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  1. Back in ~2008, so when I was about 12 years old, I was looking for an Ever17 CG and stumbled across this edit: I thought the game (PCB) looked cool, and decided to try it out. The rest is history!!!
  2. EXACTLY this happened to me, I think the vsync update caused this??? I was playing them all just fine earlier today, but suddenly when I went to open them and vsync auto-updated, bam, all my DLL files are missing, and putting in new ones doesn't work, the games just Crash. The last vsync update also caused issues with EoSD, where you could no longer view endings, the game would crash once a run was complete.
  3. The game is suddenly crashing after you complete the game? Like, I can play the game all the way through Remiia, but as soon as the score is shown and it's supposed to cut to the ending, the game Closes itself..... this didn't used to happen, it only started to happen after the new vsync update. Anyone know what's going on? Surely it has to be because of vsync right? Do we have to wait for the vsync people to update again? Is there a way to contact them.........?
  4. Obviously there are a LOT of great ZUN songs, so I'll just say my favorite boss theme, favorite stage theme, and then favorite non-game theme Favorite boss theme: The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field. Absolutely incredible song, blew me away when I first heard it. Powerful, beautiful, and awe-inspiring Favorite stage theme: Alice Maestra. LLS had a damn good soundtrack, but Alice Maestra is a gorgeous song and steals the show entirely. Favorite non-game track: Greenwich in the Sky. So fun, so iconic And then probably my favorite underrated song: Now, Until The Moment You Die (or Now die, For The Debts You Have Accumulated). ZUN was making killer songs from the very beginning lol



    LLS Hard mode 1CC (3-31-21)!!!! Wooo!! I 1CC's LLS on hard over 11 years ago, but I've since lost the screenshots, so I'm happy to clear it again! 

    Still can't even beat Normal for most other Touhou games lol..... thank you LLS for being easy..........

  6. I used to be an active member of Doujinstyle, which was a huge Touhou english fan forum back in 2008-2012ish. Got to see the release of a lot of the games, helped with the translations and distributions of demos and stuff, it was all very fun. So I'm excited to get back into Touhou after all these years and see what I've missed!! I doubt I'll be active in the way I was on Doujinstyle, but it's still cool to see and interact with the community again.
  7. Does anyone know why the game won't allow me to save replays......?? I died and then continued on a playthrough, so I assume maybe there's a restriction that if you continue you're just..... not allowed to save a replay of your playthrough, but I could've sworn on my life that past games allowed replays anyway............ I'm really really sad, cause I ended pulling the wildest stage 4 boss fight ever, this wasn't a serious run so I was just wildly flying all over the screen, and ended up perfectly dodging waves and waves of bullets by pure accident...... and I wasn't recording. Figured I would just save a replay and record that, but I guess not. RIP
  8. I used to play an unpatched Japanese version of this game, and just downloaded this version today. I encountered a glitch (well, 2 glitches) that never happened on the unpatched copy. Has anyone else had this happen? (bottom part of the screen glitching/showing random text, and/or random deaths) Video link. Random death is at 5:49, glitchy-ness and text lasts up til the credits. I sadly didn't record when the glitch first started; it took up the entire bottom half of the screen with pixels and garbled text, and also slowed the game to a crawl for a minute (I'm on TurboMode).
  9. LLS Normal 1cc with ReimuA! 3-16-2021

    Obviously LLS is the easiest game in the series but I'm still happy, cause I'm getting better. It's been over a decade since I last played Touhou. I beat LLS on Hard a long time ago, so I'm hoping to beat it on Hard again soon.

    LLS Normal 1cc 3-16-21_cropped.jpg

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