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  1. HeroNatio is best ppl in the world no cap

  2. HeroNatio is gay %100 true

  3. even though I can't understand the lyrics of their songs not bad to me
  4. 4 years ago i playing team fortress 2 and after 1 years i looked for team fortress 2 servers and i didn't find good one so i typed to youtube: team fortress 2 servers and i found freak fortress 2 server (someone playing boss and others trying to kill it) and after i joined the server i really liked the boss musics i searched the google Freak Fortress 2 musics and i found diffrent boss musics (not avabile for my current server) and after that i find a freak fortress 2 boss music playlist after listening the musics i found the Freak Fortress 2 - Sakuya izayoi theme i really liked this music and after the listened i searched Sakuya izayoi the google for found the real character after that i found the game named Touhou Project after that i found thousands of lore/character/game/music and i really love it after months i decied to play games and im teribble at Touhou games but they are so fun (sorry for bad english im trying to learn english so i don't use google translate lol)
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