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  1. Wait, I'm an idiot. Maden said "You might have to clear your cookies/cache to not get the old download again." Guess I missed it, but i downloaded the new one by using chromium instead of firefox, and whaddya know! it works ootb! nice work, maden. everythings gucci here.
  2. Oh, and attempting to run it with the LANG=JP variable gets me this text, (box is still the same empty squares) This seems to translate roughly to "game executable was not found." pretty weird stuff so far.
  3. So image 1 is what a quick ls gives me for files, as you can see, one of em is in japanese but alot of the others are garbled text. Image 2 is what happens when i attempt to run Touhou06.exe . I'm curious to see if this issue is operating system-independant, or if this is just a linux issue.
  4. Attempted to download this one, I am pretty sure it's different? Theres an english-named Touhou06.exe and Touhou06-Config.exe . Attempting to run these gives me an error in japanese that translates roughly to "game executable was not found." pretty weird stuff so far.
  5. Hey, sorry for the late reply, was just curious where i could download the new file? seems like the previous version is still the one i can download here. @Maden
  6. Alright, I'll check out that version once its uploaded. tysm!
  7. so far, this version is an absolute nightmare to get running on linux (i guess it would be like that for macos too.) im curious as to why this updated version is here instead of the last one that didnt have to go through this.
  8. why does it not come pre patched like the last version that was here a few months ago?
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