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  1. Hey, that's my comment lol But yeah I think Flandre deserved this win. Though I really wish PC-98 is given some more love...
  2. Here in the Philippines, there is technically no "age rating system" for TV; just general descriptors. We even had a simpler two-rating system before, I still remember the rating just being shown in plain text in mainstream channels instead of a pictogram with the plain text below (some channels still do this actually, like the government-owned IBC 13 and ABS-CBN's cable-only Kapamilya Channel).
  3. Touhou x Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune crossover anyone? CTBR - Fight on Darkness https://ctbr.jp/content/music_file/ctbr_008.mp3 (listed here on https://ctbr.jp/content/music010.html) CTBR - magic of love
  4. In Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia, Aya was known to have read about the 2016 U.S. elections, inspiring her to mimic Trump's slogan for her fake news about Miko. So Aya probably can speak English a bit.
  5. Wait a sec, how the heck is Nitori a tier lower than Takane?
  6. Seiga - Why does your name sound like that certain Japanese company. Your hair is even the same color as their mascot! Chimata - You look like an NFT lol Yuuka - Meh, I liked you better in the PC-98 games Flandre: Leche flan in canon, and leche ka in fanon. Eiki: You are a war criminal Utsuho: You're so dumb you don't even appear in Satori's manga My other favorite characters (in no particular order) are Takane (duh), Rika, Rikako, Yumemi, Mai (PC-98), Satori, Koishi, Junko, and Daiyousei
  7. LLS has a theme named "Alice Maestra", but Alice isn't there. Curious.
  8. Kogasa - Umbrellas suck especially in strong winds, raincoats are better Suika - Your name is literally bitch in Russian Parsee - I think she would do fine in the communist party for her jealousy Yuugi - Lol stuck in the underground unlike Suika Reimu - Marisa has more original boss themes than you (5 for Reimu, 7 for Marisa. I count Dream Battle and Master Spark from IN as original as well instead of remixes of LLS)
  9. Nitori Kawashiro Akyuu's Untouched Score? More like Touched Score for HRtP! :P
  10. 96 downloads

    Circle: Knights of Round Released: 29 December 2008 (Comiket 75) Formats: Lossless FLAC (compression level 8), lossy MP3 (libmp3lame, ffmpeg -qscale:a 0 which is effectively 245kbps) Catalog number: KNTS-0002 Length: 58:45 Tracks: 13 Track list: 幼心地の有頂天 / Bhava-agra as Seen Through a Child's Mind (04:06) エクステンドアッシュ-蓬莱人 / Extend Ash-Hourai Victim (04:07) 花の映る塚 / The Mound Where the Flowers Reflect (03:32) プレインエイジア / Plain Asia (04:11) Hartmania (from "ハルトマンの妖怪少女") / Hartmania (from "The Doll Maker of Bucuresti") (02:44) never surrender (from "クリスタライズシルバー") / never surrender (from "Crystallized Silver") (03:29) 千年幻想郷 (Blue Streak Mix) / Gensokyou Millenium (Blue Streak Mix) (08:26) メイドと血と懐中時計 / The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood (04:42) 少女が見た日本の原風景 / The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw (03:35) 緑眼のジェラシー / Green-Eyed Jealousy (05:18) 懐かしき東方の血 / Nostalgic Blood of the East (04:16) 廃獄ララバイ / Lullaby of a Deserted Hell (06:29) 地霊達の起床 / Awakening of the Earth Spirits (03:50) For information about who arranged which, original title, game sources, and album staff, refer to Touhou Wiki's article.
  11. I hate Hikariko. Her bullet pattern is a guaranteed bomb or two for me every time I encounter her in the middle of LLS's stage 4 in Hard difficulty. And look at her: what the heck is she even supposed to be? A fairy? An insect? Looks like we will never know. But hey at least she gives me a bomb and a 1up, so that's nice.
  12. I'd say Kirby. He's a cute little puffball that can literally do anything (as long as he inhales the correct enemy), and defeated several gods.
  13. I never got a notice from my ISP after years of torrenting, though I guess that's because geolocation of IPs in my country isn't really accurate (like you could be in Central Luzon in the Philippines but your IP shows you're in Metro Manila. That's really far). So I never bother with proxies and stuff. And I think you're more likely to go in trouble if you seed the torrent, not mere downloads. So you can simply configure your torrent client to just leech, not seed if you're really worried. Also if you're going to use proxies for torrenting, don't use Tor. The Tor Project strongly discourages it, not only because it puts heavy load on their network, but also because it's almost always useless privacy-wise. Stick with a VPN instead, which has better support for torrenting.
  14. PCB's stage 2 theme is one of the best stage 2s in the series, what do you mean "decent"? :P Also I honestly prefer the stage theme than the boss theme that follows... Anyway here's some other tracks I really like in no particular order (not a fan of ranking things). You may notice I'm kinda biased towards PC-98 because that's what I play the most. (And I just got a FLAC download of the entire Akyuu's Untouched Score collection) Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients (Seihou 1, best Reimu theme IMO) Silk Road Alice (Seihou 1) Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star (Touhou 4) Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss (Touhou 5, with slight preference to MIDI arrange) Maple Wise (Touhou 5) Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind (Touhou 2, I like all three official versions of this, from the FM, to the OG MIDI, and to the arranged MIDI) Love-Coloured Magic (Touhou 2, also like the chill remix from 7.5. This is different from Master Spark from 8, which I also like) Forbidden Magic (Touhou 5) Complete Darkness (Touhou 2, I prefer the OG FM to the MIDI arrange) Reincarnation (Touhou 3, again I like the OG FM better) Maiden's Capriccio (Touhou 4 and 8, I like them both. You can see how Reimu changed between both eras) Hakurei Shrine Grounds (Touhou 2, unused. Really wish this gets reused in a later game, or at least gets a modern arrange from ZUN himself) End of Daylight (Touhou 2, one of the best stage 2 themes IMO. Also really love the SC-88 arrange of this one.) Bet on Death (Touhou 2, it's repetitive, but I like it for its intensity. Also the only boss Reimu really feared apparently) Dimension of Reverie (Touhou 5, also one of my favorite stage 2 themes) the Grimoire of Alice (Touhou 5) Sleeping Terror (Touhou 4, best Yuuka theme IMO) Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream (Touhou 4, I like both the used and unused versions. JynX created a remix which merged both versions really nicely) Bad Apple!! (Touhou 4. OG > meme remix, fight me! Also wished this got a MIDI arrange like Perdition crisis did, which I also like) Tabula rasa ~ The Empty Girl (Touhou 3) Eastern Mystical Love Consultation (Touhou 3, really underrated Reimu theme) Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream (Touhou 3, one of my favorites in PoDD. I remember hearing this the first time and think, "wait this is where that really good song from Touhou Mother came from!") Decisive Magic Battle! ~ Fight it out! (Touhou 3)
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