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  1. Alright, if we want to add more music soon, it might not be the best idea to squeeze everything into the same broad category. For things to look nice and making it easier to find, we need to organize that stuff. My ideas are either dividing them by genre or the artist. Both options have pros and cons. To keep it somewhat short, I'm just going to list the disadvantages that I could think of. It might not be the absolute truth, so a discussion about the pros and cons is welcome. Possible problems for the division into genres would be: - Some artists could play in different genres, sometimes in the same album and sometimes different for each album, making it difficult to put some of them into a specific category. -The same artist could be split up into different categories due to that, which could be inconvenient for people wanting an overview of the circle (Even though the discography part in my descriptions of the albums can help with that) Possible problems for the division into artists would be: - Bad for people searching for certain genres without having a clue about the different circles. - Probably annoying to add new categories every time a new artist is being uploaded. - List of sub-categories could potentially fill the whole screen as more content is being added.
  2. Maden

    Added FAQ

    Revived the ancient art of FAQ by actually having a FAQ now. More content and better looks will be added in the future.
  3. Maden


    (Work In Progress) Do you happen to have questions regarding this site or the content we offer? If you're lucky this might be the right place for you. The centralized resource for all things that do not require too much esoteric knowledge, so that we are able to answer them. Content Provision Q: I want to contribute! How do I upload fan made content? A: You do NOT necessarily need to contact an admin, mod or site editor to upload your content. As long as you meet the requirements, you can upload it yourself. Please note the following guidelines: - You must be in the Contributor group to gain permission to upload. This requires you to be a member for 2 months and have a content count of 50 on this site. - The content cannot be more than 100MB in size. If, for whatever reason, your content is larger than 100MB, please contact a site editor or admin and they will upload on your behalf. - Although a VirusTotal scan link isn't required, it will help to earn the trust of our members and make it more likely for them to download your content. - Be as detailed as possible in the description for your game. Look at descriptions of similar content on this site to get some inspiration for the formatting. - Please upload your content within it's respective categories. Q: What other things should I consider for the content I upload? A: We recommend putting the content into a .zip archive for ease of use. It should have the following structure: Archive -> Folder with all the content in it -> Content It would also be highly preferred for the content to be pre-installed (where applicable) and pre-patched with updates and an english patch (again, where applicable and for the content that needs it & has available patches) Downloads and Content Q: Things are broken again. How can I let you know? A: You can either report issues with the content over here: https://moriyashrine.org/forums/forum/3-nitoris-workshop/ Or you can use the report button on the bottom left of the description page of choice. The latter option is preferred for problems like (or similar to): mistakes in the description, broken download link, screenshots from a different game, download is actually a different game, etc. as it's easier for site editors to see, helps with the organization and makes it less likely to forget about it :^) The Forum section is recommended for other problems where the input from other members, who could have experience with the content in question, can be of great help. Q: I can't open the archive that I've downloaded ( .rar ; .7z ; etc. ). How do I do that? A: You are not able to open an archive? Then you probably have to use a program like Winrar or 7-zip to open it. I'd suggest using 7-zip, but see what works best for you. https://www.7-zip.org/download.html Q: Do I really have to wait 60 seconds before being able to download? A: All downloads will have a 60 second timer for guests ONLY. This is to prevent resource abuse. Restriction is lifted upon signing in. Game Questions Q: Where do I put the scorefile.dat / where do I find it? A: * For games before Double Spoiler, the score.dat file goes directly in the game's main folder. * For Double Spoiler and after, Zun started making use of your AppData folder for saving data. [C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\ShanghaiAlice\Numbered Touhou Folder] If you cannot see your AppData folder in your user directory, it is probably hidden; go into your Folder Options and tell it to Display Hidden Files and Folders. Q: How do I play the Touhou Retro-Era games? A: Use an emulator:
  4. Hey guys, Remember our announcement for the Steam profile integration? Well, now it's actually here. To use it simply check out your Profile page for this site and you should see a button saying "Steam Profile" somewhere. I believe you can figure out the rest :^) Have fun!
  5. Fixed all the download links that had a missing file error or something similar to that. Feat. the help of the whole team who works on this site ofc :^)
  6. Changed the download. This should hopefully be the right one this time @sonicmom
  7. // The Story so far (with some artistic changes)
  8. Maden

    16.5 OST

    Uploaded the OST for Touhou 16.5: Violet Detector
  9. Version


    Release Information Type: Shooting Game Publisher: ZUN Date of Release: August 10, 2018 Comiket 94 Tracks: 08 Track List 01. Nightmare Journal 02. Lucid Dreamer 03. Lunatic Dreamer 04. Nightmare Diary 05. Old Adam Bar 06. The Darkness Brought In by Swallowstone Naturalis Historia 07. Eternal Spring Dream 08. The Concealed Four Seasons
  10. Thanks for informing us! I've moved it to the right category now. As for the upload, we'll hopefully be able to fix it soon.
  11. Thanks for contributing to Moriya Shrine! For better organization I've moved this to the Danmakufu category.
  12. Thanks for sharing this with us I've moved this to the Utilities section. Unfortunately the Virus scan link disappeared after moving it for some reason, so I've added another scan to the description.
  13. Version  


    Artist: Magnum Opus Year: 2010 Track Count: 7 Track List: スカイルーイン 虎柄の毘沙門天 眠れる恐怖 魔界地方都市エソテリア 平安のエイリアン 霊知の太陽信仰 彼岸帰航 Magnum Opus Discography:
  14. Version  


    Artist: Magnum Opus Year: 2007 Track Count: 14 Track List: 妖々夢 無何有の郷 クリスタライズシルバー 遠野幻想物語 ブクレシュティの人形師 人形裁判 天空の花の都 幽霊楽団 東方妖々夢 広有射怪鳥事 アルティメットトゥルース 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 春風の夢 ~ さくらさくら ネクロファンタジア Magnum Opus Discography:
  15. Version -


    Artist: Magnum Opus Year: 2009 Track Count: 7 Track List: 風神少女 廃獄ララバイ 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye 信仰は儚き人間の為に ラストリモート ハルトマンの妖怪少女 夢消失 ~ Lost Dream Magnum Opus Discography:
  16. Version  


    Artist: Magnum Opus Year: 2010 Track Count: 12 Track List: A Sacred Lot 永遠の巫女 いざ、倒れ逝くその時まで 幻夢界 東方妖恋談 Complete Darkness 空白少女 Strawberry Crisis!! プラスチックマインド 神話幻想 メイド幻想 かわいい悪魔 Magnum Opus Discography:
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