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  1. It seems that most uploaded HDI-files of the PC-98 Touhou games always contain an already used scorefile. This for instance having a scorefile of PoDD with every character already unlocked and most games already having a score in the hi-score entry screen. On top of that original untranslated versions of the games are also very hard to find these days, given the English Patch has taken over. Moriya Shrine is no exception to that it seems. For those who prefer to start playing these games from a clean scorefile and/or were looking for the original JP versions, I will have them uploaded here. I
  2. Since my original review from when the game was new was removed, I will instead link to a forum page where someone by the name of CloudyMusic was nice enough to copy my now-removed review (posted on August 13, 2018). https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=62889
    After having played the game for 10 hours, 7 of which reserved for the casual playthrough and the remaining 3 on low-level scoring, I can sadly say this one of ZUN's worst works so far. This review will be based solely on gameplay rather than story and characters because gameplay should arguably be deemed as far more important than anything else. The gameplay of the game is what decides your enjoyment of the game after all. This site also needs to describe a good overview for how the game actually feels to play. From this game I expected a photo game, with some kind of twist to it. This i
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