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  1. how i stumbled on 2hou was kinda weird xD through the random YT algorythm we found the video "Gaben stole the precious thing" (in 2011) but we had NO CLUE where the origin of that video came ... very late like 2019 we found out w8 gaben video is a spoof of an old Iosys song about 2hou ... what is that franchise? now ... i can sing Marisa stole the precoius thing even if i cant speak japanese ... due to overlistining the song over and over and over xD Also Marine Senchou from Hololive helped out too abit to cement that touhou vibes lol (look at her 2hou spell bubble video when That iosys song comes she freaks out man its addicting her passion) https://youtu.be/ZpkC8aVrCTM?t=109 here the refference.
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