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  1. Thanks man, ive been playing it for a few days now, its pretty good!
  2. You know, I actually downloaded and played it for a few weeks. the thing is that not getting the characters i wanted started bothering me a little too much for my own comfort, so i uninstalled it. I do have some previous experience with gacha, but for some reason this happened to me with this specific one. The gameplay gets boring fast, the odds for getting characters are pretty bad, the last few days I played were only a boring grind for gacha tokens. But the art is pretty, and the idea of having a team of your favorite characters together is something very appealing to me... but
  3. Oh, so thats what happens. I didnt know the unofficial games also have that same patching software, so i thought it could have a virus or something. Thanks
  4. Both the Virus Scan and my computer's antivirus detected some sort of "generic malware". Ive heard that sometimes it turns out to not be true but im not sure what to do.
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