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  1. I've sort of been working on my third indie game. The first two were done in RPGmaker...I consider them "successful" in that when I sold them for a dollar, sold enough copies to recoup the Steam fee and the cost of RPGmaker. For a third game I toyed with the idea of making an action RPG in RPGmaker but ended up having to use so many plugins that it became "might as well use a 'real' engine". So then I rebuilt the project in Godot, and it's turning out a *lot* better than I imagined it would. However, I'd call it more of a 'top-down shooter' with danmaku inspirations now. Well while this 'learning to code more betterer' was going on I had youtube music in the background, Bad Apple came up on the playlist and you know where that leads you. TL:DR - I'm past 'entry level' but still barely know what I'm doing. I'll probably need a few more games under my belt before making anything good. Anyway, in a few comments about some 2hu things I joked about how Reimu is the real villain and any day now the Hakurei Shrine's offering box is going to go tsukimigami from all the neglect it's getting. And then some other people joked if that was a game they'd play it. And well...I haven't made much of the art yet. So far I've been using circles and arrows in place of sprites so as to focus on technicals and mechanics. I could easily skin what I'm making into a 2hu game...I could literally make the game I joked about. Maybe. That is except in terms of quality - it might be fair to say at this point ZUN's the only one still allowed to use bad art in 2hu. The market seems to be at the point where 2hu fangames are made by small but professional publishers with people whose training and education match their jobs. Which I'm not. And then there's the issue of getting ZUN's permission and licensing...I know of at least on indie game maker who found it hard to meet the 'you must publish on a platform that carries canon 2hu works' part of the rules because he was outside Japan, but that might be easier now since 2hu games are on Steam now. Albeit the guy seemed to be a bit of a whiner. I still like the plot and characters I originally had in mind. If humor is my selling point then it doesn't matter if I'm using my own characters. Plus it frees up the music and the art I could use - might give some indie music maker a chance to shine. Plus if I'm using ZUN's characters I have to defer to his wishes for the characters, while if I'm using my own I am free to take them in the direction I want to. But on the other hand - building a brand is difficult, using an existing brand is easier. And it's not exactly 'leeching' when 2hu is built on fanon. Training under a 'master's IP is a good way for an apprentice to gain experience. If it has 'touhou' in the title and is priced cheap - that's a couple thousand easy sales that could pay rent for a couple months. (And yes, I want to sell the game and make money, even if it's just a little. I did charity too many times and got burned for it. I will *never* do a selfless thing again, on principle.) TBH I put this to print for my own decision-making rather than the community - so far it seems I have 4 reasons in favor of original IP, 2 in favor of 2hu fan material, and 2 that don't matter either way. So unless I get a flood of replies saying something to the effect of 'I wanna fight the tsukimigami offering box', I think I'll go with my own IP. The characters I have in mind are equally as ridiculous anyway. Also, I offer no apologies for posting this here, since this is the most appropriate place on the internet for this discussion. 4chan is too anonymous, sleezy, and chaotic; while Reddit is too full of rules lawyers and control freaks. Besides it's probably better this site gets traffic than not, so I'll just click the 'submit topic' button.
  2. Being able to restore anything. Especially if I could use it on myself post-death though that's kinda getting close to Hourai Elixer powers. So what if it doesn't really help much in a Danmaku fight. Nobody dies in those anyway. Getting beat up by Reimu once is pretty much the price of admission. Besides, technically magic and even being a divine spirit like Kanako aren't unique abilities but rather learned skills acquired through discipline or acts of heroism. So I could use my ability pick for something defensive/quality of life focused and pick up offense with generic skill development later.
  3. It's folklore. Prior to the movie theater, the way people told stories was a participative process. Instead of having one author, or worse, company "owning" the rights to dead characters, there would be multiple authors, each with their own spin on the characters and stories. People would pass these stories and traditions on from generation to generation. Through the process of retelling, the characters would change. They'd be "alive" in a manner of speaking. But now we live in an age of "reason". Where everything is as dead as the machines which rule over us. For the polar opposite extreme, consider Star Wars. For those of you in gen z, there was a long time between the original trilogy and the prequels where it truly seemed another movie would never be made. A lot of licensed fan works, books, video games, comics, etc. created the "Legacy" canon. Characters did agreed upon things that didn't happen in the movies, and characters were created. For example everyone agreed Luke Skywalker would go on to marry a woman named Mara Jade. Then Disney bought the rights and decided all that didn't happen. The corporation asserted that it and it alone would get to tell the story, and everyone else would merely consume the story. That isn't normal for the human experience. Plus you have the fact that Touhou draws heavily from Japanese folklore, even history. Many of the characters were inspired by real life people, deities people once worshipped, and monsters people once feared. (Obviously everyone and everything got turned into an anime girl, but, meh.) Make no mistake, Touhou is a pagan religion with a video game series attached to it. This fandom is built upon a deep human desire to connect with past generations that was "oh so wisely" severed in the 1960s. The method is a little different in that it uses the internet rather than the local watering hole. The monks at the real life Moriya shrine must be laughing their asses off.
  4. First, I just found these forums, so this is from someone who knows next to nothing about Touhou, and have one big question: 1) Does the real life Moriya Shrine or the real life person Sanae Moriya know about these forums? (Yes the shrine and the person exist in real life, but they're not the type to spend all day on the internet. You might get some confused comments from people looking for directions to religious services.) Also, I tend to daydream about making a fan game. While a lot of fan stuff isn't necessarily canon, I just want to know what the fan consensus is. To be honest what's bringing up the question is fan works that contradict each other, and I just want to know which group of fans "won". 2) Does Marisa "borrow" things from Alice? On one hand Marisa steals from everybody, on the other, Mariari. 3) How hot/cold does the Hakurei/Moriya shrine rivalry end up? What's canonical is they started off enemies but relations warmed. How much? In some works I've seen Sanae and Reimu having tea together; in others they're fighting to the bitter end in giant robots. 4) Is Yukari going to be "dead" for the events of Touhou 18? I've seen one reference where, from Reimu's point of view, there was some bad juju going on with the border and Yukari ended up dying to fix it, and the whole story was Reimu feeling sad and trying to move on. Ofcourse even if the reference Yukari didn't actually die and was faking it, but it still removes her from possible plots.
  5. Hi. I've sort of got drawn into Touhou from listening to music on youtube. From there I tried a couple of the games and came here looking for an english patch. I'm subbing to these forums because I have questions. I could be loosely considered an 'amateur game developer' having 2 rpgmaker games to my name. Though real life school work keeps me busy as heck and it's been over a year since my last release. I might make a fan game in the future, though more likely I'll be making my own games with maybe a few touhou easter eggs. We'll see when I get free time again.
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