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  1. You can enable fullscreen by either pressing Alt+Enter or through the ingame config. As for playing with a controller, I'm not sure. Only tried keyboard myself.
  2. 5,095 downloads

    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: May 3rd, 2021 Tracks: 18 Track List: File provided by @SolidLiquid
  3. Some people mentioned that their antivirus removes game files due to a false positive. If that's the case they could try to make an exception for the game folder and see if that works.
  4. The english translation was completed yesterday so it's now included in the download. So far there isn't a Standalone Patch available, which we use in the other game downloads, so you have to apply it manually. The instructions are in "english patch.txt". If you don't want to redownload the entire game you can just download the patch here https://www.thpatch.net/wiki/Touhou_Patch_Center:Download
  5. Assuming you got the patched archive and used custom.exe for that screenshot, you should use "Touhou06-Config.exe" instead of "custom.exe"
  6. Sorry to those who waited years to get the other 5, but they're finally actually included now. Someone must have missed something when this page and the download were ported from our old website to this one
  7. Yeah, I think that should do it Change the Directinput setting in the Touhou10-Config and see if that helps you
  8. That just means that two out of 59 engines detect something, probably due to the way they operate compared to the other listed engines. You'd very likely get similar results if you were to scan the official steam release of Touhou 18. Members had a more detailed discussion in the forums about VirusTotal detections for Touhou games but we lost the topic after making changes to the Nitori's Workshop section.
  9. Try clearing your cache and cookies and see if you still get the demo instead of the full game. That can happen if you've downloaded the trial before and didn't clear that stuff between then and now
  10. The quotes below should explain it. Should probably work for you after waiting some time
  11. 64,279 downloads

    Release Information Type: Bullet Hell Developer: Team Shanghai Alice Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice Release: May 3rd, 2021 Language: Japanese & English (patch) Silhouette On Cover: Tenkyuu Chimata (Final Boss) Original Name: 東方虹龍洞~ Unconnected Marketeers Character Information Playable Characters: 4 (Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, Sakuya) Amount of Shot Types Per Character: 1 Description The story of this game is about mysterious cards, which seem to contain the secrets of various humans and youkai. Unique Gameplay Mechanics This Touhou game has a completely new mechanic. The game features Ability Cards (56 of them). Most of them can be either equipped or bought at a shop menu that appears at the end of the stage. At the beginning of your playthrough, you won't have many cards unlocked, but as you progress through the game, you unlock more cards. There are 4 types of cards. - Active Cards You can use them at any moment you want, by pressing the C key, if you have multiple cards, you are able to change between them by pressing the D key. Most Active Cards have cooldown periods after using them, which prevents you from using them. - Equipment Cards Equipment Cards give you additional shots, bonus shot types. - Passive Cards Passive Cards give you things such as, increased spell power or abilities to gain more resources under specific circumstances. - Item Cards Item Cards give you more money, Power Points when purchased or collected from enemies that drop them. They cannot be equipped at the beginning of the playthrough. The main Life, Bomb and Power mechanics remain unchanged. You need to collect life pieces to get a life, same with the Bombs. Max Power amount is 4.00, small Power points give you 0.01, while enourmous ones give you 1.00. Prologue(Taken from an In-game manual) At the Hakurei Shrine. Marisa: "Reimu, take a look! What do you think this is?" Reimu: "This looks like a card with a drawing of that idiot on it......?" Marisa: "Try holding it." Marisa Kirisame handed Reimu Hakurei a card with a drawing of Cirno. Reimu: "This is cold! Were you cooling it or something?" Marisa: "This card has Cirno's magical powers contained within!" Reimu: "Then the rumors might have been true." The rumor went that mysterious cards called Ability Cards were circulating about, and that these cards contained the magical powers of various humans and youkai. And, it was said that dealers of these cards were already lurking all over. Reimu: "The fact that these cards are in our hands must mean the rumors are true." Marisa: "Yeah. I suppose this is an incident... right?" Not knowing the purpose or make of these cards, she went to investigate. She'd first need to find a card dealer. Steam Release The game is also available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1566410/Touhou_Kouryudou__Unconnected_Marketeers/
  12. 468 downloads

    Type: Shooting Game (Danmakufu) Developer: Len Release: 6 September 2020 Track Count: 18 Track List: File provided by @Ken Hisuag
  13. Now time to hope that I don't accidentally repost something. It didn't happen often recently that I just casually looked for new music to listen to. Mostly sticked to what I already knew. Probably due to being lazy Leaving the details out and making a somewhat long story short, I found some touhou synthwave music.
  14. Oh you mean that big box on the forum main page that never seems to work? Yeah, we've thought about removing it somewhat recently. Looks like it'll be gone soon as it still doesn't seem to work and only takes up too much space.
  15. Be it parts of the home page, the forums, the downloads section or anything else that is part of the shrine. It's less a question about community activity but rather the looks, structure, features and similar things of the site. I see good suggestions here and there, so I thought that this might deserve its own topic where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and where suggestions aren't lost that easily. Not every change would happen immediately, would be easy to implement or even happen at all. That really depends on what's being suggested. But it can't hurt to share your ideas anyways :^)
  16. I tried to look at the old forums in hopes to find some good ideas but unfortunately most snapshots on the Wayback machine are from that april fool's joke in 2014 :v Lack of activity in the forums also seemed to be a problem in 2016/2017. Apparently due to staff changes and people migrating to Discord. It's surely interesting to look at it and compare that to the current forum, but I shouldn't go too off-topic in this post. Game tournaments only seem to work once or twice until people start to lose interest. At least that's how it's been whenever we tried it. Many who participated where also part of the Discord crowd and prefered to submit their replays there as well. Wouldn't hep the forums that much I'm afraid. A game jam sounds nice, although I don't have any experience in game making myself. But as long as it stays casual that shouldn't be a problem. There are some easy to use enviroments available to make simple games. Should probably not matter if it's a joke game or not, as long as everyone has fun doing stuff. Anything artistic sounds nice especially if it's also casual to make it easy for others to participate. No idea if it'd be something for me though, as I'd want myself to contribute something beyond basic stick figures. Been a while since I tried to draw stuff and never tried creative writing. You guys don't happen to be interested in something related to papercraft, right? That's one of the few things that I'd manage to pull off, or so I think. :^) Unfortunately that might require some equipment that not everyone happens to have lying around somewhere. But that wasn't a serious suggestion anyways. Yeah I get what you mean. Things might not get the focus they need since we've merged the forums and the rest of the website into one big entity instead of them being seperate things. Maybe I'll think of a way to restructure the bar above without making it too crowded again. Wanting to keep it relatively short was the reason why the Forum doesn't have it's own section and is instead included into the Community category. Many people also register just for the download aspect of the site if I had to take a guess, so that may make it hard to tell who's actually interested in the forums or who's here for downloads and maybe to request some tech support. We can definitely look into changing things on the home page. Should be doable. Maybe it'll come with seasonal images again as I'm working on the site again Also, you'd be surprised how many people say they never noticed the discord link after months or years of using the site
  17. @bobby-shmurda-99 @andrea52 The Japanese file names should look normal now. You might have to clear your cookies/cache to not get the old download again. My settings were set to japanese locale so I either might have just missed it or even caused the problem by archiving the folder and that somehow causing the japanese text to be in Shift-JIS instead of UTF-8 again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyways, switched to english locale again and reuploaded it with normal looking text. Looks like it should be fine now ?
  18. @bobby-shmurda-99 Alright the new file should be up now. Let me know if this one works better ?
  19. Besides adding an directx installer, as people not having directx installed is one of the most common reasons why people can't run the game, some people reported problems with the thcrap version that we used in some files and I kinda rushed with applying the patches again. I'll just apply the standalone patches again and update them on my end before reuploading them to the site.
  20. There should be a shortcut called "Touhou06" that'll start the game with the english patch and vpatch Edit: My fault. The shortcuts link to a specific location so it won't work until you link it to the location of your thcrap_loader.exe. Sorry about that
  21. I might as well look alive in the forums once every few months :^) Only noticed a whole year later that they released a new album
  22. Vpatch does that if I remember correctly. You should be able to enable/disable the MarisaB glitch in vpatch.ini You can change the width and height in vpatch.ini
  23. Here's some Ragnarok Online I spontaneously remembered that disco sounding lighthalzen field theme for some reason
  24. Looks like the image I slapped on the home page for April Fool's will forever haunt this site now :^)

    1. Ken Hisuag

      Ken Hisuag

      It's not an inaccurate representation of activities. ?

  25. @I SELL SALT It's an old scan from a previous file that we don't use anymore. I've updated the scan with the current archive that we use for the patched download
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