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    Bad game.... very bad game. The ido team did not know what the term "balancing" meant when it came to patterns, the game literally has patterns that force you to plan a trance or bomb in order to get past them which is 10/10 game design, literally impossible to LNNN the game because of this. Sakuya is the only viable shot since she makes some stage portions not as dumb as if you're using Reimu or Marisa. Speaking of Reimu, she does almost no damage, by far the worst character and you should never pick her. Michel's spells are some stuff you'd find in a Len'en Absurdly Extra, Iesua's nons are only doable because of the forced slow down. Only pros I can think of are the characters and the music, but the music was a given because wanwan composed the OST. Do NOT recommend this game unless you like messing around with the broken gimmick.
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