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  1. Well, apparently both games are in stock at Toranoana. 2500 JPY for games, 500 JPY for shipping to handling service, 2000 JPY for overseas shipping and like 1000 JPY for customs. Oh how I love international orders...
  2. Well, suppose that I can forego the physical part. I know of ways to make the CDs myself, and I can find high-quality scans of the originals online. Still, is there no way of actually buying the games (legal, new copy, not used) nowadays?
  3. I know where you can buy Touhou 10 - 18, but where can I get touhou 6-9? The Touhou Wiki only lists Amazon links, and those say the product is "currently unavailable". I really want to get Perfect Cherry Blossom and Imperishable Night, ideally in physical form, but I don't know where to go (without getting scammed or paying crazy for shipping to Europe). I just want to throw some money at ZUN for making these two fantastic games. Becuase this is less about owning a genuine copy than it is about giving money to Team Shanghai Alice, used copies are out of the question.
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