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  1. Ningyou-chan

    A new member has spawned!

    Do you prefer official music or doujin arrangements of Touhou music?
  2. Ningyou-chan

    Moedan English Translation

    Since in the "Intro to Touhou" section you recommend playing Moedan, do you know where can I get an English translation (a translation patch or a mere text translation is fine). Well, the gameplay is quite nice but it's quite difficult for beginners if they do not understand anything
  3. Ningyou-chan

    We tell a story two words at a time

    in Gensokyo
  4. Ningyou-chan

    How did you find Touhou?

    I was a fan of 2D platforming games and anime back then, until I discover Touhouvania, which is a fan-made game for Touhou. I liked the lore and the characters, and because of my interest in anime I tried searching for Touhou anime then I discovered Gensou Mangekyou - Memories of Phantasm. That is the primary work that hooked me into the series, and right now I enjoy playing the official games Touhou Forever!
  5. Ningyou-chan

    Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

    Perfect! Aside from the content, the transcription into HTML was great!
  6. Ningyou-chan

    Seasonal Dream Vision

    Great manga! If you want to have an idea on the everyday interactions of our favorite Touhou characters, this is the one you should read!

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