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  1. Hello there all of you people at Moriya Shrine! I thought since i was getting more and more into Touhou and danmaku games lately, it wouldn't hurt to present myself. My name is Deedee, and i am trying to draw better and better everyday! Here you can see some of my works! I got into Touhou by Touhou 11 - Subterranean Animisim [Yeah, quite a harsh first rodeo.], and some of my favourite characters are Satori Komeiji, Mystia, and Suwako! My most prefered genre of game are JRPGs, but im quite open to anything, so i try to play as many genres as possible to enjoy the most of things! I hope to see you guys soon here and have a good time!
  2. Being able to use my opponents fears against them. Why dodge all the danmaku when you can just give traumas to your opponents so they mentally aren't able to fight anymore? Being able to know, expose, and manipulate someone's nightmares can give quite a lot of game, even more when it's more that a 1v1. Playing with the feelings of the people seems like a jerk move on a battle, but if it's to death, might as well not lose. An example would be something like making someone relive the memories of a relative one dying, and changing some of those to make them feel like the culprit, or to just leave them traumatized.
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