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  1. 1 hour ago, NetsumuNico7 said:

    Oh it was a accident? I like this more than before though, Hope it kepts looking like this for a while

    No it was intentional. We'll probably keep this one for a while so don't worry about that :MeilingThumbsUp:

    I can look into something for an anniversary, but I'd probably reserve it for one of the more special ones. The 10 year anniversary is almost 2 years behind us but that means that we only have 3 more to go for the 15th :AyaSmug:

  2. Ah right, that'd be my fault then :^)
    We had this theme for a while now but it wasn't set as the default yet. The old themes don't really receive updates anymore so I made the official switch.
    You should still be able to access the other themes at the bottom of the page.
    And speaking of spooky month, I might look around for fitting new backgrounds for both dark and light theme :SatoriStare:

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  3. Yeah, personally I'd also pretty much say what the others here posted already. It's normal that you aren't as enthusiastic about it as when you first started out.
    Speaking from experience, I'm still around somehow even after spending more than 10 years with Touhou to some extend, albeit just more casually and less enthusiastic these days compared to back then. :SatoriStare:
    Just keep liking the things you like at your own pace whenever you feel like it really, Touhou or not. If it weren't for the website or generally reading posts from other members I could go a long time being unaware of new releases, be it official or fan made, while still occasionally listening to doujin music, looking at art, playing some of the older (fan)games or even just mod some other game I'm playing with Touhou related content when I feel like it. And that "occasionally" mentioned previously can range anywhere between daily and several months apart.
    Would I say I'm out of touch with Touhou or the general Touhou community? Sometimes/Perhaps/in some aspects. I'll still like Touhou on my own terms and at my own pace.

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  4. JoinMatrix.png

    (Yes, we stopped hosting our own server)
    Info on how to join us in matrix
    Already have an account? You can join us at #moriyashrine:eientei.org


    1. Get a client

    You can use any public web instance of a matrix client like the official Element web instance for example, no download required.
    If you want to download one instead, Element is generally the recommended client, but there are other clients as well if you'd prefer to use a different one.


    2. Sign in

    Look for a matrix homeserver of your choice to make an account on and register. Ideally not using the default matrix.org one.


    3. Joining rooms

    After joining our space you can explore and join our rooms by viewing the Moriya Shrine space.
    Other matrix rooms can be found through invite links and the search function.

    The list of available rooms will be different depending on the server you registered on.



    1. Don't be the reason why I'd have to make more rules
    2. Don't harass other members
    3. Use your common sense and don't post, do, or talk about stuff that could get everyone into trouble
    4. If rooms have any additional rules you should follow those as well


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  5. For some reason there are 2 entries for a birthday field with one being marked as required post-registration. Flipped the switch and now it shouldn't be required anymore I think. Will probably delete the duplicate entirely once I get the OK from Nitorium and know that it wouldn't break anything :AyaSmug:

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  6. Always hard for me to pick favorites. Especially since I don't have them often and can't make a good comparison between the ones I've tried.
    But I can say that I probably haven't tried any flavors that I particularly disliked at least, and that I like those crunchy kettle-cooked chips. I also prefer ruffled chips over normal "flat surface" chips as well but in the end anything is fine really.

  7. On 4/1/2023 at 2:56 AM, BlueMoon said:

    I personally liked the old iDark with the Moriya Classic the most before the change.

    I've added back the classic background for both iDark and iLight with my magic backdoor access. :AyaSmug:
    Might tweak some other things regarding the themes as well if no one else takes care of it by the time I decide to do anything

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  8. I felt like making a list of links for touhou related sites, so I might as well share it with the forum. I only really know about the one on the Touhou Wiki but there might be another one I didn't happen to come across.
    A good amount of links was copied over from the touhou wiki links page, but I also added new links that weren't included for one reason or another.
    The list I made is also half sorted half unsorted because I kind of gave up in the middle of it and didn't pay too much attention where I ended up placing them. They have a short description next to them so you should get a general idea.
    Dead/Abandoned websites are/might be included in this list as long as they're still accessible without having to use the web archive.

    That should be all. Links are in the spoiler below. I might update this post every once in a while to add links whenever anything new comes across.

    But just having this thread about me throwing links around would be a waste.
    Any thoughts about fan made touhou forums, resources or other kind of websites (specific ones or in general)?
    Anything you'd want on a touhou related website that you haven't really come across so far?
    Do you know of any other interesting sites and want to share? Maybe even made your own or know someone who did? 
    whew, first post from me in a long time that isn't related to the downloads or site maintenance


    https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Wiki - Touhou wiki
    http://thwiki.info/ - Japanese Touhou Wiki
    http://wikiwiki.jp/thk/ - Japanese Touhou Project Strategy Wiki
    http://seesaawiki.jp/toho-motoneta_2nd/ - Toho Moto Neta Wiki
    http://thwiki.cc/首页 - A Chinese wiki on Touhou
    https://touhou.fandom.com/wiki/Touhou_Wiki - Touhou wiki (fandom)
    https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Touhou_Hisoutensoku_Wiki - Touhou Hisoutensoku Wiki

    http://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/top.html - The homepage of Team Shanghai Alice and ZUN.
    http://kourindou.exblog.jp/ - Zun's Blog

    https://touhou-project.news/ - Touhou Project News
    https://en.touhougarakuta.com/ - Touhou web magazine
    https://touhou-x.jp/ - Japanese Site about Touhou
    https://toho-vote.info/ - Touhou Popularity Poll

    https://hakureishrine.org/ - redirects you to the Steam search for 上海アリス幻樂団 (For the official games on Steam)

    https://moriyashrine.org/ - us
    http://www.shrinemaiden.com/ - English Touhou Forum
    https://lunaticred.proboards.com/ - English Touhou Forum
    https://www.touhou-project.com/ - English Touhou Image Board
    http://scarletdevilmansion.lefora.com/ - English Touhou Forum
    https://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Let-s-Danmaku/61563/ - English Touhou forum on fanfiction.net
    https://eientei.boards.net/ - english touhou forum
    https://yamabi.co/ - Touhou themed Mastadon instance
    https://gensoukyou.de/ - German Touhou Site/Forum
    https://borderofgensokyo.foroactivo.com/ - Spanish Forum. Looks broken but still accessible
    https://www.touhou.pl/ - Polish Touhou Site/Forum
    https://touhou.se/ - Swedish Touhou Site/Forum
    http://cafe.naver.com/tongbang - Korean Touhou Site/Forum
    http://bbs.nyasama.com/ - Chinese Touhou Forum
    http://tieba.baidu.com/f?ie=utf-8&kw=东方 - Chinese Touhou Forum
    http://bbs.thproject.net/ - Chinese Touhou forum
    http://hakugyokuro.actieforum.com/ - Dutch Touhou Forum
    http://scarletdevilmansion.forumcommunity.net/ - Italian Touhou Forum
    http://desiredrive.forumcommunity.net/ - Italian Touhou Site/Forum
    http://touhou.fi/ - Finnish Touhou Site/Forum
    https://vntouhouff.forumvi.com/ - Vietnamese Touhou Forum
    https://doujinstyle.com/ - Not strictly Touhou only, but it contains Touhou and general Doujin music & game downloads
    https://touhouorama.blogspot.com/ - Touhou Blogspot site with downloads
    https://touhou-online.net/ - French Touhou Site
    https://touhou-france.forumactif.com/ - French touhou forum
    https://wausoku.com/ - Community Website for 12.3
    https://thvideo.tv - Touhou video index site
    https://pytouhou.linkmauve.fr/ - reimplementation of the touhou 6 engine in python
    https://touhouprojectlovers.blogspot.com/ - Touhou downloads

    http://touhou.arrangement-chronicle.com/search - Database of Touhou arrangements
    https://maribelhearn.com/ - Collection of webpages for Touhou
    http://replay.lunarcast.net/ - Touhou replay database

    http://gensokyoradio.net/ - Streams Touhou Music

    https://randomtouhougen.neocities.org/ - Random Touhou Character Generator
    https://fumo.website/ - Fumo Guides

    https://itch.io/games/tag-touhou - Touhou games on Itch.io
    https://spaztron64.github.io/th98tuc_site/ - Touhou PC-98 TUC page
    https://www.thpatch.net/wiki/Touhou_Patch_Center:Main_page - Touhou Patch Center
    https://touhou.kuukunen.net/ - Touhou Music Player
    http://illusionaryscore.web.fc2.com/index.html - Touhou Piano Score Compilation
    https://gamebanana.com/projects/35179 - Touhou MIDI Collection

    https://www.thspotify.moe/ - Touhou Music on Spotify - Touhou Music Player
    https://tlmc.pf-n.co/tlmc - Touhou Music Player and Downloads. It's broken, as image and audio files couldn't be served last time I've tried it but the site is still accessible

    http://thegensokyo.weebly.com/ - Touhou Site with Downloads and a Forum. Last (human) activity ~2013. There's a hidden fangame download page that you can find through a search engine or by replacing "official" in the official games download url with "fanmade".
    https://touhounosekai.blogspot.com/ - Touhou Site with downloads, in spanish. Stopped maintaining the site in 2018. The 4shared links seem to be dead but other links might work.

    https://touhouaamatome.jougennotuki.com/ - Touhou ASCII Art site


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  9. On 5/10/2022 at 11:18 PM, buskerdog said:

    I have an idea. Nitorium, would it be possible from a technical standpoint to let users choose whether they want that background Suwako image to load or not? That way people can choose whether they want to optimise for performance or for frogs.

    I've now made a solid colour background the default for performance and the image(s) as other options to choose from if people want to. Also made them jpgs instead of pngs to reduce file size and improve performance. Hopefully that will help.

    On 5/10/2022 at 11:18 PM, buskerdog said:

    That being said, maybe tuck away light theme button somewhere else, perhaps within the customizer tab

    Unfortunately, the theme settings will also remove the switch in the customizer tab if we disable the icon in the nav bar so it has to stay there as well if we want to offer an easy option to switch between them. We'd have to manually modify the themes html/css to move the icon or hide it while not affecting it in the customizer tab. :SaguDown:

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  10. My last post was a few years ago so I might as well post my current desktop. Everything important is inside my folders or pinned to the taskbar, so there's lots of empty space in here again :SatoriStare:


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  11. Now time to hope that I don't accidentally repost something.

    It didn't happen often recently that I just casually looked for new music to listen to. Mostly sticked to what I already knew. Probably due to being lazy :SatoriStare:
    Leaving the details out and making a somewhat long story short, I found some touhou synthwave music.




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  12. Be it parts of the home page, the forums, the downloads section or anything else that is part of the shrine.

    It's less a question about community activity but rather the looks, structure, features and similar things of the site. I see good suggestions here and there, so I thought that this might deserve its own topic where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and where suggestions aren't lost that easily.

    Not every change would happen immediately, would be easy to implement or even happen at all. That really depends on what's being suggested.
    But it can't hurt to share your ideas anyways :^)

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  13. I tried to look at the old forums in hopes to find some good ideas but unfortunately most snapshots on the Wayback machine are from that april fool's joke in 2014 :v
    Lack of activity in the forums also seemed to be a problem in 2016/2017. Apparently due to staff changes and people migrating to Discord.
    It's surely interesting to look at it and compare that to the current forum, but I shouldn't go too off-topic in this post.

    Game tournaments only seem to work once or twice until people start to lose interest. At least that's how it's been whenever we tried it. Many who participated where also part of the Discord crowd and prefered to submit their replays there as well. Wouldn't hep the forums that much I'm afraid.

    A game jam sounds nice, although I don't have any experience in game making myself. But as long as it stays casual that shouldn't be a problem. There are some easy to use enviroments available to make simple games. Should probably not matter if it's a joke game or not, as long as everyone has fun doing stuff.

    Anything artistic sounds nice especially if it's also casual to make it easy for others to participate. No idea if it'd be something for me though, as I'd want myself to contribute something beyond basic stick figures. Been a while since I tried to draw stuff and never tried creative writing.
    You guys don't happen to be interested in something related to papercraft, right? That's one of the few things that I'd manage to pull off, or so I think. :^) Unfortunately that might require some equipment that not everyone happens to have lying around somewhere. But that wasn't a serious suggestion anyways.


    2 minutes ago, buskerdog said:

    I think part of the reason that a lot of people with registered accounts don't interact with the forums is because they're not that accessible; as in you have to go out of your way to actually get to the forums section. On the home page, what's the first thing you see? beeg sanae It's the discord, not the forums. And the only thing you really see from the forums on the home page is recent posts at the bottom, which sometimes aren't great because you don't get the context of the conversation. So maybe adding a "recently active threads" section to the home page, with a snippet of the opening post for that thread, would be a good addition. But now I'm getting into stuff that would involve restructuring the actual site; I'm not sure how difficult that would be or whether we should bother Nitorium with that.

    Yeah I get what you mean. Things might not get the focus they need since we've merged the forums and the rest of the website into one big entity instead of them being seperate things. Maybe I'll think of a way to restructure the bar above without making it too crowded again. Wanting to keep it relatively short was the reason why the Forum doesn't have it's own section and is instead included into the Community category.
    Many people also register just for the download aspect of the site if I had to take a guess, so that may make it hard to tell who's actually interested in the forums or who's here for downloads and maybe to request some tech support.
    We can definitely look into changing things on the home page. Should be doable. Maybe it'll come with seasonal images again as I'm working on the site again


    Also, you'd be surprised how many people say they never noticed the discord link after months or years of using the site

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