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    E3 2019

    So, E3's going on and as usual there's a lot of announced stuff. What's everyone excited/hoping to see? Personally, the thing I'm happiest to hear so far is the announcement of a new Tales game.
  2. Well, as I said, the fighters aren't essential, so if fighters aren't your thing, you can skip them. There isn't really any continuity you're missing out on. IaMP is harder to get into than the others though, due to it's unique gimmick with the controls (changing between melee and ranged attack based on the distance between opponents) takes a lot of getting used to. SWR switches to a more "conventional" control scheme, using command normals rather than the gimmick (and has a different gimmick). I have no idea what's up with your anti-virus. Sadly, false positive are a thing we have deal with, and coming up with a way around it is tricky. (and not my area of expertise) I think you're talking about the Z-input (forward/back,down,diagonal), which honestly . . . really ticks me off. It's never felt natural to me in all my time playing fighters. I've never been precise enough to make it work on joystick, and I've never quite gotten it into my muscle memory for keyboard. Thankfully, I've only ever played one character (Seth from UNIB) who actually needs the move in that slot. While not canon, many of the characters are given a good portrayal in Sengoku Gensokyo (though, all cards on the table, I am nostalgic regarding the game), if you're willing to look at fan portrayals.
  3. Well, to put my thoughts on these in turn . . . 1) You aren't missing much. To be frank, Zun's plots are generally excuse plots. His dialouge has some offbeat humor, but intricate plots and compelling characters simply isn't something he does. There's a reason fanmade material can have such a wide range. 2) That's unfortunate. I'ld understand if you aren't a fan of fighters or IaMP/SWRs' setup, but they are a decent look at the roster's personalities. They are part of the reason why the 6-8 cast is as popular as they are, and more consistent in fan-portrayals than some of the later ones. (I also personally prefer the older fighters to the newer ones, but that's opinion) They are not essential by any means though, just a good point of reference. 3) Understandable, given that there isn't a whole lot to gotten aside from the massive number of characters. There are a few print works however, that are of some help. Only some help, however, as many of the one that would explore the lore are written by in-universe characters, and thus, not entirely reliable. Grimoire of Marisa and Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red are examples, the former being Marisa commenting on the Spellcard system and the magic used by others, the second being Aya's newspaper (unfortunately known for stretching the truth). Most other printworks are comedic, slice of life style. The notable exception however, is Silent Sinner in Blue, which is a fairly serious and dramatic story, which, while rather mediocre in my opinion, is probably as definitive as you can get with the 6-8 cast. Given how loose the plot is between the games, the PC-98 is hardly essential for understanding anything in rest of the series. There are only four characters returning from that era, Reimu, Marisa, Yuuka Kazami, and Alice Margatroid. Reimu and Marisa are the same, though Marisa started as a rival working for/aprentice of one of the era's main villains; Mima. Yuuka was a villain from the fourth game, and knowing this explains Reimu's reaction to her in PoFV, the only game in which she has reapeared. Alice appeared in the fifth game, then became a reoccuring character for a while (6-11), and reversing Yuuka, knowing this explains some of Alice's behavior. When it comes down to it, though, only a handful of characters have well-defined personalities, and the setting and lore are often frustratingly vague. A lot of what the fanbase will talk about is just commonly accepted headcanon, rather than actual "top order canon" material. Even most of the official print works aren't written by Zun, and are quite loose with established rules and knowledge about the setting (hence the usual comedic angle).
  4. Been busy/worn down (college is getting busy again). Well, essentially, we would have the set-up that more and more dissapearences are being noticed in the Village, and I would ask that everyone start by 1)telling everyone who their roleplaying and how they're going to get involved/interested in the event, and let them start RPing their involvement. It let's everyone find a fairly natural way to get involved instead of just being thrown together. I suppose I'll go ahead and ask if anyone would be interested in such.
  5. Something for April Fool's day
  6. With activity having increased it's past time that I brought this back. It's pretty clear what this whole idea is. So, this week, let's talk about some of the stuff that may or may not make us prefer one "era" of games over another. For clarity, Retro is the first five games, up until Mystic Square Classic is Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to Shoot the Bullet Modern 1 is Mountain of Faith to Double Spoiler Modern 2 is Great Fairy Wars until . . . where we are.
  7. I am uncertain what the status of that twitter page is. I assume that, like some other social media things, it has gone defunct as we lost older members. We don't often talk about Ace, mostly because there is no desire to discuss the event that precipitated his retirement. Initially, if remember correctly, Ace had some of the Touhou games, official and fanmade, on his blog before making the MS site on Weebly (this is actually where I first downloaded the games). Crafty made the new Discord server while Cirno took over the old one, then Crafty retired, and Cirno took over and merged them (I think). The "MoriyaShrineExtend" forum was the second forum after the first got taken down. (Hence Extend) Once it was near-dead due to inactivity, the last of us there gave up and switched to Discord. After a couple years (?) of hoping to revive it, Tormentium and Cirno decided to try it with a fresh slate. Depends on how strictly you define active.
  8. Hmm, I think I may come up with something, regarding some of the humans from the village going missing/being kidnapped.
  9. Oh, there's a lot of history, but I'll give a short version. While this forum is relatively recent, the original incarnation of the site and forum are from 2011 or early 2012 (not entirely sure). I joined the forum (as a normal member) in late 2012, and sadly am the only remaining member from that particular time.* There were two forums prior to this one, the original got taken down due to a malicious user, and the second died off due to inactivity before the first Discord was created (the current one is actually the second). None of the original creators remain, all having left or retired, and having passed on leadership. *There are a number from not long after, such as Ceje and Jmonkey
  10. Something I've mentioned here before is that Sengoku Gensokyo was one of the first touhou games I played, official or fan, and I do recommend it if you can get it working (sadly I can not). The other big one for me is Fantasy Maiden Wars Scarlet, which, while a bit of risk as to whether or not one would enjoy it, is worth a shot. It is a somewhat more serious take, but without becoming dark.
  11. I meant more in terms of consistency in RP. Well, in the heyday of the prior forum, there were a few more mods and the general idea was that if there were any conflicts in RPs that one would get ahold of a staff member to be a third party to mediate. It only ever happened once in the three+ years, though, so I'm not concerned.
  12. This has honestly been my trouble, as I'm really big on continuity and get really anxious about whether or not what I'm doing fits in. I am thinking up a possible scenario, going off of my general idea for roleplaying being "Tell the players the basic scenario, and let the first posts be players describing how thier characters get involved" which has worked for me in the past.
  13. For myself, I'm curious how many people are interested in RPing in the Touhou setting, or would rather RP outside of it. Are there concerns about different headcanons conflicting? Would people want loose continuity or RPs where they just pull in anyone (Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny style)? Personally, while I enjoy the characters of Touhou, I generally don't prefer high fantasy, and I'm often more toward character driven stories and conspiracy/mystery driven plots.
  14. Well, since RP hasn't really gained much traction, despite people expressing interest, maybe we should have a thread talking about ideas people may have, or talking about the kind of things they would be interested in. Or, conversely, any concerns or anything making you unsure about RPing.
  15. Might as well throw in my two cents. First, yeah, it would be kind of cool to how Reimu would look in Smash, but honestly, I would see Reimu being way back in terms of possibilities. While Touhou may be decently well known in Japan, and have a small, but growing fanbase outside of it, there are a lot of other franchises and characters that are more popular/well known/in demand. The only reason I can think of for Reimu to be more likely is that I've gotten the (obviously very distant) impression that Zun is a chill guy and probably wouldn't ask for as much money as others would. Of course, I also say this with no grasp of Nintendo's business model, so . . . Second, an influx of new fans just really means more of everything. More newbies, more noobs, more creators, more haters, more artists, more trolls. There would be a disproportionate amount that would think ill of the series because "your character got in when it should have been my character", but that would (hopefully) pass. Sadly, I can tell you that there are already people out there who hate Touhou "because it's popular".
  16. [ any particular thoughts about what their relationship looks like, or just wing it? ]
  17. [ Hmm, any thoughts on maybe Marisa meeting her old master, Kurzov? ]
  18. (I must say I agree with quite a bit of what you said) Obviously, I would love to see some of the style that we had at the old forum, though that remains to be seen. I've thought about using the forum to find/organize some D&D (or maybe Pathfinder), but I hesitate on that count (partly because I'm trying to organize one irl as well, partly because I don't know how it would go). Question: Do you use both the forum and the Discord?
  19. That's certainly an interesting perspective. Personally I've always thought that the music was a big part of why I could press on with the game, instead of giving where I might with other games.
  20. [ Do you have anything else? What kind of story is this, where is it, what's going on? ]
  21. So it's a forum game then? That's fine, just make sure you explain that in the OP. Though, yeah, for future reference the kind of word salad you started with is similar to behavior I've seen from bots before. That kind of stuff sets off alarm bells in staff's brains, so be careful about posting things like that.
  22. Going to need an explanation, or this is just spam. (or worse, you've been hacked and replaced by a bot)
  23. Yes, but I'm quite certain he was meant to be. He's an exageration of many comic-relief character tropes, but when you think about what he is, that actually makes a lot of sense. Actually, if you want to talk about it, I'll just copy-paste my basic thoughts on the game:
  24. Persona 4 had been on my video game bucket list for many years, and this past summer I finally had a chance to play it (specifically, P4: Golden on the Vita), and I enjoyed it immensely. It definitely earns it's reputation as one of the best of its genre.
  25. The Endless franchise is having their free weekend on Steam now.  If you are interested in a good 4x game their's are well worth a try.  If not, they also have a rougelike/dungeoncrawler game.

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