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  1. Ultrakill and DOOM 2016 or any movement shooter really.
  2. $15-$20 but considering that the games are becoming more and more like bored apes that price range is way too generous.
  3. Sustaining a stable fps is hard.
  4. Great argument, unfortunately, original booru filenames.

    1. Shionne Imeris

      Shionne Imeris

      whoops, you're right

    2. Drunken_Flower


      artist crying right now

  5. The problem with the lolicon debate is eventually both sides run out of statistics to further their confirmation bias.
  6. I think this point stems from the fact that historically, western art was very realistic and very much an "at face value" experience, symbolism taking the backseat most times. So now when the same idea of realism is brought to that, it isn't that much of a surprise why people think what they do. Related image
  7. 30K sharp UID. ?

  8. Most of said content is made by the Japanese. From Wikipedia: "Fictional child pornography such as Lolicon, and Shotacon are excluded from the law. These fall under "cultural and artistic activities" which are protected by freedom of expression."
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