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  1. Han Tamashii Takeshi Geichou

    Release Information
    Type: Point-and-Click Action
    Developer: Y-Cubed
    Publisher: Y-Cubed
    Release: Reitaisai 9, May 27, 2012
    Language: Japanese
    Default Controls
    [Mouse]: Control Half Ghost / Aim (Make a circular motion for a rotating slash)
    [Left Click]: Danmaku / Confirm
    [Right Click]: Movement / Cancel
    [Z]: Iaido Stance; Use movement to slash
    [X]: Title Screen
    [Esc]: Kill Game
    Plot Point: (Conjecture) Realizing her own weakness, Youmu trains to become stronger, taking challenges throughout Gensokyo under the supervision of Yuyuko.

    How it Works: The game starts off by putting you into a hub area, where you can choose to battle, upgrade your stats, or save the game. Story mode will place you into a boss fight instance. There is no pausing, so make sure that both Youmu and your physical state are ready for a complete duel. You can strike by firing danmaku, sweeping with your sword, or expending spirit in an Iaido blow (Quick draw of the blade; think Kenshin and battoujutsu, or 200 Yojana in 1 Slash). While Iaido is your only attack that expends spirit, it also provides mobility and invincibility frames. Bullets can be absorbed with your blades, which regenerates your spirit. Hitting the enemy with danmaku will also regenerate your spirit. If you fail the boss scene, you can challenge as many times as you like. If you find your strength insufficient, you can train. Training will net you experience points with which to strengthen Youmu, and can be spent to strengthen her base stats or attack options.   Menu Options Training: Here Youmu can participate in various minigames that help develop your skill in using her various attacks. You will be awarded points with which to upgrade her stats depending on how well you perform. In this order, there is Intruder Shoot-up for shooting, Cherry Blossom Slashing for Iaido, and Bullet Slashing for the rotational slash. As you progress through the story, greater difficulty levels will be unlocked. Stat Growth: Here Youmu's stats can be upgraded within four major categories, in this order: The Foundations, Danmaku, Iaido, and Sword Sweeping. Within each category are three sub-categories, which will be listed in the order which they appear. The Foundations - Maximum Health, Maximum Spirit, Natural Spirit Recovery Over Time. Danmaku - Bullet Damage, Bullet Size, Bullet Attack Spirit Recovery. Iaido - Attack Strength, Slash Movement Speed, Spirit Cost Reduction. Sword Sweeping - Attack Strength, Attack Range, Bullet Absorption Spirit Recovery. Story Mode: Here you can continue the story and face boss scenes. Save Game: This is where you can record your progress. It is recommended that you save at least at the beginning of each chapter.
    If you ever find it too difficult to defeat a boss, a strategy that usually works is to stay next to the boss and continuously use the Sword Sweep. You will eat any bullets that are fired while doing damage to the boss, but the game will feel cheap if you abuse this too much. Perhaps its best for such a simple girl to, as Marisa put it, go around "slashing like an idiot."


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  2. V-Sync Patch

    The primary purpose of these patches is to make it so that the games have reduced input delay.  Instructions on how to apply the patches is included, and instead of asking you to get the new EoSD dll file separately (as TouhouWiki does), we have included it here.

    However, these patches also come with the other following features:
    * Enables use of Ctrl to fast-forward replays in games before this was a thing.
    * Fixes display glitches in PCB Cherry values and UFO scores.
    * Option to select full-screen or windowed in games before this was a thing.
    * You can elect to fix the MoF Marisa B power glitch.
    * You can change the size of the games' windows in windowed mode.

    Support List: Th06 (EoSD), Th07 (PCB), Th08 (IN), Th09 (PoFV), Th09.5 (StB), Th10 (MoF), Uwabami Breakers, Th11 (SA), Th12 (UFO), Th12.5 (DS), Th12.8 (FW), Th13 (TD), Th15 (LoLK)


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  3. DirectX 8 to 9 Converter

    This fixes full-screen issues in Classic Era games in Windows 10.  Simply stick the folder's contents in the game's folder; to uninstall, just delete them.

    Specific things this can fix, among other things:
    * Fixes EoSD's unlimited framerate when in full-screen.
    * Fixes IaMP simply not working in full-screen.
    * Enables exclusive full-screen instead of Borderless windowed on Windows 10.
    * Enables compatibility with lots of screen-recording and streaming software (for example, OBS).
    * Enables compatibility with various third-party graphics tools (for example, MSI Afterburner and SweetFX).

    There's only one known issue in IaMP with character sprites being blurry due to poor sprite filtering.

    Support List: Th06 (EoSD), Th07 (PCB), Th07.5 (IaMP), Th08 (IN), Th09 (PoFV), Th09.5 (StB)


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  4. Boho Youyoumu

    Release Information
    Type: Action/Platform MetroidVania
    Developer: Marokaka
    Publisher: Marokaka
    Release: 2012
    Language: Japanese    Default Controls
    [Z]: Jump / Confirm
    [X]: Attack / Cancel
    [C]: Dash (must acquire the Dash)
    [V]: Menu Translation Help
    Menu Options
    * Inventory
    * Map
    * Yuyuko’s Help Menu
    * Return to Title Screen * Kirisame Magic Shop (The contents of the shop are explained on the map)   Description   Plot Point: For reasons presently unknown, Yuyuko throws Youmu down a hole.  Why?  It's Yuyuko, does she really need a reason?  As it turns out though, there really is a constantly-developing story in this game - we just don't understand any of it yet because there's no English patch yet.
    How It Works: Despite still being in Japanese, we know quite a lot about this game at this point; you start off with 1200 HP and a basic shot attack at experience level 1, in Area 1 (the game confusingly calls these areas "levels" also).  Throughout the course of the game, Youmu will traverse six large Areas, eventually locate both her swords (which you can slice and dice with) and other equipment (which require Charisma to use), plus Energy Tanks to extend her HP gauge by 100 HP each, so that by the time you meet the final boss, you're more than ready.
    Saving & Shopping: Anytime you enter a Kirisame Magic Shop location (there's one in each Area), your progress is saved automatically, and you're fully-healed.  Also, you can purchase potions (and some basic equipment) for use; see the 100% maps for a list of what you can purchase.
    Karma: Karma in this game is negative; it's a bad thing.  You slowly gather negative karma for killing spirits, and the higher your KP, the more it hurts when you take a hit, and the weaker your attacks become.  To keep this in check, you can buy Karma potions, which will remove some of your KP at the cost of hurting you a bit (because drinking these hurts a bit, I recommend chugging them near a shop).   100% Map (Region-Colored)
    This is the region-colored version of the map for those like me who have difficulty differentiating between different areas on larger maps like this one, and need color-coding.  There is also an original non-colored version available.  Despite how big you're likely to see it in the preview if you click it, its actual resolution is far bigger; download it from the Extras section above to get the full-size 2040x1964 map.  


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