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  1. Hello it's me again. I like to draw once in a while aside from pew-pewing but the art says no :( Training stages 4 and 5 of EOSD on Normal so Remilia can kick my butt soon enough if Patchouli and Sakuya allow me. Tried my luck with some sketches of Rumia, Cirno and Meiling and decided to drop them here. Maybe I can try to make Reimu and the rest of the crew later on idk.
  2. C'moon why nobody has said hello to you yet? I have been in an on-and-off relationship for a long time with it and recently decided to go back to it too and try to start working from scratch and train so I'm with EOSD atm in Normal mostly along with PCB and IN (with some Deathsmiles here and there in Normal difficulty as well). Nice to meet ya
  3. I am into Horror RPGMaker games too! I started playing them last year during quarantine and ended up loving them. URI's ones are so good. I bought the 4 of The Strange Men games on Steam to replay them. My next one is The Boogie Man. I also enjoyed Aria's Library (excited to play The Midnight Train in the near future! It's already finished) and Pocket Mirror. Currently I am with Cat in the Box. Also Zero Escape. I'm . My friend got me into it and the plot twists are so crazy I laugh my ass off sometimes but it ended up growing on me, like the characters. Despite the frustration those puzz
  4. Thank you! I was going to ask if the PC-98 entries were beginner-friendly, but I guess I should stick to the Windows ones for now. I think I will go back to EOSD and start from there and try to face my mortal enemy Sakuya once more stage 5 bosses make me cry, but avoiding being stubborn to the point of frustration like you advise, no need to suffer more than necessary. Maybe I can jump in and out between 6 and 8 too scared to even touch PCB at the moment.
  5. Thank you for the reassurance, hearing it from another player really helps. There is no point if there is no fun involved, so I shouldn't beat myself up for failing so much when everyone starts somewhere and take it at my own pace. OMG YOU RECOGNIZED MY PROFILE PIC hello there fellow Psychonauts fan
  6. Hello there! After some years of being with an on-and-off relationship with Touhou I have finally decided I would like to take my playing seriously and work my way up from the basic basics. Even after biting more than I could chew in the past or being terrified of the insane skills of the top players (and being shamed) I still came back to attempting to play like an idiot, so I figured out deep down I enjoyed playing Touhou. Maybe bullet hells in general. But guess I never knew where to start. I have never 1CC nor finished with continues any Touhou entries before :_) If I recall corr
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