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  1. personally I really like it (I might be addicted actually so that may be a point against), the event stories range from bad to meh but I find the actual main story to be pretty entertaining. I used to like the Tower quite a lot but once I had several full teams at level 100 (including some super festival and fantasy rebirth characters) I found that it quickly became boring since I can now just brute force through each release of new levels (when played right a team of Reimu, Yukari and Sanae seemingly just can't die but once they're out of spell cards that becomes a slog so I just let myself lose at that point). I find the element/character EX stages to be stupidly hard but I suppose they're made for much more serious/meta players than me.
  2. I really enjoyed Fantasy Maiden Wars but found it to be a bit unpolished, it crashed for me constantly and I wasn't able to find good translations for any of the later games (like the dialogue would be translated but none of the UI). ultimately I think I'll have to go with Mystia's Izakaya, unlike Fantasy Maiden Wars I was actually able to figure out how to play even before the translation and now the main game and 1st DLC are translated (just waiting for the 2nd DLC translation).
  3. personally I'm really liking Lost Word. The gacha system seems much more fair than other gacha games I've played. in most gacha games trying to get characters without spending money feels like a complete shot in the dark with pretty unclear pity systems being the only reprieve. with Lost Word I feel like I've gotten every character I've really focused on and while I feel like the pity system is much less forgiving than other gacha games (to the point that I've only ever gotten to use it 3 times) it's at least very clear and obvious about exactly when you're going to benefit from pity and you get to choose exactly what you get when the pity points reach the required numbers. I feel like the gameplay is more fun than people give it credit for (then again I do often challenge myself to do 1 character runs of levels, often when that one character is below the recommended level. this might be why I feel the game is also more strategic than others give it credit for, of course there'll usually be more strategy in a challenge run than a normal one). also while I do see the point about alternate versions of characters being more powerful I notice that this is only really the case with the Super Festival Characters. post-Fantasy Rebirth my L1 Reimu and L1 Marisa both have higher stat totals than their A1 (the EoSD version) counterparts (granted, this is just stat totals, I'm not aware enough of the meta or whatever to understand if the A1 versions have some other trick to give them the edge). I've not yet leveled up my Fantasy Rebirth Sakuya and Cirno to see if the same is true for them but I suspect it might be, my Fantasy Rebirth Youmu is pretty close to the A7 version despite being over 20 levels below her so I'd suspect that this is pretty universal for all Fantasy Rebirth characters to be stronger than their non-Super Festival variants. if Byakuren and Aya get Fantasy Rebirths I suspect they'll also be stronger than their A12 and A9 versions respectively. since most Fantasy Rebirth characters are from the normal wish pool (only Yukari and Kasen have been from Festival prayers) I'd say this is a good thing. Super Festival characters will probably always be the strongest (which I'm fine with as long as they're given a plot reason for it, I'm a little iffy about the fact that all the Lunar War versions are stronger despite having their powers sealed. if anything I feel like that should make them the weakest version of the characters. the same applies to the new Remilia, she's established in the story to be extremely weakened, seemingly unable to even stand, but she's somehow far stronger than L1 Remilia) purely due to their rarity but as long as we keep on getting some normal units in the high tiers I see no problem with that at the end of the day I'd say that if people don't like something they just shouldn't play it. no need to keep on dragging it out as something to hate (and while I don't think this particular thread is doing that I do see people in other places doing it a lot. Lost Word and Memories of Phantasm seem to be the punching bags of the Touhou community. I understand that some people might not like the overly fanon aproach that both works take but they both still clearly have plenty of work put into them and if people don't like the product they can just find another game (I understand that there are slim pickings for another Touhou anime so people are mostly stuck with Memories of Phantasm), perhaps even make one themselves to give the rest of the Touhou community something to enjoy.) wow, this turned into quite a rant. I only intended to write 1 or 2 lines at most...
  4. according to a sorter my top 10 is 10 Flandre 9 Kosuzu 8 Star (no idea how she got into my top 10 when neither of the other Faries of Light did, Luna is my favourite of the 3 but the sorter ended with her in 14th place) 7 Satori 6 Sakuya 5 Patchouli 4 Medicine 3 Tenshi 2 Kyouko 1 Mystia in case my top 2 don't make it obvious I've been playing a lot of Mystia's Izakaya
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