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  1. Saw this question on twitter so I'm stealing it: What 5 games would you use to describe yourself/your tastes in games? Dark Souls (any of the 3) Antichamber Armello Opus Magnum PSO2
  2. The goal of this game is to take a picture and pull a story from it. This story could be about any part of the picture provided to you, and can be of any length. Once done writing the story attach a new picture for the next person to use, and read or comment on other posts. Rules: Keep comments concise and constructive, avoid needless arguing and deriding of others No 18+ content in images or writing. If you must include mature themes I suggest being familiar with "boot scenes". This includes excessive violence or romance. If you know the source material for an image, don't use it. The goal of this game is to come up with new stories, not tell the cliff-notes of popular media. Large images and long stories should be contained in spoiler tags to keep the thread readable. If you have to scroll to reach a button, it should have a spoiler. If you wish to partake anonymously, you can PM me or someone you trust to post for you. (If posting for someone else, make sure you inform us that it is not your work.) Direct thread order is not as important as participation. Feel free to reuse images from before for writing or for the next poster's reference if you want to get another take on that image's story. Example post: Starter Image
  3. Cejic

    The True Buffet

    So this is kinda a game, kinda an AMA, but... Everyone answers the last question posted, then proposes a new one. You wont know who you'll get an answer from, but that's half the fun! To start off... What are your opinions on the Great Suwa Wars?
  4. Cejic

    The True Buffet

    Love me some soulsborne and monster hunter, splatoon, pso2, Mothergunship was a new one that's really fun, *rambles for a few days*... really most but not sports/battle royal/racing. Given 2 spoons and a flan' how long can you survive?
  5. Cejic

    The True Buffet

    Of course it's Suwako. Havent you seen the hat, so stylin'. Given 2 hours with a coffee'd Cirno, how do you survive?
  6. Cejic

    Old RP profiles

    afaik, the only rules would be keep it legal, and don't create new profiles to do new characters... although that last one was more for the sake of proboards so there might be some work around... kinda need to follow up on what was happening with linked-profiles to replace alters... In general: go for it
  7. Today is the day to venture forth! FORSOOTHE AND VERILY GOOD SIRS! right after coffee...

  8. well this exists: 


  9. Hmmm, cant say I've seen that issue. Albeit I've not been doing groups of images. Does it still occur when you do single images?
  10. Cejic

    We tell a story two words at a time

    doesn't exist
  11. What's your favorite part of Touhou? Feel free to select multiple if you cant make up your mind.
  12. Cejic

    What do you listen to at the moment?

    Well this game has some bounce:
  13. Cejic

    The True Buffet

    It's hard to beat Hisoutensoku 12.3 imo. Has the nice weighty feel to it and is less gimmicky than the later ones, but is still fluid enough that game mechanics never get in the way. Later titles (*cough* hopless masquerade *cough*) lost a lot in feel when they decided to nix ground combat and make every constantly drift towards center screen. Plus they forgot the frogs, and who forgets their frogs? Pop Quiz: Where did the touhou lead you yesterday?
  14. Cejic

    What do you listen to at the moment?

    I really shouldnt, but i have fun with this group. All kinda warnings on the: nihilistic humor horror movie styled metal band and all.
  15. Cejic

    We tell a story two words at a time

    quality shenanigans
  16. Cejic

    We tell a story two words at a time

    annoyed Kanako
  17. Cejic

    Vote for Steam Profile integration

    To be clear: Signing up with/linking a steam account would be optional? users that dont use it to log in would have to opt into the feature, and would there be a way to remove the information from your profile if you decide you don't want it shown anymore?
  18. Cejic

    Error message in open Gallery

    Not sure on the specifics, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page there should be "Theme" with an arrow pointing down. Click that, and try the dark theme if you want a quick fix, otherwise note what theme you're on for more information on the bug. Also is it all images or a specific one?
  19. Cejic

    What do you listen to at the moment?

    Counterpoint: Actual pick:
  20. Cejic

    Post Your Desktop

  21. Cejic

    We tell a story two words at a time

    exploding squids
  22. Cejic

    We tell a story two words at a time

    Godly Frog

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