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  1. TBF Touhou Project had two solid decades to accumulate NSFW material due to rule34, the only surprising thing is the longevity of the hornyposting
  2. UFO because of Byakuren theme Didn't get to stage 6 cause ofc but I still had fun even if I sucked then I heard Byakuren was a biker in the fighting games and I played ULiL
  3. Honestly yeah the older games always have that "little bit extra" which I do miss. IN's last word mechanic is the best example of that and I love seeing fangames like Hollow Song of Birds add it in
  4. Yeah bombs are the ultimate crutch, so I'd treat no-bombing any touhou game as a huge achievement (for my skill level at least since I've mostly am still on normal modo). However I like the non standard shottypes, forward facing shots are in literally every shmup I imagine so having something weird to spice things up is always fun "Illusionary Dominance" for me since I haven't tried Lunatic. However she still is going to get bombed by me for that BS attack
  5. That game has so many borderline cheat mechanics and glitches like 3.0 power Marisa B shot, it makes me feel silly for ever struggling on it before Ah well, I beat the game with Marisa C so I've proven to myself I totally don't need the crutch
  6. I have a soft spot for these type of mementos so I felt like looking for my first 1CC of PCB from 2020. While not the most impressive run I still find it fun watching because me from back then didn't expect to be 1CCing anything, so it's funny seeing all the safety bombs I drop as I've been humbled before for trying to micro things I really shouldn't. (Still some of the hits were painful to watch) Also bombing through resurrection butterfly after getting smacked is a mood. I wasn't risking anything at the time! th7_01.rpy
  7. All I remember is that around 2017/18 I was looking for something to play on my low end PC and somehow stumbled upon one of the fighting games (Think it was HM) but later on I learned it's a bullethell shooter and having never played one of those I tried UFO first (of all the games I could've picked!) I liked the UFO mechanic back then despite how annoying it is (it allowed me to grind up a lot of life pieces just to lose them all to Shou, very fun!), but haven't picked up another one of the games until somewhat later at the start of 2020 with EOSD. I wanted to go through the mainline games in release order Guess I always kinda knew about it since the bad apple!! arrangement but I know between me playing HM and EOSD I listened to a lot of the songs. So I kinda only really got into it because of the songs else I'd have just dropped the game years ago
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