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  1. My introduction to touhou was pretty weird when compared to most people since it was my summer programming class teacher from when I was 10 who first showed me the game. I first saw him playing it(the game was PCB) on lunatic and asked him if he could give me the files so I could play it too(not before telling me to only play on lunatic). Soon after I had discovered more games like UFO which was my second game and the one touhou game I only ever played lunatic on(to my own torture and regret). about a year or 2 later I had found the MS site and there I had been proper introduced to the the fan
  2. Lord Kyouko

    Non-2hu wallpapers

    For wallpapers of mine that DO NOT contain any 2hu's because I have to many 2hu's(trust me I have to many 2hu wallpapers)
  3. Some of my favorites 2hu's :3
  4. Her abilities are pretty vague and a lot are unknown but is by no means a weak character (Junko did ask her to help overthrow the lunarians) but as of what makes her so strong idk really I'd have to do some digging to find out
  5. Very cute image of kisume I have in my folder This one is my current desktop background
  6. Aya is also one of my favorites OwO
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