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  1. Thanks for the info Ceje.
  2. Greetings Shrine Denizens! We're making changes to expand the scope of our Touhou Official Games Contest to encourage more entries. Please check the following post for more information on rewards. On another note, if you wish to participate, don't keep us in the dark until you're ready to submit! We now require a minimum amount of applicants before we may give rewards. Apply early, and practice well, SAVE THOSE REPLAYS (and remember to use your name here or on Discord!), and submit your best.. Good luck, and Have fun! Our rules of submission have been changed! We now have rewards for each difficulty. In light of this, we will have the contest split into four tiers (Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic), and we are allowing for applying for more than one, however, you may only win one difficulty's rewards. This DOES include Easy mode, so don't feel intimidated, just do your best! We're going to be sticking with Legacy mode with the game. (yes this has been edited/changed a couple of times, since I haven't played this game and am relying on others to know the difference between modes) Winners will be chosen based on bomb and life count. With total high score from all stages being the tiebreaker. So basically, lives > bombs > score. The rewards for each tier are listed as follows: All rewards will be delivered via Steam credit, Humble Bundle games OR PayPal of the indicated value. Easy - $5 Normal - $15 Hard - $25 Lunatic - $50 Those that have already submitted, you have the option to stay within the hard tier OR submit another within the other tiers. CURRENT SUBMISSIONS (life count, bomb count, total score) =========================== PLEASE SEE FORUM INDEX PAGE FOR CURRENT SUBMISSIONS With these recent changes, we have also extended the contest to March 30th.
  3. Well, I'm not sure how to change the size, and I really wish I could.
  4. Is there a way to change the size they appear as?
  5. Weekly polls are back again! This time, let's talk about the locations in Gensokyo. While the locations don't get a lot of specific attention in the series, the games have gone to a lot of different places, some very unusual, some more down to earth. If you actually had the chance (hypothetically, obviously) to visit, what would be your number one place to go?
  6. Well, I guess I'm extending the sign up for another week, though I don't know if it will do any good.
  7. You're the one picking the music to share, really the only thing that you need is for it to Touhou in some way, and on youtube.
  8. The Remix Tournament has returned. This is essentially a game of sharing and rating music remixes that we have found. It's not really much of a competition, and there's not really much of a prize in the end, so don't worry about anyone taking this too seriously. It will go like this: every participant will send three remixes/arangments/etc to me via PM. Then, I will post three of all the pieces in the thread, and everyone will comment on them and rate them. A day or two later (depending on how many people we have and how fast they post), I will post the next set and we'll do it again. We continue like this until we've gone through all the pieces, and we find out who had the highest rated song, best average rating, etc. So, if you want to join, post here, then send me a PM with your choices. Sign-ups will last one week, assuming we have enough interested people. Joined: Ceje
  9. jssf1992


    It happens man. Not a problem. Nice to see you though.
  10. That's up to everyone else. I don't have a problem with it.
  11. I had originally thought about making this the next weekly poll, but I decided that's there's just too many options for that. So we'll have a thread for it instead. With a lot of final bosses (especially if you count some of the extra stage bosses) there are plenty of themes to go with them. All of them are good (yes they are ), and they stray into a number of different styles and feel distinct from each other. Personally, I've always gone with Septette for the Dead Princess as my favorite. A cool, somewhat regal feel, but keeping the quick pace needed for the battle at hand.
  12. Not as popular, this one . . . Anyway, I'ld have to go with Suika. For Gensokyo, she's a decent sort, and I think her fighting style is hilarious.
  13. The site editors looked into it, and they say the there isn't malware in it. They looked into the redirect thing and it seems it's been fixed.
  14. I suppose this is what I'll use to annouce, say, another remix tournament?
  15. I'm not sure what you mean, would this make the gen chat on the Discord appear on the forum?
  16. (a day late, but no one will notice) So, this week, let's talk about the characters that have only appeared in the fighting games (or originally).
  17. It seems that Youmu wins by a slim margin. I personally always liked dual-wielding.
  18. I should probably give my own story. Which starts with this video: It was my first year of college, and the internet (and especially countdown videos) led me to learning of all sorts of games that I had never heard of before. I've always had a preference for video game soundtracks, and this was one that I found and came back to a couple of times. Once, I noticed a similarly drawn Flandre over to the side, realized it was probably more from the same series and listened to it. Then there was a ton of different versions of U.N. Owen in the recommended videos, making me more curious about the actual series these pieces came from. Now, I was 18/19 around this time and didn't really understand much about the game industry, and once I found some gameplay on Youtube, I actually thought it was just a browser game(s) that had a rediculously large/active fanbase. I went looking for it, and eventually found Ace's site before Moriya shrine. I was hesitant to actually download the games, but eventually my curiosity got the better of me, and I started with EoSD, SWR, and Koumajou Densetsu, and Senguko Gensokyo soon after. I loved each soundtrack (of course), but SWR and Sengoku Gensokyo gave me a love for the characters. I spent a year or so as an anonymouse lurker, but eventually joined the very first forum. And I'm still around, funny how it all worked out.
  19. I didn't forget Dunaway, I just had to draw the line somewhere. Miko has a sword, but honestly, I didn't even realize that she had one until Hopeless Masquerade, and then she doesn't use it as her main weapon (at least from my limited time with the game working), even though we could assume that she's at least proficient with it. I had to narrow it down to people associated with their blades, and like most of the cast, I associate Miko with her magic and bullet patterns instead.
  20. Swords are a popular weapon aren't they? Despite all the magic bullets and lasers and who knows what else, some of the cast still make a big deal of using their sword in battle, even if not exclusively. Do these girls catch your eye? Do you have a favorite? (yes, I know there are several others have swords or use magic to make swords or sword-like attacks, but that might make this list too big, so we're sticking with these)
  21. How did we all first find Touhou, and get involved with this fanbase? It seems to me that there's isn't quite a normal path that people take in this regard.
  22. Well, the over all result were rather low in the first place, but it looks like it's the first and last that get the most love.
  23. I've been studying psychology. And yes, it's been going pretty well.
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