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  1. this is a similar vibe as when suika showed up on ESPN
  2. Fair enough. I just like to help people is all so I thought I offer if you ever need it
  3. Trust me, for 5 bucks it's worth the money for the polish and gameplay. Also tip if you want to get the costumes. Master the deathbombs for the shining needle castle. And one thing that you probably don't know about tenkko is that if you put in 20040815 in the sound test. You unlock her touhou 9 outfit. And you also earned another subscriber, I can even help with some games if you need a number 2. I like helping
  4. Ahh yes I love me some udongein X. The game where reisen proves she's more than eirin and junkos chew toy
  5. Actually metal man makes sense from a lore standpoint since he was built by wily to kill MegaMan. So him being a fighter would actually be cool
  6. i don't know much about tenshi. what i do know is that her parents we pure enough to go to heaven and was allowed to bring tenshi with them. and that she let suika have her territory from a bet.....i think
  7. it's good. puts a real focus on our poor gatekeeper and her fighting prowess......well until a brick wall named yuugi shows up
  8. i've read a few touhou fanfics, mostly loved being meiling, would recommend for all the fans of our favorite gatekeeper. or marshmallow loving fairies
  9. i mostly read fanfiction, sure it's mindless dribble to most people. but i like the enjoyment of seeing how well someone has wove a tale from a well known fandom.
  10. Yep. She's tough, but she's not yuugi tough. No one is yuugi tough
  11. Meiling up woohoo. Now I'm being reminded of burning meiling, I wanna see her and Byakuren square off so bad
  12. Sorry for separating this accidentally pressed send. They did both "she's short, therefore she's a loli, therefore she's a child" and that for her artstyle makes her look like a kid, which I would agree with if not for seeing the page that introduced her. Now for the loli phenomenon, I honestly didn't know that. I have met people who are adults who do look like kids, most vividly a friend I was with in high school who was 17 but looked 11 and had to carry a passport around to prove her age. So I simply thought that some Asians can look like children in their teens or twenties.
  13. in japan a lot of adults do look like kids (mainly girls) , which is one of the main causes of the loli phenomenon. as for shota, my thoughts is that a lot of japanese people decided to do equality in that if girls could look really young in japan, then boys should do. it's like the uzaki problem where a lot of people kept calling this a loli all because she's short.
  14. and kanako? you never really said anything about her
  15. Hello. Would you like to join the meiling appreciation club?
  16. Guess we have different definitions of young adult. She looks like she's in her early 20's to me
  17. I decided to look at all the portraits of characters from 1-18 and the only ones I could see that actually looked like adults are kanako and raiko of all characters (and even kanako looks like she has some baby fat on her cheeks) meanwhile raiko looks straight up like a young adut
  18. yes it was but i posit the idea that no one took her seriously and heard about ol drac and decided to pretend to be his daughter for some charisma points fairchild? i thought it was liddell
  19. considering mamizou didn't even come to gensokyo until the events of TD, i would not be surprised if she learned english.
  20. I got my friend interested in it through the power of Flan and her theme
  21. When even reimu doesn't forgive you for what you did. It really sticks to ones reputation
  22. huh, didn't know that. the more you know
  23. "There might be a few gems in the Western community too, such as animators like MTB" Also since when was MTB a western touhou channel. I thought he lived in the Philippines
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