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  1. Gensouori

    Suika Ibuki

    Just an album of my favorite drunken Oni.
  2. Of course there's Lunatic Kingdom... But have you ever heard of...EMBODIMENT OF SCARLET DEVIL?! Of course I'm joking, but regardless, there's Lunatic Kingdom, probably Subterranean Animism for it's speed and Imperishable Night because of the Last Words.
  3. I am a person who has always been pretty anti-social (which somewhat includes online as well) and I've been wanting to break the barrier, and try talking to others in a group, I'm fine with one-on-one, but I just feel like I am missing out on a lot of things when I am not talking in a group, so. I would like to ask for tips, if anyone of you has anything for me, please, bring it up.
    I love the FMW series, it's such a fun take on such a good franchise, combining Touhou with Super Robot Wars was a match made in Heaven, it's just the right amount of difficulty and fun, the story was captivating, if you haven't given this series a go, you should, there is a good reason FMW Dream is my favorite strategy RPG of all time.
  4. Gensouori

    Youmu Konpaku

    Just a gallery about my favorite 2hu, Youmu~
  5. Just a Touhou lore expert with no one to talk Touhou lore about~

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