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  1. 15 is easily the hardest. I still haven't gotten past stage 5 yet. And Clownpiece's moon attack killed me so many times, that the counter maxed out at 99. I think I died at LEAST 150 times. Maybe 200. There's a reason Point Device mode exists: You'll need it. YOU WILL NEED IT. Also, easily my second favorite Touhou game, before 6.
  2. Sorry if this is a bump, but I forgot to ask. Did the text work for you?
  3. Fixed. All I had to do was to delete the .wine folder and run wine again. I also removed wine64 in place of wine32.
  4. After installing some DLLs with Winetricks, I got this message in the terminal. 0012:err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {f6d90f11-9c73-11d3-b32e-00c04f990bb4} not registered 0012:err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {f6d90f11-9c73-11d3-b32e-00c04f990bb4} could be created for context 0x1 info: Game: th15.exe info: DXVK: d9vk-0.10 warn: OpenVR: Failed to locate module info: Enabled instance extensions: info: VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2 info: VK_KHR_surface info: VK_KHR_win32_surface info: llvmpipe (LLVM 11.0.1, 256 bits): info: Driver: 0.0.1 info: Vulkan: 1.0.2 info: Memory Heap[0]: info: Size: 2048 MiB info: Flags: 0x1 info: Memory Type[0]: Property Flags = 0xf info: Process set as DPI aware info: Required Vulkan extension VK_KHR_image_format_list not supported info: Required V0027:err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {bcde0395-e52f-467c-8e3d-c4579291692e} not registered u0027:err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {bcde0395-e52f-467c-8e3d-c4579291692e} could be created for context 0x1 lkan extension VK_KHR_maintenance2 not supported info: Required Vulkan extension VK_KHR_shader_draw_parameters not supported terminate called after throwing an instance of 'dxvk::DxvkError' abnormal program termination
  5. I think Vulkan failed to launch or something like that. Not to mention, none of the other Touhou games have sound in them.
  6. Can anyone tell me what this error means? And how can I fix it? error.txt
  7. A game I can recommend is that Final Fantasy/Touhou crossover game. I haven't gotten past Cirno yet, but it has everything an RPG should have. Stakes, characters with personalities, a fun battle system, I just wish it had random battles on the overworld. Like I said, I'm only at the beginning portion of the game, but hey! Gilgamesh makes an appearance later on, and that ALONE makes it better than Touhou Lost Patience.
  8. I'm thinking about making a new release of this image soon, with the proper packages required to run .exe files. Maybe a new wallpaper as well. Anything else I should add or change? Keep in mind, I'm using Cubic, so there's only so much I can do.
  9. I played it again. The story was SO BORING that I never even got to play the FIRST LEVEL before I uninstalled it. The story involves lootboxes appearing in gensokyo, and it's the players job to gamble their money away until they're broke. I'm kidding, but not about the lootbox part. That is a major part of the story, at least from what I can tell. I mean, come on! Touhou stories were kinda bad to begin with, BUT AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT BORING! Don't play this game. Ever. How could Zun allow this? I know he lets fans monetize their works, but like this!? No. This game should be banned. It's tainted Touhou's image, and it's tainted everyone who's played it. If you want a Touhou RPG, play that Final Fantasy crossover. At least it's not so boring that I uninstalled it before even playing the first level.
  10. So, I was searching up some maid... uh... "offbrand manga," when I discovered Sakuya Izayoi. Needless to say, she introduced me to the world of Gensokyo and changed who I am as a person for the better. To that, I'm thankful for her existence.
  11. I finished the new ISO, and it should have a custom wallpaper, and stuff on the desktop. Including that Terminal assistant that I fixed. I'll update the original post once the image is finished uploading.
  12. It starts out as a visual novel (which I think is a really lazy thing to do) and I stopped playing after it was over. The next scene wouldn't even load on my phone. Within the first VN section, I was hit with "fanservice" right away, and I knew where their priorities were. The portraits don't even change or move! They just wobble around. This is why I don't like visual novels. They're lazy and take zero effort to make. Just make a comic or manga or something! At least if you're focusing on the story, you're not being lazy about it. Give me something like Final Fantasy or Persona! If it's an RPG, then it sure doesn't seem like it. Establish something, start with an odd statement, introduce the villain! I do like slow starts, but only if it has something interesting in it. It's not bad, just generic. The opening is fine for the most part, and the tutorial is serviceable, but if this turns into a Gatcha game, I'm out. I don't do gambling. Maybe I should play that Touhou Final Fantasy game I have on my hard drive.
  13. Answer: You can only download it online. I think they're discontinued. Maybe there will be a Steam port, but who knows.
  14. So Instead of a Desktop assistant, I made a Terminal assistant. What's supposed to happen is that you are given 4 choices. Three of them open an app, the other exits the shell. None of them work, and I get an infinite loop of Sakuya telling me she can't do anything. Here it is if anyone wants to take a look. Sakuya.sh
  15. I just had an idea. What if TouhouBuntu had Sakuya as a desktop assistant, like Microsoft Clippy, or Bonzi- actually no, not Bonzi Buddy. Anyway, what if the installer asked if the user was male or female, which would effect whether Sakuya called you Master or Mistress? I have no idea how to do that, so if anyone is smart enough to do something like that, let me know. (You don't have to. I'm not your mom.)
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