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  1. iirc Hamachi allows you to set up a distributed network with other computers. It'll assign a IP address to each person on the network, then you can use those via the in game connection screen to attempt a connection. There may be some port forwarding required for it to work properly.
  2. Granted this isn't a neutral space, but I'm still surprised at the number of people selecting Suwako avatars. Didn't think it'd be a character that grows on people considering her biggest official appearance was in Hisoutensoku, or did I miss a release?

  3. Ranks are automatically distributed based on... reputation if I'm remembering correctly. As you gain Rep you'll level up in ranks. Reputation being earned primarily by getting a reaction to one of your posts. Looks like there's "Thanks","Laugh", "Sad", "Confused", and "Like". I believe they all count the same, but I'd personally steer away from being *that* guy that only gets sad/confused responses from people. The responses can be on any post btw, be it a file, photo album, status blerb, etc. In addition if you get the most likes/responses in a single day you will "win the day" which just ticks up a number on your profile and the last day you won will also be displayed on there.
  4. I'm honestly really struggling to think of an example, most of the time a backstory can't save a character I actively dislike. The backstory can make a character interesting and save them from being bland, but if they're a prick then they are a prick, doesn't really matter why they act that way if I don't want to be around them in the first place. There's plenty of villains that are pretty bland and forgettable before you start into their backstory. Dracula from Castlevania comes to mind what with the recent netflix adaptation. Takes a generic "Exterminate Everyone" bad guy and turns it into this fallen martyr of a character that, while pure evil and unredeemable, is still relatable. (35?) Given the ever increasing rate of media output, monitization, and consumption, what is the appropriate length of time before you start posting spoilers on a topic, does that change if the medium requires more time/energy for a potential viewer to get the complete experience?
  5. Well if we go by a random online quiz I found the Arcana would be Heirophant, which apparently already includes Mishaguji in some games... granted a more... phallic representation than in touhou. Given an OC (do not steal) one though... Cerridwyn would be the name I suppose, it's already a literal character/persona I use in most games. And I'll go with Moon for an arcana. Most decisions I make are based Observations and Intuitions rather than cold calculations, even when doing programming I'm mostly thinking about the flow of data and doing a mental feel rather than true pathing and math. What are your thoughts on fandoms? do you think they help people connect? or do you fear that they lead to infighting and ostracism of those on the fringes of the fandom?
  6. Have some silly metal, including Mongol Metal, and Hurdy Gurdies.
  7. Cejic

    Somewhat Daily Suwako

    The well is far from dry but my arms got tired hauling buckets of frogs.
  8. What are some of the favorite conspiracy theories &/|| headcannons for touhou characters (or others)? In general I guess these should be stories/theories that explain aspects of the characters, rather than redefining the characters. In general though it's a pretty loose definition. I would hope to steer clear of a list of "here's why OTP 932188 is true". I guess for starters. A while back I had a concept for Pyonta (Suwako's Hat) as an amalgamate consciousness of Mishaguji who are petrified and woven together, allowing Suwako to contain the vast majority of their power without much effort. It also explains the vigilance Suwako displays at keeping her hat beyond "it's a trope". Also helps with the animism of the hat itself.
  9. Hisoutensoku's mix of fighting mechanics and bullet hell struck the sweet spot imo. (10.5/12.3) I really like the balance of being able to either rush down, suppress or combo to high heavens in the game, particularly in combination with the graze and combo lock mechanics. It keeps the game fast and skillful without making it into a 100% combo lock game. The card mechanics also work wonders since you can master alternate movesets with the same character. While alot of this gets carried over to... 13.5 I think it was, the lack of a stable ground to deal with took away a lot of variety in both moves and fighters. And the downward arc of jumps didn't make up for it. in general 13.5 also just felt like you were swimming up stream the whole time since it kept dragging the fighters closer together rather than letting them exist in an space unhindered. 10.5/12.3 was also the hook that kept me into touhou, so there's that.
  10. Sifting through the old Proboards forums is an odd experience, I'd think akin to urban exploration &/or spelunking, but I've never done either.

  11. For future reference though, apparently joining the chat on that page is only doable via the full steam client. Once you're in however it should pull up any time you open the chat page in the web browser.
  12. What can I say I like the classics. Is there a way to remove the old one?
  13. Didn't know if people realized this but steam has kinda been overhauling their chat systems over the past few months. They've actually managed to make it work as a easy realtime browser based chat. For most people I don't suspect this will replace discord any time soon, but for those who want to it's a great place to come chat about games. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MoriyaShrine
  14. It varies from year to year. Last year was definitely Monster Hunter World. Overall the game with the most hours is probably PSO2 with warframe or minecraft following up. You've finally found a character from touhou. Who is it and what are you asking?
  15. @Shrow Unfortunately all we have so far is a Patreon as far as accessible pages. Everyone involved is still working full time so progress is a bit limited
  16. This past year has been... ridiculous... Moved again, Started a company, Designed ~4 games (closer to 10-15 if we consider the revisions that didn't get used) hopefully those go somewhere rather than a dustbin, and lost a crapton of hours to what feels like nothing. Seriously isn't it June right now? Not to mention the stuff with this forum, we launched this version technically in December of 2017, but since then we've seen lots of new features and community improvements thanks to everyone, but especially a certain Kappa loving @Nitorium. Unfortunately the new schedule and more over the lack of an open network at my new office have left me with little time or energy to contribute here. Hopefully I can pick this up again soon. Game wise, Monster Hunter World took up a good 6 months of my free time I think. Having gotten it for PC and PS4... but for real? Iconoclasts. Play it. Finally got around to The Magic Circle, it's a cynics game, but interesting. Vermintide 2, an improvement on an already great game. God of War was a great departure from the series standard of near story-less gore, and has me hyped for Kingdom Hearts 3 given it's similar rpg/action mix and progression. Just Shapes and Beats filled the bullet hell niche for me this year (heretical as it may seem). With any luck I'll finish a project this next year, but for now, just a lot of work done and yet so much to go. probably a bunch I'm forgetting.
  17. Saw this question on twitter so I'm stealing it: What 5 games would you use to describe yourself/your tastes in games? Dark Souls (any of the 3) Antichamber Armello Opus Magnum PSO2
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