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  1. @minga57 The download has been updated and the english patch should be included now
  2. 10,574 downloads

    Release Information Type: Shooting Game Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 12, 2019 (Comiket 96) Tracks: 18 Track List: Silent Beast Spirit The Lamentations Known Only by Jizo Jelly Stone Lost River The Stone Baby and the Submerged Bovine Everlasting Red Spider Lily Seraphic Chicken Unlocated Hell Tortoise Dragon ~ Fortune and Misfortune Beast Metropolis Joutounin of Ceramics Electric Heritage Entrusting this World to Idols ~ Idolatrize World The Shining Law of the Strong Eating the Weak Prince Shoutoku's Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus The Animals' Rest Returning Home from the Underground Player's Score
  3. 76,321 downloads

    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: August 12, 2019 (Comiket 96) Language: Japanese / English (Patched) AKA 東方鬼形獣 〜 Wily Beast and Weakest Creature Notice: Your anti-virus is going to trigger because ThPatch's translations are injected directly from their site, and we can't do anything about that because they don't do standalone patches anymore. Character Information Playable Characters: 3 (Reimu, Marisa, Youmu) Shot Types: 3 Each Description Beast spirits begin to invade gensokyo from hell so the heroines head out to investigate with the help of a beast spirit that is friendly to them. Unique Gameplay Mechanics This game uses a system that's like a mix of ufo and pcb, you have multiple different kind of beast spirits to collect, wolf, eagle, otter, and a few others related to points/lives/bombs. When you collect 5 you enter roaring mode for whichever beast spirit you collected 3 or more of, or into a generic roaring mode that doesn't buff you but retains cherry border-like properties. Roaring mode either eventually ends by time out or ends when you get hit, absorbing the hit and deleting nearby bullets. Either way any life or bomb pieces collected in those 5 collected beast spirits will now be directly collectable. Each roaring mode has different properties, wolf roaring mode immensely buffs your focus shot, otter roaring mode gives you a ring that deletes nearby bullets, and eagle roaring mode immensely buffs your unfocused shot. Steam Release If you would like to support ZUN, you may buy WBaWC on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1079160
  4. @Woosu You could try these things and see if any of those will fix it: Update your graphics card driver Install/Update/Reinstall Directx. You can try these links https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 If those things don't work try playing the game in a different resolution Let me know if any of that helps to open the game
  5. @Definitely not a weeb It should already be translated if you download the main archive I didn't get to update the descriptions yet, which is why it still shows Japanese as the only language here
  6. Preparing some more updates right now.
    I decided to get fresh files for the official Touhou games and apply some patches to them to avoid complains about outdated patches or corrupt game files :^) even though they might still end up corrupted if problems with the download server happen.
    Also great news for people that have problems with TH06, as I also applied the necessary patches that you'd have to download seperately in the soon to be past.
    Will probably also upload the installers, in case some of you guys also want access to the unpatched games

  7. The question mark that appears in place of the emotes that were sent before they broke make some old messages look worse than they should be :v

    1. Maden


      Also no idea why the status messages end up empty for me sometimes

    2. Drunken_Flower



      also yeah
      the status messages didn't save for some reason
      it'll post empty status and will appear after you edit and re-type it

  8. 204 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2013-08-12 (Comiket 84) Track Count: 09 Track List: 東方妖々夢 ほおずきみたいに紅い魂 ミストレイク 少女さとり 死体旅行 キャプテン・ムラサ お宇佐さまの素い幡 竹取飛翔 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜
  9. 140 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2013-05-26 Track Count: 03 Track List: 東方妖々夢 死体旅行 少女さとり
  10. 170 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2012-08-11 (Comiket 82) Track Count: 08 Track List: 旧地獄街道を行く 緑眼のジェラシー リジッドパラダイス デザイアドライブ 東の国の眠らない夜 風神少女 ラクトガール 紅楼
  11. 136 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2012-05-27 Track Count: 03 Track List: リジットパラダイス デザイアドライブ ラクトガール
  12. 195 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2011-08-13 (Comiket 80) Track Count: 08 Track List: さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream… 死霊の夜桜 万年置き傘にご注意を 無間の鐘 厄神様の通り道 信仰は儚き人間の為に 神さびた古戦場 神々が恋した幻想郷
  13. 198 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2010-08-14 (Comiket 78) Track Count: 10 Track List: 蓬莱伝説 桜花之恋塚 狂気の瞳 千年幻想郷 遠野幻想物語 ネクロファンタジア 春の湊に 魔界地方都市エソテリア 天衣無縫 悠久の蒸気機関
  14. 148 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2010-03-14 Track Count: 04 Track List: 春の湊に 狂気の瞳 ネクロファンタジア 悠久の蒸気機関
  15. 214 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2009-08-15 (Comiket 76) Track Count: 08 Track List: シンデレラケージ 恋色マスタースパーク 天狗が見ている フォールオブフォール 妖怪の山 御柱の墓場 少女が見た日本の原風景 東方萃夢想/砕月
  16. 205 downloads

    Circle: k-waves LAB Release: 2008-12-29 (Comiket 75) Track Count: 08 Track List: 亡き王女の為のセプテット U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか_ おてんば恋娘 上海紅茶館 業火マントル 廃獄ララバイ 芥川龍之介の河童 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日
  17. 209 downloads

    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2017-05-07 Track Count: 13 Track List: Intro Belief in Conviction Made in Blood The entrance to the different world Life Game Rising Greenwich in the Space To bring illusion Interstellar Manipulate Emotions Welcome to moon Vertigo of Butterfly Luminous Sky Outro
  18. 204 downloads

    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2016-10-09 Track Count: 14 Track List: Intro Darkest Dreaming PanneDemonology The distance to the moon Piellotrance Destroyer Unknown Last 8aumkuchen Paradox of the Nuko Extreme Captain By the sea The sug life Visible full moon The Sweet World Outro ~ go back home
  19. 179 downloads

    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2016-05-08 Track Count: 15 Track List: Intro Lit up on her eyes Sweet Dream Moon like Apple The Rabbit has landed Reversed drum'n'bass Always MGMG REIM-UFO Scarletronixxx Autumn of Prog The Rabbit has landed (ARM Remix) House set ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (Jerico remix) Test Slave (short ver) MAYOIGA (short ver) No Border (short ver)
  20. 183 downloads

    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2015-10-18 Track Count: 15 Track List: intro Escape from the Skyscraper Transformed Utopia Frivolous Catastrophe Withered Civilization Darkside of Force The Old Road The Clock Made in YOMI Till When_ Idiot_ Die_ Feel the Speed Shattered Aya Retrospective KAGUYA Nu A Ride on Silver Outro ~ Esoteric Buddhism
  21. 202 downloads

    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2013-08-12 Track Count: 14 Track List: Intro Turbulence Witch MAYOIGA Turn of the Season Natural Disaster Latin Kushinada Monster Living Abduction Vintage of good cheer! The Girl Shake The Thing from Another World Night Driving Alice in Space Outro ~ Random Access East
  22. 240 downloads

    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2012-04-30 (M3-29) Track Count: 15 Track List: Intro Echoes Zombie Jumpstyle Taoism'n The Cave of Abyss Be ambitious for Latine remix by TANUKI It has gone bad Holly Balancer Critical Point Omission Vengeful Ghost The Schemer Bar Ten Desires Bonus track (House Remix Muenzuka set)
  23. 245 downloads

    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2010-04-29 (COMIC1☆4) Track Count: 11 Track List: Intro The Crazy Flog Starter Bass on Ships Everybody lost Transition Mechanical Puppet The Watcher from out of space The End of Asia Outro Myorenji set guest track01 スカイルーイン Myorenji set guest track02 時代親父とハイカラ少女
  24. 176 downloads

    Circle: Jerico's Law Release: 2010-01-17 (Aka no Hiroba 3) Track Count: 15 Track List: Intro Queen of reality Hands up on the moon Big temptation Believe it or not Enlightenment Rabbit eyes movement Girls meets cocaine The Magic Blastest Ensemble Go to Jericho Anchorage Fiber Angels Outro Secret...
  25. The download has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know! Please use the file report function the next time, as described in the "Downloads and Content" section of the FAQs. This will help us to keep track of broken downloads/files, so that we can fix these problems earlier.
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