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  1. there are websites that offer that certain dll for free however I don't recommend it as they could have viruses
  2. My least favorite game in the series that I've played is Touhou 3, Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream. What is there to say, it's really bad, firstly most of the game feels broken, very glitchy, awful controls, and incredibly hard to 1cc even on Normal, don't get me wrong the soundtrack is great and the graphics are fine but there's is a ton of stuff that makes the game hard to enjoy, some of the bosses become near impossible to beat, most emulators can't run the properly either, this overall makes the game very unfair to play compared to other games in the series, there hasn't been any games I've actually said were terrible but this is pretty bad, this is just my personal opinion and if you do like the game, that's great, I'm glad you can enjoy it.
  3. I used to get the error all the time, there are websites that offer downloads of d3dx9_43, d3dx9_42 or d3dx9_31, whatever one you need, I have no guarantees they are completely virus free, however those d3dx9 things are pretty much required to run modern Touhou games, especially on Windows 10, hopefully this is helpful
  4. I suggest Anex86 if you wan't an emulator that doesn't take up space, however NekoProject has better performance and sound but you'll need to configure it a ton.
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