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  1. Pretty much what Eulogous just said. Although I wanna add that point III is pretty much seen to a degree in every fandom, but it's obnoxious in Touhou specially. I found only some specific discord servers to be free of all of that, everywhere else is just not worth the trouble looking. Also gatekeepers aren't seen that much in the fandom in my experience, since most of them are just looked down upon and I barely see any support towards them.
  2. 14.3 aka impossible spellcard imo. Cool and unique spellcards for the most part. The way you can challenge every level with different items makes it so that you dont actually play them all the same way, finding the best item for a scene and how to use it, overall pretty solid mechanics as well as every soundtrack being pretty good.
  3. I will tell you the ones i disagree with, keep in mind i consider the characters' bombs. For PCB, Sakuya dominates, either of them. Marisa B is the worst, just a worse Marisa A IN: Border Team best. Scarlet Team worst. SA: both Reimu A and Reimu C hold for the best, Reimu B is awful. DDC: Marisa B is so good she doesnt take any skill. Sakuya B is... probably one of the worst shot types in the series. LoLK: Obviously Sanae. Marisa is the worst tho. HSiFS: Any character + Summer/Fall as best. Any character + Spring as the worst
  4. Some of these are from albums, which are technically still part of Touhou. 10) Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall 9) The Doll Maker of Bucuresti 8) Heartfelt Fancy 7) Fires of Hokkai 6) The mysterious shrine maiden flying through space 5) The capital city of flowers in the sky 4) Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty years 3) Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind 2) Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare. 1) The purest sky and sea I'd like to say that most of the songs are not in a particular order, and I would like to include more, but the ones here live on my head rent free. Honourable mention to "Alice Maestra", "Onigashima in the fairy land", "Blue sea of 53 minutes" and "The lost emotion". #1 is serious though, definitely a must check if you haven't already.
  5. For Tenshi, I believe its from a few throw away lines about wanting to be defeated, but I'm not sure. I will check them out later. For Meiling, not only is she portrayed sleeping in Soku's ending, but it also appears that she sleeps here and there when watching the gate. Check out Perfect Memento in Strict Sense. For Komachi, the entire plot of Touhou 9 is that things happen because she was slacking off. Literally. I'm not kidding. Check out a few scenarios in the game. Pretty funny to see when I played it. For Yuuka, well... I would say it comes from 3 things. 1. She's often seen smiling and it actually scares a lot of people. 2. She's strong as hell 3. "if anyone disturbs her, be they youkai or human, she eliminates them with tremendous power no matter what." (Took this from Perfect Memento again). The only thing the fandom does is exaggerate this to another level.
  6. Wanted to add that you should read the script for Cirno in the extra stage of TH16. Its not just fanon.
  7. I would really like to see the "lots of content going around", I really do. I'm not talking about fanart, since its kind of the only thing that wouldn't die, but rather, remixes, animations, etc... I feel like its so few and far in between that the only thing I'm left with is the really loud people on twitter, or the tons of shitposting in youtube that have not made me smile in months, due to being overused to oblivion. However, although not related with 2022, the notion of "western BAD" always left me with a bad taste, as if people thought that the japanese fandom didn't carry the same sort of weirdos that the west could have. Discord is still better though, It is like a safe haven from all of this I just mentioned, can't actually begin to describe how much the servers I'm in helped me indirectly from quitting the fandom. I didn't know where to mention the fangames above, since I have seen a project I'm quite interested in, but its a bit hard to find them. Also I have never seen that picture before, always thought the wiki was kind of "reliable". Oh well... That incident was quite initiated over nothing. Don't mind me. Just ranting since I had the chance.
  8. Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream, I would say. AI is broke as hell and it just isn't really fun overall. Violet Detector, however, has a bug in which, when attempting to retry a scene midway through, the game will just simply unpause while having the pause menu overlayed on top of the screen. It also is pretty lazy when it comes to team tag spells, which is just individual spells thrown at the same time that speed up when you defeat one of the characters. Also if the teleport was changed from double focus to another key, it would be more comfortable.
  9. I do think it's ready for new fans, but its kinda hard to avoid gatekeepers. The current fanbase needs people like the ones who introduced me to the entire series. Simply put, we just need to tell them their options on what this fandom has to offer and reply accordingly to what they need, all of this before the gatekeepers shame them for just entering.
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