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  1. Alice, for her different style, or Sakuya, as a balanced type. Who do you think has the most style in Gensokyo?
  2. I see no issue with non-touhou roleplaying here (would probably make a seperate sub-board for it though). Different styles of roleplaying could be certainly done as well, so long one makes it clear how it's going to work and doesn't make issues of it (intentional or not). Personally, if there is enough interest, then I wouldn't mind hosting a small, light roleplay, just to see how it takes here. (though I prefer purely text and character focused roleplaying).
  3. Wow, that's . . . pretty fast. Especially Touhou Pocket Wars. While I enjoy the game, I do think the game takes a long time. Even if you're good at it, the RNG can screw you over so much. Though, I might have it worse than others. I never managed to get through the Evo story though. If you enjoyed it, I think the sequel is a substantial improvement in terms of gameplay. It's not fully translated, though.
  4. So, I found this game called Lost Technology a few days ago, and it had an interesting concept so I thought it was worth the cheap $3 price. It's a turn based set-up, with factions taking turns on a world map to build up force, perform diplomacy, and attack, with battles being a rts system. But the real kick is that is has a fair amount of story elements. While it is, sadly, right now a work in progress, the story and characters still go a step beyond the basics. There is a fair bit in there, but there's also a noticable lack of story as you get further in. Since I don't know how much work is left, outside of the number of factions that don't have any story implimented outside of pieces of lore attached to their characters (which is still a fair bit), I can't say if I would give it a full recommendation, but it's an interesting concept and might be worth checking out for those interested.
  5. Since we're in the midst of the Steam Summer sale, I thought I would start a thread similar to another in a forum I'm from. A place to give friends here a heads up about games you see on sale and recommend, and perhaps to ask others about a game you're curious about getting. Or just tell everyone about a cool game you got recently. We can be flexible.
  6. Touhou Pocket Wars can be a real time sink if you want to get everything out of the game.
  7. Nothing wrong with having a lot to say. Nice to have you.
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