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  1. are we talking in universe or in real life because if its in universe proably reimu other wise maybe a group of yoki and if its in real life then i dont have a clue.
  2. I also like this game mostly because i like just making big and great networks and maybe also some reimu like greed aswell
  3. Moriyas who dont have a
  4. I would have something to fry a brain from the inside (not to kill but just to make someone as dumb as you want to) (on that point it cant kill outright)
  5. Live in the palace of earth spirits Why? because i dont want to get killed by c4 every single year Would you rather... Meet Marisa or Meet Reimu
  6. I played the touhou games since about 2018, and just got back into after a long break in 2020 (mostly because of spending time with family) so yeah say hello please
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