunately, from this side of the screen there's no way I could tell if they actually did that, or if they had legitimate reasons for submitting late. 2. A legitimate spot where we can't do much. We can see the date of a youtube video or stream, but I don't think we can with the replay file. That said, if some has been saving replays before the contest, then I'm guessing they do so regurally, which means they can, and probably will, make another run on the basis that they can make as good, or better, a run as their previous. 3. A good concern, and I think I can give a more definitive answer to this one. We can double check with them on Discord. We have asked that people use the same name to either here or Discord on the replay, so we can get in touch on both ends.
  7. Since this is actually a topic of discussion with the contest as well, we might as well have a place to talk about it in general. For those of us that play the main shooter series, what difficulty do you play on?
  8. Mostly what Ceje said, but I'll add a couple things. LoLK was the one game on the list that I haven't played, so after talking about it with someone who has, I think we'll stick to Legacy Mode. I'll add this to the OP as well. Regarding your stream question, I think it would be more fair if we only accepted runs made for the contest, but that doesn't mean you can't stream it. Just make sure you record it/save the replay to share here. Just having the stream happen and some else say they saw it can lead to a finicky mess that I'm sure none of us want to risk. We briefly considered having a vote on the difficulty as well, but the mods talked about it and due to 1) Lunatic being somewhat alienating, and 2) Normal making it so that the few Lunatic level players would have it too easy, that Hard was the best difficulty for this sort of contest.
  9. Well, I tried to start with a sign-up period, and that didn't really take, so you just sign up by posting your replay.
  10. I would be open to another RP, though, as you said it would depend on interest and other people's willingness to join. Though, maybe starting something will bring more activity itself.
  11. Due to the lead that LLK has taken, the poll has been called, and the contest is ready to start.
  12. That's because there hasn't really been any interest in RPs yet (hopefully there will be at some point). As for the old site, @Ceje should be able to unlock the old forum again.
  13. Thanks for the info Ceje.
  14. Greetings Shrine Denizens! We're making changes to expand the scope of our Touhou Official Games Contest to encourage more entries. Please check the following post for more information on rewards. On another note, if you wish to participate, don't keep us in the dark until you're ready to submit! We now require a minimum amount of applicants before we may give rewards. Apply early, and practice well, SAVE THOSE REPLAYS (and remember to use your name here or on Discord!), and submit your best.. Good luck, and Have fun! Our rules of submission have been changed! We now have rewards for each difficulty. In light of this, we will have the contest split into four tiers (Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic), and we are allowing for applying for more than one, however, you may only win one difficulty's rewards. This DOES include Easy mode, so don't feel intimidated, just do your best! We're going to be sticking with Legacy mode with the game. (yes this has been edited/changed a couple of times, since I haven't played this game and am relying on others to know the difference between modes) Winners will be chosen based on bomb and life count. With total high score from all stages being the tiebreaker. So basically, lives > bombs > score. The rewards for each tier are listed as follows: All rewards will be delivered via Steam credit, Humble Bundle games OR PayPal of the indicated value. Easy - $5 Normal - $15 Hard - $25 Lunatic - $50 Those that have already submitted, you have the option to stay within the hard tier OR submit another within the other tiers. CURRENT SUBMISSIONS (life count, bomb count, total score) =========================== PLEASE SEE FORUM INDEX PAGE FOR CURRENT SUBMISSIONS With these recent changes, we have also extended the contest to March 30th.
  15. Well, I'm not sure how to change the size, and I really wish I could.
  16. Is there a way to change the size they appear as?
  17. Weekly polls are back again! This time, let's talk about the locations in Gensokyo. While the locations don't get a lot of specific attention in the series, the games have gone to a lot of different places, some very unusual, some more down to earth. If you actually had the chance (hypothetically, obviously) to visit, what would be your number one place to go?
  18. Well, I guess I'm extending the sign up for another week, though I don't know if it will do any good.
  19. You're the one picking the music to share, really the only thing that you need is for it to Touhou in some way, and on youtube.
  20. The Remix Tournament has returned. This is essentially a game of sharing and rating music remixes that we have found. It's not really much of a competition, and there's not really much of a prize in the end, so don't worry about anyone taking this too seriously. It will go like this: every participant will send three remixes/arangments/etc to me via PM. Then, I will post three of all the pieces in the thread, and everyone will comment on them and rate them. A day or two later (depending on how many people we have and how fast they post), I will post the next set and we'll do it again. We continue like this until we've gone through all the pieces, and we find out who had the highest rated song, best average rating, etc. So, if you want to join, post here, then send me a PM with your choices. Sign-ups will last one week, assuming we have enough interested people. Joined: Ceje
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