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  1. Interesting little site, this was pretty fun! Url because idk how to do the hidden text thing https://tohosort.frelia.my/?IwVgbMDMAMAcDsIBMl6wD4BYCcxZ6hHWGmDOgpNIoqWuCQatJLqXbI8tujocpKsqZEY16NBvSnzEjxQyeOp0WgpsxqTy5MTKpt+3FRv5axU8gNIrqNPoZb1h9XvsuaJ3S4wnDta7R4XOWZJDmdHTzDbaMCvO1MrL3tjPy14rhinKzjHXLU8mkdVQuCRAO4BQN1yxUrLDXrNcvq5IpafT2SWJHQBIA
  2. Personally, I'm a big fan of Reimu, Yukari, and Sakuya. Yuuka is also really high up there too.
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